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  1. Looks like everybody has their own favorites. That's why I love this game, everybody's different.
  2. VonSchlapp

    S1, KOS

    It happened exacly as Edmond said. One of the players was in the prison when he was killed, might have been milo, I beleive the shots came through the window. There was to my knowledge no initiation of any kind, no demands were made, nor did we know or see the killer. I hid out in the prison for a bit before running away back to our camp.
  3. Just wondering what food everyone tends to carry with them for nourishment? I'm all about the peaches myself, energising and hydrating, yum! Vonschlapp
  4. Just thought I'd introduce myself, new to the forums and going to be submitting my application for whitelisting today. Take care out there. VonSchlapp