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  1. The crack of gunfire somewhere in the valley caught his attention. He put the pen and journal down, and lifted the binoculars to his eyes, scanning for the source. Nothing... at least nothing he could see. He checked his pack, the tin of sardines and can of beans were still there... fucking emergency rations. What a joke. He rummaged around, past the the thin plastic of his rain jacket, a spare t-shirt, a spark plug and some rags. Where the fuck was it... where? He turned the pack top-side down, and the contents spilled out, all over the rock. But it wasn't there. What the fuck, how'd that happen? Someone must have stole it while he was writing in his journal... He grabbed the AK leaning next to the tree, and gripped it tight, circling, looking for the fucking thief that stole his radio... where the fuck are you...? "Screech... squawk... Art, you there man? Come in Art, it's Mikey, over..." Art chuckled, relaxing his grip on the gun while running his dirty hand through his greasy hair. On my belt. The radio is on my belt. He grabbed it, and depressed the transmitter button and brought it to his lips: "Go ahead Mikey, I read you... over." "Art, you better get back to the cabin. Somethings wrong with Jimmy..."
  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement... Ascent_rain... my goal in writing this is to chronicle Art's story from the perspective of a true survivor... the gritty real feel of what it might have been like. Art and his friends are not psycho's, or killers or military... they are regular dudes. They may become psycho's and killers... but at least that's not where they started from. Although I have played the character on the DayZRP servers, he has only met two people so far... those encounters will be documented here as well as future encounters. Art is pretty paranoid still, so hasn't moved too far south. I am really hoping they bring the zombies back too, as that is half the fun. Hope you come back for the next installment, and please feel free to post comments. Not sure if anyone else is reading, but I would love to hear from you too...
  3. Good stuff man, I can't wait to find out what happens next!
  4. January 14, 2015 She was dead. We are convinced. That woman that bit the guy in the crowd that day in Novaya Petrovka - fucking dead. Come back to life. What the fuck! What The Fuck! Like that fucking stupid TV show, "The Walking Dead" and those lame ass kids dressed like zombies staggering around Bryant Park pretending to be zombies.. the ones we laughed at and made fun of. Except this shit isn't some TV show or kids having fun pretending... this is real. We were sitting around the campfire, arguing, trying to determine what we should do. There was still talk of crossing the Black Mountains, getting into Russia... we occasionally heard broadcasts on the little radio in what sounded like Russian... things were probably OK over there. Still talk about sitting tight, seeing this thing through... lay low until it blows over probably in the spring... or go South, look for transportation out of here. No matter what conclusion, we always came back to the same next step: more supplies. We needed more supplies. Warmer clothes, more weapons, more ammo, more food. Maybe a vehicle, if we were really lucky. Before we could do anything, we needed more supplies. And so we agreed, a trip to Novaya Petrovka was needed. That's when Mikey asked, "What if we find other survivors?" We knew they were out there. Fireworks, right? Luke was against adding to our number, asking "How can we trust them? How are we going to feed them? And protect them?" Jimmy was on the polar opposite, "Of course we will take them in! There is power in numbers, the more we have the better off we'll be... and more people can gather more supplies so they are self-sustaining..." Mikey and I were both on the fence. As they argued loudly back and forth over the fire pit, a loud thumping crash came from the woods to the left of our cabin. It sounded like someone fell over. Immediately we all jumped to our feet and grabbed our weapons. We had curious deer approach before, but never make such a racket. Luke had his shotgun leveled first and yelled, "Who the fuck is that? Come out of the shadows with your hands up, you fuck!" The butt of the AK was nestled in my shoulder, and I flicked off the safety sighting at the spot where I heard the noise. The other guys had their guns drawn too. "You heard the man, get out of the woods and into