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  1. Deegan

    I won ;) 

    1. Puncture


      what did you win

    2. Aiko


      You also lost something asking the way. But that doesn't seem to bother you much. <3 Have a nice day. 

    3. Deegan


      @Aiko What did I lose? hmm? 

      @Puncture The war 

  2. Deegan


    I've never been so aroused about someone stalking me in my entire life. 

    1. Dusty
    2. Odap the Corruptor

      Odap the Corruptor

      Probably the only thing @Aiko  or you gonna get




  3. Deegan


    @Ender @Lyca @Aiko

    Explain to me what this is?

     First Off this has nothing to do with the community. so what community rules gives you the fucking right to ban them for hmm do tell me?

    Jake tells you that the nudes aren't anyone in the fucking staff via voice.

    But then you still accuse him. If it was a staff member you should ask the fucking Staff Members  and not make fucking accusations. I'm gonna finish up with this, think before you give someone a ban, and do more investigating ;) 

    - Welden The Fucking OG 




    1. evanm23
    2. Aiko


      We have done our research, and we can punish someone for breaking rules outside the community as it is said here.

      • 1.2 You are not allowed to insult, bully, harass, troll or provoke other DayZRP players. This goes for all kinds of communication and medium, not just messages sent through DayZRP services.

      We have our reasons, and its still being discussed and talked about so I will end it at that.

    3. Deegan


      This person isn't even apart of the community 


    4. Jade


      Get the full video upload, there's a cut in that video welden

    5. evanm23
    6. Hebee


      Welden the image you are looking for is this one


    7. Deegan


      @Jade Every time you alt tab out of the game the recording stops. Cause its plays TV. 


    8. Jade


      Then wait till the full story is out, the whole convo that went on wasn't shown and reasoning behind it wasn't explained since it stopped recording.

    9. Deegan


      @Jade where were you during the conversation that took place at 2 in the morning?


    10. Jade


      I was sleeping like a good kid ;) 

    11. Deegan


      @Jade Then how do you know what the full conversation was about??? If you were sleeping like a good little kid?

      Very odd indeed don't you think... ;) 

    12. Jade


      I'm waiting to get the full story which is why I told you to wait. I'm not making any assumptions until then since assumptions only lead to anger and sadness :<

    13. Deegan


      @Jade Where was my Daddy Oliv in all this. Did he get a say in all of this Banishment from DayZRP? 

    14. Jade


      NO clue :< 

    15. Deegan


      @Jade Odd

    16. Oliv


      Deegan, I do not condone what I saw and read from any member of this community. I honestly wish I could let you guys in on more, because I do think it would quash a bit of things. My recomendation has been to just cool it and relax.

    17. Deegan


      @Oliv - Deleted Last Status Updated, didn't sound right. 

      This was a stupid and unjust ban tbh, that's all from me.\

      This was stupid and unneeded ban. ;) 

    18. Oliv


      Of course you'd say that. You're too close to it. If you were staff, you'd be what we call, "le biased"

    19. Deegan


      Huh? @Oliv


  4. Deegan


    Streaming On Twitch - Playing Some PUBG

  5. Deegan

    I Love My New Offical Logo! 

    @Roach I Love You BB


    1. Roach


      Glad I could help bb <3

  6. Deegan

    1. Suturb The Liquidator

      Suturb The Liquidator

      It made me crack my knuckles.

  7. Deegan

  8. Deegan


    1. Buddy


      Drop secs 10 weaps

      or something.... like that... o.O

  9. Deegan

  10. Deegan

    I'm Loving My Dinner Tonight!


  11. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Game Of Thrones Is The Bomb! @Gnikiv the Mountain 10/10
  12. Deegan

    I'm pretty sick, why does this have to happen to me! 

    1. Roach


      BeanZ can cure sickness they say. Have some.

  13. Peter Deegan

    Alcohol...people normally say alcohol is a bad thing, a curse maybe. Not for me, somehow alcohol has become my best friend. It's gotten me through thick and thin. But anyway, hey there names Peter Deegan but most just call me Pete. Your probably wondering if I'm a good or bad guy, I'm a simple go with the flow kind of guy. If I need to be mean then I'll be mean but most of the time I'm a pretty normal man. That's the way I like it and hopefully I'll stay that way until the end of my days. Key word there is hope. Your also probably wondering how I ended up in this hell hole. It's pretty simple actually. I'm a man that likes mingle with women on the internet. The young kids today would call it Online dating or something like that. Yep...somehow I ended up trying to meet the girl of my dream, and now I'm in this stupid fucking situation.