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    Playing with Charles and Boyd and Robbie at green mountain we decide to scout out green mountain. Keeping our distance from the mass amounts of people and noise coming from green mountain simply observing for trouble to pacify, we hear shots ring out and someone claim they were shot randomly by someone outside the compound. Realizing this was exactly the kind of trouble we were looking for, we decide to loop around the back side of the 2 story in green mountain to find the shooter when we are confronted by a large group of people accusing us of being the shooters. We completely deny it as we had absolutely nothing to do with it (logs will show it was not myself or any of the 3 guys I was with) and with the risk of a potential threat increasing, We decide to get away from green mountain and away from any further issues or accusations with Robbie distantly following from the rear. After a short distance we notice we are being followed by the same group who accused us of the random shooting. We are questioned about the shooting once more, told that the questioning isn't a robbery and nothing bad and they asked us about anyone shifty we may have seen at the compound when we are initiated on from behind with pointed weapons. We are ordered to not turn around and put our hands up. We comply. I am unaware of the proper key to raise my hands and after spamming my F keys I am able to raise them and comply. We are threatened repeatedly that we will be shot and have a couple weapons pointed directly at us directly threatening our characters lives. Shots ring out and one of the hostage takers drops, the takers retaliate and kill the shooter. We are then searched for radios and my TS is then muted completely. Charles is ordered to drop the majority of his gear. He complies. Boyd is next and is told repeatedly to drop his equipment or die. He stutters for a moment looking as though he is having issues with his inventory or controls trying to drop his equipment and is executed. we are ordered up and I am ordered to drop my backpack which I comply. My character is ordered to drop his vest and not seeing any weapons directly pointed at him, and seeing this man directly shoot one of his group decides that it now was the chance to even if slim, to possibly make it out alive or for Charles to make it out alive as he believed they would more than likely be killed regardless. The weapon was drawn and at the last second I attempt to tell Charles to run as I pulled the trigger. I don't believe that he was able to hear it as I was shot from behind. Hopefully that clears things up, I'm pretty new to this whole thing and and thought my character was able to defend himself and his friends as they were being killed and I saw the best chance for his and others survival. If I was in the wrong, my bad. I guess I've misconstrued the rules and I'll be more careful next time. Hopefully this doesn't just turn into a flame sesh like some other threads I've seen as I'll only post to answer any questions the admins might have. Hopefully the community is as mature and good as I hear it is. Tis just a game after all Cheers.
  2. *Marcus sits silent on a tree stump staring long into the ground clutching his radio. The wind calmly rushes through the forest rustling the dense trees over his head, letting in quick glimmers of sunshine through the forest canopy, blinding him. He hesitantly raises the radio to his mouth, thinking what to say, and keys up the radio. "Nick, Nick Baker. It's Marcus" *He pauses, every word painful to say. "This is the channel we're talking on at the airfield. So...I'm taking a shot in the dark here. Hopefully you can hear this." *He pauses to reflect. "I.....I didn't know what to....We did what we could. Things just went sideways so fast. I tried to warn you, I tried to pull you back...But I was too far away to get the word to you. You never heard me tell you to stay quiet. I couldn't stop you... *Marcus replays it all in his head, second by second. Cringing. "We ran. The last Boyd saw was you yelling, next thing we know the bullets were flying. I fell into the bushes and hid and then we pulled back and waited, yet we didn't see you come out of the woodline. It was too dangerous to go back to look. We came back after sundown. But there was no sign you were there. We're hoping you made it...cause my guys and I just stumbled on a brewery, we found some old skunky beer waiting for you." *Marcus lets out a small smirk, reminiscing. "Hopefully you and your partner get this transmission. I'll be broadcasting on our frequency everyday at 1800. I know you're still out there, somewhere"
  3. Ody smiles to himself, chuckling before replying "No, I'm alive. I was shot, yeah, and then played dead. Took a round to the back but my pack saved me. After they turned their attention away I snuck out the side. Still hurts, but I'm ok." He stops to think about what the man on the other end said... "So it's true then? She's dead for sure?" *Marcus lets out a sigh... "I don't know. The last I saw her was that night. A few of my guys had heard word of her from some strangers but nothing certain. I'll be keeping an eye out, I'll broadcast on this frequency when I find something out."
  4. *Marcus faintly hears the transmission over his radio. He quickly turns it up and keys the mic before Ody signs off. "Ody?? is that you?? It was me that splinted her leg that night. I thought you were both dead??"
  5. My rifle and one of my handguns and a healthy amount of ammunition. My already staged bug out bag Some water and some canned food.