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  1. Noah98

    How To Perform a Dark Ritual

    what level do i have to be to cast this spell
  2. Noah98

    W.I.P. French Foreign Legion: The Civil War

    Name: James Stacy Team: French Like the idea, like the French.
  3. I hear the burst of sound from a bloodied coat, resting on a squirming body, before me. "Hmmph... sounds like you're not the only one having a bad day." I say to the man who was just shot down by my Glock. I reach a black-gloved hand into the man's coat, taking the radio out. "Don't worry man... if you can hear this, i'll find you and help you out." I look up to see the squirming body come back to reality and mumble to me- "I didn't want to hurt you you fucking psycopath... how'd you even find me anyways!? I thought you were dea-" The moan is cut off by a loud gunshot, very close to the radio. The last thing heard before the radio clicks off is a country-sounding man saying "Well unlike you, I make sure the job's done."
  4. Meeting the Black Sky after roaming around, getting robbed and robbing people. The Black Sky made James Stacy realize who he really is, and that all came about by torturing someone he knew nothing about. He was ordered to do it and went into the torture reluctantly, but towards the end, when his now group members told him to stop, he found himself wanting to keep going. Cahir O'Doyle basically called him a heartless bastard, noted how he showed no remorse and wasn't even shaken up by the torture, and invited him to join the family.
  5. Noah98

    Ban appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Goodbye--76698?pid=1320122#pid1320122 Why the verdict is not fair: I believe the verdict is not fair because I have never seen or heard of anyone being permanently banned for flaming- the most i've seen or heard done to anyone flaming is a warning by staff or warning points being added to the guilty's account. I also find it unfair that I am permanently banned from the website one night, then permanently banned from the teamspeak almost 8 hours later. I am also probably banned from the game server, despite only creating an offense on the website. I think this triple-threat permanent ban is unfair because it prevents me from apologizing to any parties involved. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was angry about Razii's ban because I sided with him on it, and was frustrated that night because it was the first night I had played since Dec. 19th and I had only played for a short while before the server got DDoS'ed. When I heard Razii, a good friend of mine, was leaving I got angrier and angrier. When I saw Wong's post I felt it was disrespecting Razii since Wong essentially laughed at Razii. When BarbarianWolf, another friend of mine, posted his flamebait (which was wrong too) and Wong poked him, calling Wolf a cunt, I got angrier and decided to post. I posted an extreme picture that I now realize could offend somebody and deeply hurt them. I was not trying to offend anyone- I was just trying to stick up for my friends but I went about it in a way that is definitely considered flaming, trolling and hurtful. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be unbanned, have my ban become temporary, or receive warning points, and to be unbanned from the TS (and/or game if I am banned from there too) What could you have done better?: I should have taken the night off to cool down before posting.
  7. i'm glad i'm a filthy white name nobody cares about us so we don't know about all this toxicity
  8. eyyyy #truuuuu Rainbow Six Siege is more fun than DDoS fest, tbh
  9. Noah98

