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  1. *A survivor wandering the coast hears his radio start squawking and decides to respond* Ran into the "Wolfpack" a week or two ago, tried robbing me, was able to escape, right after I shot one square between the eyes." *A heavy sigh* Who would think to tell me, before all of this happened, that I would become a stone-cold killer... *Looks out at the ocean for a moment before continuing* Anyways, enough about me, to any who think you can take them, don't. It's a bad gamble, better chance swimming the straight and surviving at midnight *laughs*. Sorry, dark humor in the apocalypse, not a great mix. Think before you act, they are well equipped and numerous, just steer clear, and if all else fails... Save one for yourself... *3 second pause* This is Wulfgar, signing off. *Signal buzzes for a couple of seconds, then ends*
  2. Wulfgar

    Goodbye Chernarus (Open Frequency)

    *Hearing this event take place, a wanderer chimes in* "In this life we make decisions, decisions we can't always deal with correctly, ones that haunt us and others that carry us." *Tension in voice slowly becomes more intense* "Every bullet, every swing, every word, every glance. All are etched in our brains, for us to look back on in sorrow or happiness." *Some soft sobs can be heard* "I-I-I loved her....I know that now.....and-an-I failed her....I tried..." *Intense anger erupts* "I couldn't save her! It came out of nowhere! And then I looked into her eyes....and she....she was gone..." *Wulfgar tries to continue, but he breaks down completely, soft sobbing can be heard before the transmission ends*
  3. Wulfgar

    Continuing Storylines

    I haven't been part of this community long, but analyzing radio chatter IC, it would seem old feuds can resurface and people reunite again for various reasons. A solution would be having your group be dedicated to something impossible to achieve, or something long-term. For example, you could go to battle for a long time with another faction, but when you emerge victorious, all you will know is violence and blood. This could go multiple directions, your society could become very war-like, evoking the hate of others just for the taste of bloodshed once more. Or you can remember the loss of loved ones in the war and take this as a sign to remain peaceful or at least remain on the down-low. In the case of Long-Term goals, you could simply just continue to survive, and let situations happen, like some members might try to steer the society in their own desired direction, causing a small civil war of sorts, or internal affairs of any respect can change the whole socioeconomic status of the group. You could also have the goal of making a small society or town, like a coastal town at Kamehka or something. With small groups and individuals, it's really all up to their play-style, if you are apt at staying in one place then you will probably not meet many people, depending upon where you stay of course (To note; I wandered around for a bit but found myself getting lost way to often so I stick to a small section of the map). If you travel around, you will find various places inhabited by many different people, so you may caught up in the social transactions these groups have with each other. In the end, I personally haven't run into a single person, but I can imagine I will make a decision based on their character where the story will go. But, let's be realistic, in a apocalyptic situation such as this, people will be cautious around one another, and stories will either be very long tales of valor and bravery or gruesome stories of bloodshed and war; or short transactions between two individuals or two small groups over some small feud or some goal they share in common. Those are just some ideas I had, feel free to critique, because once again I am very new to DayZRP and the way role-play situations transpire. -Wulfgar
  4. *Hearing a familiar voice, a wanderer decides to respond* "Sadly, I am here by choice, left the states to do a story about some "Unknown Disease" that was causing trouble here. Well, long story short, here I am, one of the few 'lucky' ones." *Laughs* "Lucky...." *Mumbles "Lucky my ass" lightly, another laugh, then transmission ends*
  5. *A young, deep-ish voice filled with a certain sound of experience and regret comes over the frequency* "Pain and suffering come hand in hand with time and experience." *Pausing for a moment to calm his thoughts* "We learn that only through time will wounds heal and pain subside, but the scars remain in their place for an eternity." *Loading of a single round into a small pistol is heard* "This brave new world....Ceaseless in its advances to heed our continuation, ceaseless to bring an end, not only to us...." *Round is chambered* "But everything we hold dear.....so why go on?" *Long pause* "We as humans, always have something to live for, be it outlandish or fantastic, horrid or gruesome, it will keep us going. For me, it was....her....but she's long dead now, only dust remains, so now I fight to protect others from the same fate that has befallen me, if these are truly the last days of humanity, then so be it, but I will die knowing that I died for something worth-while, something worth the pain and struggle..." *A heavy sigh is heard* "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne ceaselessly into the unending future that we have made for ourselves." *Transmission ends*
  6. Wulfgar

    Unnamed Conversations (Open frequency)

    *Hearing the collective chatter on his small radio, a lonely wanderer decides to chime in* "I also find it hard to sleep sometimes, but in those cases, I think of home..." *Heavy sigh* "If that doesn't work, then listening to some Billy Joel acts as a great lullaby." *Laughs* *Sounds of walking* "Hang in there man.....hang in there...." *Signal ends*
  7. *Clicks button, pausing for a moment, then speaking* Kinda glad I decided to not stay in Elektro for the night. *Laughs* But seriously, I've been walking for 2 days and haven't run into a single human being... *Pauses for a moment* Well due to what happened in Elektro, that may be a good thing. *Laughs* *Laughter ends, tone of sadness takes effect* Oh man, this sick world we live in... *Static intensifies then transmission ends*
  8. Wulfgar

    How did you name your character?

    I had the first name right off, Wulfgar (I went by Beowulf in another RP server, so I decided to change it up a bit). And yes, I got inspiration from Viking/Norse/whatever you want to call the Northmen of old. I didn't realize I needed a last name for awhile until I got kicked for "invalid RP name". But the last name part took be a bit. I wanted it to sound good going with the first name. So I thought, and somehow, I got Siward out of it. Looking back, I kept thinking of the ocean, so Sea Water probably became Siward.
  9. Wulfgar

    What does your RP character look like?

    So, let's think... Wulfgar Siward- Dark hair, fairly tall; about 6'1'. Very scruffy now, used to be clean cut, multiple small scars from close calls, tense features, face is very.... tired. Eyes have a slight hint of paranoia and they wander often. Came to look this way through simply, well, surviving, and seeing some ghastly things along the way. Picture for reference-
  10. Traders' Town, no, because of constant raids and the influx of robbers on the outskirts of the town would be immense. What I would suggest though, is a traveling caravan system, much like what Wulfe said. Where you set up somewhere for a day or two then move on, letting only a trusted few know where your headed, and those trusted few could be community leaders, who then give the info to their citizens, allowing for a steady income of trade.
  11. Wulfgar

    Lack of Hero/Survivor Groups

    I can't give a true testament to wanting more hero/survivor groups because whenever I play I am always going "lone wolf", mostly because I can't find a single person anywhere, I just wander the roads in search of food or gear now, hoping to run into someone friendly along the way. Then again, I haven't covered much ground in the first place. I guess I'll update this when I actually run into a group of bandits or a single human being at least. Only thing living that I see on a regular basis is the annoying dragonfly that buzzes in my ear for 30 seconds...
  12. Just joined, and submitted Whitelist, hopefully get to join all of you in surviving the apocalypse. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Anyways, stay frosty, and stay classy ;3.