the light where we can see you", Mikey said. A figure emerged... staggered... out of the woods... limping... a hollow rasping wheeze emitting from its mouth... its skin was ashen gray, its hair a tangled mess. The clothes on its body were hanging awkward and loose in places, twisted and knotted tight in others. One shoe was missing, and its shirt was... ripped? No... not ripped... in tatters... a red gaping death wound from a shotgun blast left the jacket and shirt shredded and blackened and the dried blood was everywhere... Three things happened all at once... 1. I heard Luke whisper, "No fucking way. You're dead." 2. I saw Jimmy buckle over and start puking all over the ground. 3. And the thing let out an impossibly loud gurgling howl as it charged us from the edge of the clearing. And then time stopped. And I pulled the trigger on the AK. And bullets sprayed out of the muzzle, straight at that "thing". Some missing, but most hitting. It jigged and bucked like a marionette in a wind storm, and then fell over backwards both arms still reaching for us. It wasn't until it was on its back that I realized Mikey and Luke had pumped shotgun blasts into the thing too. Mikey was still pulling the trigger and pumping the shotgun but his gun was out of ammo. "This isn't possible. He's Dead! I killed him already... It's the kid... the kid I shot in the stomach... with the girl..." Luke moved closer, dumbfounded for once. Mikey held the shotgun at the ready, even though there was no ammo left... and I never moved a muscle. I felt my finger on the trigger, already applying pressure... not breathing... aiming... "Luke, don't get too close..." I heard someone say in an unnaturally calm voice, not realizing it was me. "No, Art, you don't understand, man... This fucker is dead already! I killed him last month... this fuckin' spaghetti thief's already dead..." It moved. It pushed itself upright. Those dead, empty eyes glared right at me and I knew... I knew for sure that things would never, ever be the same. And I pulled the trigger once more, this time aiming for the center of its head. A few moments passed. My mouth was dry... I was sweating. The stock of the gun was still nestled against my shoulder and my finger was tight on the trigger. Luke was checking the body... Jimmy was curled up in a ball... and Mikey was right next to me saying, "What the hell just happened?"
  5. Dec 25th, 2014 I feel compelled to write today... it's Christmas. When I was a boy, this was my very favorite day of the year... I couldn't wait to wake up and sit under the lights of the tree while opening presents and drinking hot chocolate. But things are different now. I'm not a boy anymore, and all that innocent joy shit is gone. We had our Christmas meal sitting around the wood burning stove, gnawing on our version of "ham" smeared with a peach marmalade Jimmy found over a month ago and was saving. This was as good a reason as any to break it out. Luke is pushing for us to head back to Novaya Petrovka. Says we need supplies. More and warmer clothes, dry goods, ammunition and weapons. Says even if we don't use them, at least they can't be used against us. He's probably right. Damn Him. Mikey is ready to go, but Jimmy is scared shitless of the memory of that woman tearing the throat out of the man in the crowd and being shot to shit... and I have recurring nightmares about that couple and the spaghetti... and how I'm gonna react the next time we meet people - friendly or not... and honestly, I don't wanna face that moment. Dec 31, 2014 - Jan 1, 2015 Fuck the New Year. Give me last year so I can do so many things differently. I would spend more time with my kids. Reconcile with the ex. Not be such a douche-bag to all those women I dated. I would find a charity that I really cared about... I mean really cared... not just a tax write off... and strive to help there. Fuck - I would just be a nicer guy. But it ain't last year, it's now. And I miss home. We did see something cool... way off in the south... Right around midnight, someone must've fired a flair gun... not fireworks, there were no booms... just lights in the sky in the distance, where normally there are none. I can't help thinking, how are my kids? Shirley, Kirk, Maureen... I miss you guys. More than you will ever ever know... more than I can believe. I just wish....
  6. Excellent Story! Hope to read more... like Weedy Wine said, the details are excellent and really capture the feel for Chernarus post Apocalypse. Here are some beanz, write more!
