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  1. It may not look like a whole lot, but this is probably one of the things I am most proud of, I built this house when I was 18 years old, I'm 55 years old now...so do the math. My life's been pretty simple, I went through school like every kid. Thinking that it's rough and annoying and I can't wait for it all to end, so I can go on with my life instead of being stuck in a class room for half the day. My grades weren't really that great but I really could care less cause I didn't want much in life. I wanted a small house and I wanted my dog with me when I graduated from schooling, I made enough money landscaping through high school to afford some land and materials needed to build my beloved house. It took me a few months...but with a lot of hard work I was able to build that wonderful beauty, it had all the essentials to a perfect home, that I wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life in. Now your probably thinking why haven't I talked about my family or any relationships...those are memories I don't like thinking about. A wise man once told me "Forget the bad memories, but remember the good ones" sad thing is I can't tell you any good ones besides building my house and living there all by myself. Yeah...I know...sad...but I was content with my life in the states...It was relaxing... (WIP)
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    Glad you're back

  3. Welden



    1. Zilly


      Fuckin sweet, dude! Cant wait

  4. Welden


    Finally Beta...

    1. Zilly


      Hey there, nerd

    2. Aisling


      Hey Welden!

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  7. Welden


    DayZRP is all about the PVP and seeing who has the bigger dick ? Let's hope .63 Changes the Roleplay...who am I kidding! the people will never change cause everyone likes shooting guns and seeing people drop Tsk Tsk...the rules use to be pretty good...now they are just pathetic Lmfao ? 

    1. Jamie


      If they're pathetic, why don't you leave?

    2. Welden


      Cause I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel ? maybe idk anymore haha 

    3. Strawberry


      DayZRP is what you make it. Seeing how you have only 11 hours in-game this lore, I'm sure you're just biased and think everything should be the way you want it. Pathetic lmfao.

    4. Welden


      @Strawberry All I've Seen is Pathetic Roleplay xD You know a decent person would ask "Why do you think this way" but instead you gotta go straight the bashing of another person Hm that's Pathetic ? 

    5. Strawberry


      You do realise you just bashed the whole community in-game. Without actually having any valid arguments and now you're calling me out for "bashing" you when all I did was creating a valid argument and quoting your "pathetic lmfao" 

      How hypocritical.

    6. Welden


      Eh not really but whatever xD 


      I made that "Status Update" based off of my friends opinion, sorry if you got butt hurt over something that silly xD 

  8. Welden

    Hello again

    Hello brother, welcome back to the "Fine" world of DayZ Standalone ?
  9. Welden

    Real life picture Thread

    I was told to use this SC Filter Thingy Lmfao
  10. Welden

    New to the community

    Howdy, Welcome To DayZRP...It's a Pretty Cool Place
  11. Welden



  12. Welden

    [GAME] Whats the story behind your username?

    Stole it from some guy on the PS3 a long long time ago.
  13. Welden


    I use to run this pretty dope music thread on the old lore radio chatter thread section...fingers crossed people like it. xD 

  14. Welden

    "Strangers Personal Radio Station"

    *The stranger turns the walkie talkie on and sets it next to the radio on the table* (This is for anybody who's going through a tough time in this fucked up world, I do take requests...if it is in my collection of music) *Lets the radio play the music* https://puu.sh/AqswN/28d982a113.mp3 *Turns the walkie talkie off when the song is over*
  15. Welden

    Squad Mega Thread

    Post Scriptum is gonna be an amazing game, I can't wait for it!
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