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  1. Interview with ProtessionalMilk

    Thanks for taking the time to read it. I am volunteering in Asia to teach school children how to speak, write and read English., because Asian schools want English natives to teach instead of training their own teachers. As for where, it could be either Thailand, China or Japan. Thanks again!
  2. DayZRP becoming stale?

    I think DayZRP is just going through a rough patch at the moment. The RP is not dead, however playing on the server and meeting people always feels a bit same-y and it would be nice to have a drastic change to shake things up a bit. This might just be me missing out on the fun stuff, but I haven't found any RP that was really interesting or original. The RP is really down to the players, so it'll just have to wait until some really interesting ideas pop up.
  3. Do You RP With Yourself?

    I don't really bother talking to myself in game when I'm alone, but I sometimes think about stuff IC when I'm playing. Also I text RP to smoke even if I'm by myself.
  4. Server Wipe 1 week notification

    I don't think it matters whether there's a notification or not, all it would be is a countdown to losing all your dank gear. On the other hand, being told 2-3 days before the wipe would give people a chance to finish important RP in-game so it's not a surprise when they suddenly fresh spawn.
  5. Thanks to everyone for the dank birthday RP at the party. We need to stock up on drinks and make more cake in the future.
  6. Putting 'real' danger back into the game

    I think it would be fun for KOS rules to be put in place, but it is still against the idea of the RP community.
  7. Thoughts on building a town in DayZRP

    Sweet idea, but so many people would just abuse it for raiding and general dickishness. But having basebuilding and making a town sounds awesome.
  8. RPing seasons in-game would be sweet, and I can't wait until different weather effects and snow and shit come into the game. (6 years later...)
  9. KOS squad

    The whole idea behind having RP is to avoid that kind of gameplay, having a KOS squad would just cause even more salt and rage and fuckery in the reports section.
  10. I've broken both legs simultaneously just by spawning. I had to roll in the sea and freeze myself to death.
  11. Improving Your RP For Yourself And Everyone Else

    Nice guide fool, hope your salt levels are lower now. Newcomers read this holy RP grail.
  12. Visual glitch on tab out

    Just tried the alt+enter thing; no bugs in windowed mode, and I can change tabs without it happening, but when I change back to full screen the bug starts up. Tried this and it works fine. Thanks for the help
  13. Visual glitch on tab out

    I tried to take screenshots in the game menu when the bug happened, but none of the screenshots saved to the steam cloud. I don't use any launch commands atm. NB: I only started having this problem after .60 came out.
  14. Visual glitch on tab out

    Every time I tab out of the game to check TS, youtube etc. the game screen changes to yellow and blue static and all the textures get messed up. Force closing then restarting the game does nothing; on restart all the static is still there. Fixes itself after I close and restart steam, or restart my PC altogether. Please help me... ;-;
  15. Share Your First Day On The Server

    Got kidnapped then killed within 10 minutes of spawning, respawned, got kidnapped 25 minutes later, then got killed and eaten. It was so much fun ;-;