  7. This looks interesting! Can't wait to see read them.
  8. Dec 1, 2014 - We are starting to unwind... well, maybe not we... maybe just Luke. Maybe me too... who the fuck knows. Not everyone is a fucking murderer... not everyone is out to steal your shit and kill you. It can't be like that. I refuse to believe it, and as long as I am willing to help, it isn't. But Luke disagrees. A young couple, in their early twenties, stumbled upon on our camp. The man had a wood axe, and the girl was carrying a child's backpack and had herself wrapped in a blanket. They looked lost, tired and starving... It was fucked up... what I did... but... you know... how can you trust anyone now? I pointed the AK right at them, and said "Don't take another fucking step forward... turn the fuck around, and get out of here..." The look in the boys eyes... he didn't understand English, but he knew from my tone that I wasn't inviting him to sit down. The girl, however, did speak English. "No, please... we are hungry and cold... can't you help? We just need some food... some warmth... safety for a night..." My fucking heart was breaking, but my mind was telling me to get them the fuck out of here. "Get out of here... get the fuck out of here now, or I will shoot you both!" I brandished the AK at them, hoping to fucking god that I wouldn't have to shoot them... hoping they would just turn around and leave... "Please... anything... we are starving..." I reached into my satchel and grabbed a can... spaghetti... and threw it at their feet. "Now get out of here", I said, but my voice cracked.... this wasn't me... The boy grabbed the spaghetti and the girl grabbed his arm, and they backed away... back into the woods... my heart was racing. Was I really just on the verge of shooting them? What the fuck was getting into me? Later on, when I told the story to the guys, Luke looked at me with a face of utter disgust. "That can of food could have fed you for a full day, Art. What the fuck are you doing man? What are we a fucking charity? Are we just gonna give all our shit away to every fucking vagrant that comes crawling through the woods? What are you, fucked up, man? "Luke, what the fuck... calm down... they were just kids... they were hungry. It was one can of spaghetti.." I replied, but he quickly cut me off... "This time, idiot! It was one can this time! But what, do you think they're just gonna scamper off into the wilderness and forget about us? No! Next time they'll want three cans, then our deer meat, then our shelter and guns... before you know it, we'll have jack-shit, and they'll have all our stuff.... fuck this, man... fuck this. I ain't running no charity..." We argued back and forth for a few minutes before Luke stormed off with the crossbow and a shotgun. I thought that was the end of it... but around an hour later we heard the distinct sound of the shotgun going off, and around an hour after that, Luke returned to the camp. He had a kids backpack with him, a wood axe, and a can of spaghetti.
  9. Great read! Enjoyed your story, and hope to read more and maybe run into you in-game!
  10. Great intro story! Can't wait to read more!
  11. Oct 29, 2014 - We have been safe at the cabin. So far. We did hear a bunch of gunfire the other night, coming from South-East of us. That was a scary night... none of us slept, and we had our weapons out and ready the whole night. But no one came. Mikey and Luke went to try and find out what happened the next day, but didn't find anything. We are in pretty good shape in regard to our supplies. There is a well near the cabin, and plenty of streams around so water isn't an issue. We have the smoked deer meat, lots of jerky from the first boar we shot, and plenty of granola bars, canned goods, rice and powdered milk. Tons of Powdered Milk. And beer. A few nights ago we argued over our best coarse of action... Luke thinks we should hunker down, wait for this thing to blow over, and return to Novaya Petrovka. Mikey and Jimmy think we should head off North toward Russia before it starts getting too cold. We don't have any real cold-weather gear, so a trek through the black mountains in winter has me really nervous. We do have our passports, so theoretically they will treat us well. That has a ton of risks, of course, as we don't really know where we are going, and of course we have no cell service out here. So no google map, or any of that shit. We did find an old am/fm transistor radio in the cabin, and were able to use some batteries from a flashlight to get it working. Mostly we didn't hear anything, but we did catch a few reports that the cities of Berezino, Elektrozavodsk, Solnichiy and Nizhnoye had all fallen to the infection with massive civilian and military casualties. We are finally getting a grasp on what we think happened - some kind of deadlier Ebola virus outbreak that is spreading across the country like wildfire, killing most people and driving some insane. We also heard snippets about the UN being brought in, and some American forces too - but some conflicting reports about quarantine regions. Hopefully the fucking Marines will show up and rescue us!
