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  1. Drunken-Worlock

    Last Team Standing event?

    That would be whopper +1
  2. Drunken-Worlock

    0.60 Experimental - Megathread

    Yeah it looks great I cannot wait to go there myself.
  3. Drunken-Worlock


  4. Drunken-Worlock

    What does your RP character look like?

    David Byrne
  5. Full Name: David Byrne Aliases: "Dotsy" or "Byrner" Nationality: Irish Languages: English and some Irish DoB: 25/10/1997 PoB: Dublin, Ireland Age: 18 Height: 6'ft Weight: 12 stone Build: Average Medical Background: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Hair Colour: blonde Eye Colour: Hazel Religious Orientation: Roman Catholic _______________________________ Relationship Status: Single Family: All dead except his grandmother Mental state: bit of a head case Morale: high Status: alive _______________________________ Affiliation: None Role: Past Occupations: Gun runner for the IRA _______________________________ Distinctive Features / Acts: Thick inner city dublin accent Alignment: Chaotic Neutral David Byrne Characteristics: Hates brits. Physical Description: Average build, missing two of his front teeth Equipment: Anything he can find
  6. Drunken-Worlock

    Loot... Jesus christ.

    Yeah they crashed my DayZ a lot when I had my old computer.
  7. Drunken-Worlock

    Urban Exploration

    The Proper People are a great urbex channel you should check them out https://www.youtube.com/user/TheProperPeople
  8. Drunken-Worlock

    [WIP] A Newcomer's Guide to Role Playing

    I have been here for a few months but this helped a lot, thank you.
  9. I'd go for the Glock 17 because its the only gun you can get easily in Ireland (as long as you know the right people)
  10. Id recommend the HyperX Cloud I or II, I have had the Cloud one for over a year and I have not had one problem.
  11. A lot of my best Dayz memories are in NEAF so I was sad when they removed the military buildings but I can see why they removed them.
  12. Usually I would listen to movie soundtracks or just talk in TS.