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  1. AssassinMasta, as said earlier I do not plan on being a super soldier or even special. I plan on being a basic regular soldier - no super serum, no "single handely saved hundreds of people" just plain normal.
  2. I had planned on being a pretty basic soldier, only special thing I had in mind was not knowing whether or not I was immune to the virus (I'll probably flip a coin or roll a die or something when if ever I get hit by a zombie)
  3. He has a decent background so far I think - not the list above - that I got written out, but I don't plan on posting that, rather play it out subtly through my character in game. Again, thank you for the help.
  4. for the "s" and the name part, Daniels is a proper last name, I know two Daniels from when I was in highschool, I decided on Jack as the first name afterwards mainly as I like the name Jack and yes also because of the whiskey brand. As for the post - I mainly posted this as the one post I needed to be able to add the character name to my profile and will be doing better ones that fit with the style of the other posts once I have things to post about. Cheers and thank you for the tips. Sorry about that - TDC
  5. Canadian Armed Forces Records [align=left] Name: Jack M. Daniels Skin: Caucasian Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Blood Type: O Negative Rank: Sergeant Service Number: W4739021 Assigned To: Queens Royal Rangers, Fourth Battalion, Bravo Company Spouse: Katherine S. Daniels Children: (F) Megan L. Daniels, (M) Samuel R. Daniels Residence: Waterdown, Ontario, Canada Enlistment Date: 4/14,2008 Past Deployments: Two Tours In Iraq, Three Tours In Afghanistan Current Post: Chernarus
  6. Well I got Whitelisted and will be playing as Sergeant Daniels of the Queens Royal Rangers, Fourth Battalion, Bravo Company; part of the UN forces initially sent to combat the spread of the virus. I hope to see you all IG!
  7. Hi there DayZRPers I'm brand new to here and really excited for a chance to play on your awesome servers! I haven't played much DayZ in recent times (most of my time logged playing was during the mod version) and am a little rusty but enthusiastic about the game nonetheless! I rather enjoy the RP part of games the most i'd say so this amazing community seemed to be the number one choice for places to (hopefully) play. To sum it up - 1: Hello. 2: You are all awesome. And 3: I'm excited. p.s. You there. Yes you. The one reading this post. You. Are. Awesome. Have a great day/night & week/weekend ~ TDC