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  2. Server and location: S2 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/15/2015 00:03:00 a few minutes after the servers came online Daytime or Night-time: Night time Your in game name: Nick Miller Names of others (friendly) involved: Jose Flanders, Ody Freeman Name/Skin of suspect/s: Batista Monroe, Norman Casey Suspects weapon/s: AK47 or 74U Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): video 1 at Video 2 at Detailed description of the events: At server restart Jose Flanders and I walk into GM to see if Ody Freeman was around. He was there and we struck up a conversation. Within minutes a man is at the gate (Norman Casey) saying he needs help and that his toe has been cut off. I open the gate for Norman. Jose and Ody talk to him while I walk into the medical office by the front gate to eat (you hear me eating in the video). Ody says he recognizes the man and that people say he is a cannibal. My friend gets nervous and pulls out handcuffs ready to restrain Norman Casey out of caution. He walks up to Norman as you clearly see and Norman cries out "hey what are you doing, they are trying to handcuff me". Jose Flanders then steps back and says "I don't trust this guy". At no point did he actually try to restrain Norman nor did he initiate a hostage situation verbally. (Norman admits to this fact in Video evidence 2 @ time stamp 37:49 Norman Casey states that he didn't actually initiate handcuffing, it was all assumed). I come out of the medical building and see a guy pointing his gun at me (Batista Monroe) from outside the gate. I say "put your gun down sir, outside of the gate put your gun down". Without making his intentions clear or confirming I am with Jose or the assumed hostage party he opens fire. Now that I have spent some time on the server I have been told by admin and others in the community this is not proper initiation on the shooters part, If I was to initiate this way I would receive a warning . He was supposed to make his intentions clear, "Don't go near my friend again or I'll shoot you" or something along those lines. Asking someone to point their weapon down who has it pointed at you does not give the person being told to stand down any rights of KOS. Luckily for me the shooter was a horrible shot though he admitted that he was trying to kill me. The situation was simple these guys were doing the usual bait people in the GM routine and they got jumpy on their initiation because they came to GM looking to fight/kill not RP and an attempted KOS happened. I don't know if this is baiting or bad RP as well so I just put possible bad RP due to the immediate shooting and lack of communication on the shooters part.
  3. Korrupt

    KOS GM, Metagaming, Possible NLR, possible Ghosting, possible AoGM

    Nick Miller POV: Arrived at GM with a friend (Jose Flanders) waiting for some friends across the map to come meet us. We ran into a person we had met before when we got there his name was Ody. About 3 minutes later a man comes up to the gate stating he had his toe cut off and that he was injured. He was pointing a gun at us from behind the gate. Jose Flanders asked the man to lower his weapon and i went up and unlocked the gate. i was searching for medical supplies in the doctor office while they talked to him. when i came out there was a man creeping up to the gate. I yelled out "hey you behind the gate point the gun down" and i was instantly shot at.I guess they said that because jose pulled out handcuffs that we were robbing them. me and ody had our weapons down, in fact i think ody had his put away completely. Luckily i had a plate carrier and was only injured i ran into the GM tower where i locked the door behind me with a lock pick so i could bandage myself up, i climbed up the ladder half way when jose flanders was killed. I stopped and joined the server TS to ask if we had just been KoS'd as jose was my friend. They asked us to fill out a report against them because it sounded like it needed mediation. Being that i was still in threat i continued to RP. I climbed the rest of the way up the ladder and laid down waiting for someone to make the mistake to follow me up. someone did and i told them to climb down the ladder and don't even reach for their gun. It was the guy from the gate i was pretty sure but could not confirm and i wanted to RP even though technically i had KoS rights. He went down the ladder and they started to yell at me to come out with my hands up. I refused this went on with threats for about a half hour or so and then they started to shoot at me in the tower. Two of them threatened to kill me if i came out, they said there was a whole group of them 11 or so. Norman casey was a big instigator during this time. The other guys were pretty quiet. After 95 minutes of the original attack i told them i radio'd some friends and that they were on the way I sent out over the radio a request for help and got a response from my friend i had met and a "stranger"(richard king). They said i was lying. two of them had no mic but talked to me occasionally through chat. and one of them erick was the one doing most of the negotiations. This went on for 3 hours or so real time. The attack started when the server went online so my entire night was spent in this tower. My plans were to wait for my rescue team which i continued to tell my captors, were on the way and going to kill them. I was getting close to dying of thirst we had talked about if i came down that they were going to beat me only, even though they said multiple times earlier they were going to kill me. My friend showed up as we were talking about me coming down. I knew my rescue team was here when i heard them talking outside of the tower. He was playing it smart, i was actually surprised they didnt cuff him or shoot him. I yelled out anyone who doesnt want to get hurt should take cover and that i decided i was going to come out guns blazing. charlie then said see what happens if i do, we were confirmed in an engagement and my friend had been watching near the premises for about 10 to 15 minutes so he knew i was confirmed a hostage he had KoS I yelled out for them to give up or they would be sorry and my friend richard executed erick. I went up top to look for charlie who was hiding and i shot at the admin building from the top of the tower to try to scare him out of hiding, i almost shot my friend to i ran around the top trying to get a line of sight on him i fired a couple more rounds to try to scare him when my friend richard executed him. I walked over the bodies and told them they should have believed me when i said my friend was coming and then i fired a shot into their heads for safe measures (infection) we then ran because according to them there were more in the area. For the record i never gave any of them my name. I asked them all their names some chose not to give it to me others called each other by names i did my best to keep track of who i was talking to, at one point i think they were trying fake accents or something to confuse me like there were more people there idk, those people may have logged off. I feel it was a clear cut case of friend in hostage situation friend saved.