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  1. Herr

    ◔ ⌣ ◔

    I'll subscribe on twitch pal. And I look forward to your visit to Dublin.
  2. Herr

    Adieu adieu

    The names Hugh, Hugh Mungus. Is that sexual harrasment? You bet, dtf?
  3. Herr

    Adieu adieu

    The names Hugh, Hugh Mungus.
  4. Herr

    Later kids

    Later chum.
  5. Herr

    Adieu adieu

    I will mate, see you around Cow.
  6. Herr

    So long

    I guess you won't be bringin back "The United Irishmen" then.. Goodbye RoryShockedFace
  7. Herr

    Adieu adieu

    I'll see you around Terra
  8. Herr

    Adieu adieu

    Is that a hate crime I see?!
  9. Herr

    Adieu adieu

    Bye guys See you lot around some other place maybe. Turns out I really wasn't feeling like coming back to play. This community was cool and stuff but I'm done now. Thanks for all the fun this place gave me, and thanks Rolle for the second chance. Goodbye!
  10. Herr

    Story Time with Papi

    Uncultured swine!
  11. Herr

    Story Time with Papi

    This story was really good, keep up the good RP!
  12. Herr

    Lets talk about our feelings.

    I'm gay and that sometimes makes me sad.
  13. Herr

    BeanZ Leaderboard

    Looks lit my dude. Do that shit.
  14. Herr

    Birthday / Anniversary / Promotion / Donor / 1000th post

    Yeah, really glad to see an experienced guy like him in staff, he does have a lot of knowledge regarding these types of communities, especially this one! Congrats Rampage!
  15. Herr

    When will it end pt. 2 Is there a fix for this?

    Bias will never disappear. Welcome to DayZRP. /thread.
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