    Tamaster's thread of making stuff for standalone - #cantwait

    Love it so far!!! Please make a model for the Benelli SuperNova, 12 gauge shotgun. Will link image below!!! Home defense variant: http://www.autoweapons.com/photos/benelli/novamagext.jpg Hunting variant: http://www.eurooptic.com/images/products/medium/Benelli-Super-Nova-Black-synthetic-28-12ga-20100.jpg Another gun that might be cool to add: Smith & Wesson Governor, .410 and .45LC revolver http://vpstestgunscom.c.presscdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/judge-vs-governor_sights11.jpg http://thetruthaboutguns.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/DSC_0037.jpg (Adore the thompson by the way... was hoping it would eventually get added to DayZSA!!!)
  10. "Soldiers and combat is like little kids and sharp objects- it's not good for them, but they always seem to find more wherever they go." - James Stacy Bullets ripped through the air like pissed off invisible hornets. Red jacket went down instantly, totally unaware of his fate. Mills took a hit next, we dragged him to the woods. It was a trap. Unmarked military camp West of Myshkino 1138 hours "This is the guy that held me hostage and beat the shit out of me a few days ago. Yeah, it was him, a girl, and a guy. They kidnapped me and tortured me for no FUCKING REASON." John kept telling us, talking about the russian who's name was... Cesar? "It is a dog eat dog world, my friend." Cesar told John. Still, doesn't excuse senseless violence. I kept coordinating with my buddies while using the radio. One of the guys that just got there, with a gas mask, wanted to teach this fucker a lesson. We all agreed and wanted to get him in some cover first. "If it's a dog eat dog world, then what's stopping us from eating you?" John kept antagonizing him. I could tell this fuck wanted us to try something, that he had something up his sleeve. "Well, maybe you have the barrels of four rifles pointing at you right now. However, such is the nature of the world. You may not have four rifles pointing at you. The only way to tell is to try something and see which one of us falls first." What the fuck is this guy? A goddamned philosopher? Really? I was ready to kick Cesar's teeth in. "Right. Right. Of course you have snipers, because everyone does! I don't see anybody in the woods Cesar, so maybe you're all alone..." The new guy pushed. The new guy started looking in the woods nearby for any sign of barrels, scopes, or people. He said he didn't find any and he was dying to feed this guy his teeth. I was too, so we started the whole thing up again. I got in position behind him and pulled out my AKS-74U. "PUT YOUR FUCKING GUN AWAY NOW! YOU TURN AROUND I WILL KILL YOU! GUN UP! HANDS! LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS RIGHT NOW! GET IN THE TENT! MOVE IT MOVE IT MOVE IT!" He put his gun away, so far so good. "So be it." Cesar said, smug little ass. Hell broke loose. Snap. Snap. Snap. Dirt kicking up, blood already in the air. Bullets ripped through the air like pissed off invisible hornets. Red jacket went down instantly, totally unaware of his fate. Mills took a hit next, we dragged him to the woods. It was a trap. The smug russian fucker walking calmly to the tents, hands still where I could see them. I dove for cover and returned fire. Where the fuck were they? I thought I saw one in the woods, so I shot at the blur. The russian, Cesar, took for cover and pulled his gun off his back. I poked my head out and started shooting at the black-clad figure running away, UMP45 in hand. I should have hit him and i'm pretty sure I did, he was like ten feet from me when I started shooting. Snap! Right over my fucking head. Almost died, ran back. Got more cover. Heard screaming over the radio. Friends dying. Adrenaline pumping. I took cover behind a cement fortification and looked up, spotted Cesar running straight towards me. Guess he wanted to finish the job- his mistake. "I told you I had snipers you fucking asshole! Now put your fucking hands up before I shoot you!" I came around my cover, weapon raised. Fired about fifteen shots at him, point blank range. He fired back but I could see the blood pouring out of his ruined vest and knew he wouldn't last longer. I ducked and fired another volley of rounds, and watched him fall face first in the dirt. I wasn't sure whether or not he was alive or dead so I ran behind him and finished him off with another five or six rounds. Peace out fucker, that one's for my brothers. I took off into the woods with John on a long flank. I heard a Winchester crack in the distance. Way to go Rafel, now get your brother to safety. Uhhh.... Rafel was a guy we met about an hour ago. He had a retarded brother that he vowed to take care of. Loved the guy, Gerrick I think, with his whole heart. For some reason, Gerrick was allowed to carry around knives, AKM's, you name it. We even had to take a couple of hand grenades from him because he wanted to play with his "rocks." We get a radio transmission from another buddy of ours that came as backup. He told us that he had three guys behind him and he had his hands up. We got in position and it took us about ten minutes, but we found the three. John fired off his AKM and hit one right in the asscheek, I fired and hit another in the side while he ran through the woods. We found Rafel looking for his brother while chasing the guy that got away. Rafel told us he shot a guy with an SVD in the head and killed him. We went back to the backup and found Gerrick bleeding out, having been shot in the chest. Rafel started freaking out but we helped Gerrick out a bit, as much as we could. I saw the last guy that was left from Cesar's group looking around in the tents for us. The three of us ran after him, leaving Gerrick and Rafel in the woods. The guy in the yellow armband, wearing all black, vanished once I spoke out to him. Last we heard of him was a suppressed gun firing towards us, only once. I guess he can tell the tale for his dead buddies. Time to lick our wounds and get back out there. I need more ammo. True story, more real stories or more made up ones? Visit my profile and view my threads for all [story of James Stacy] logs!!!
  11. Tech N9ne baby!!! Strange Music all the way!
  12. MFW this is the fourth entry... lol Visit my profile to read the other three under my threads, all listed as [story of James Stacy]
  13. [video=youtube] Afghanistan, 2010. A small skirmish in a local village against insurgents. Gunfire. Screams. Death, on both ends. Rockets spiraling through the air. Screaming, only screaming- from the living and dying. Living, ordering. Dying, crying out for help. Pull the pin. Kick the door. The crack of wood splintering. Metal clink. Boom. More smoke, more screaming. "Oh... fuck me..." Blood. Blood everywhere. Dripping from the ceiling, all over the walls. The floor. The small toy blocks. Body parts. Three dead. "Good work, Stacy." someone says. Boots leaving the house. The body parts of a small Afghani child flung around the room. Mother. Father. Both still. A rush of thoughts, all drowned out by the whimpering coming from the corner, behind the table. Another small boy. Eyes full of tears. Staring at the monster before him. Shrapnel, stuck in the legs and arms. And face. The dying face. The monster raises his rifle to the boy's face, then drops it. Hopeless. Defeated. Unable to finish what he started. Boots on the ground, squelching in the mix of dirt, dust and death. Chernarus, unknown date, early morning. "I'm sorry..." I mutter to myself. "I need to get going..." Hinges creaking, the door slams behind him. Tear lines run down the dirt on his face. Song starts at 16 seconds... couldn't upload using BBCode since it was too long, so here's the music video.