  12. Thanks Roach! That means a lot to me, and the advice is real sound too. I am actually emerging myself in some written background, leading up to the current date, and am having a load of fun with that part. My first character is a simple survivor (Arthur Harris) an American Business Executive who was in Chernarus on a boar hunting trip with three of his friends. So far the community is awesome, but I have to say, I feel like the RP bar is pretty high (probably from watching too many quality youtube videos!) Hopefully one day I will run into you. Question - which server do you primarily play on? Thanks Geolash - appreciate the welcome. My current approach is going to be playing a simple survivor... he has no agenda other than surviving and (since he is naive to the global situation) getting out of Chernarus. So far from what I have seen about the RP styles, they are very VERY varied... which is really cool. On the surface (Little in-game roleplay so far, but have read a lot of the forums, and watched many youtube videos) the survivors remind me of the cast from Stephen King's "The Stand". It makes me wonder if the plague exempted those that are "touched" in some way... of if RPers just enjoy crazy characters more! In any case, Arthur Harris will form an opinion as he meets more people in game! If anyone is interested in my characters background (so far) it can be found by clicking the Website button below or this link: Personal Journal of Arthur Harris - http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Personal-Journal-of-Arthur-Harris
  13. *Clyde Heard Arthur and hesitates to respond and talks to himself* "how has he survived for a year..." *Clyde clicks the communication button and Responds* "Arthur... *Huh*.. What is your location, Do you have supplies" *Clyde really just offbeat of what happen at vybor still responds as he knows its the right thing to do" "Arthur Respond if you hear this i need your location I can help" *Clyde just waits as he sits in as the rain comes down hoping for a response* "Hello Marine.... hello, do you read me? This is Arthur Harris, broadcasting from near Novaya Petrovka. I am in hiding as their are some people in the vicinity and I do not trust them. *soft chuckle* ... I don't even know if I can trust you..." Arthur releases the broadcast button on the cracked hand radio and whispers to himself, "...but I'm desperate." He goes to put the radio back in his pack, on, but with the volume low.. before he brings it back up to his lips and presses the broadcast button again. "Marine, you say you can help... can you get us out of here? Over."
  14. Oct 22, 2014 – We are in a world of shit. Novaya Petrovka is fucked. We never made it to the Airfield… Where to start… fuck me… We walked to Novaya Petrovka per the plan. Things were quiet… normal. No big deal. We joked and laughed and figured they probably just forgot us… everything would be fine when we got to town, and blah blah blah – I don’t even remember what we chatted about. Nervous energy and all that… Nope. It was chaos. We smelled the smoke before we saw it… heard the screams before we saw any people. Total chaos. Those nice people who saw us off barely two weeks ago were now locking themselves in their homes, pointing guns at us. Telling us to stay away. We watched two men fight over a car until one pulled out a hand axe and the other a revolver. We made our way to the police station, where we found the police barricaded inside the station like a small fortress, SHOOTING AT PEOPLE that approached! A small group of CDF soldiers were in another part of town, they had buses and people were in a huge mass trying to get through their blockade to get to the buses. We moved into that mass, hoping to talk to someone official… hoping our status as American Citizens would see us to the front of the line. It didn’t do shit for us. We soon discovered there were doctors or nurses inspecting people and sorting them into two groups… one group would leave by foot in a westerly direction, the other group boarding the buses and heading East. This was scary… there was very little order, and occasionally the CDF soldiers would fire their machine guns into the air to control the mob and keep them from panicking. It only scared everyone worse. Surprisingly it was Mikey who first suggested we head back to the cabin. We started pushing our way out of the crowd when something horrible happened up front. We didn’t see exactly, but someone in the crowd started screaming bloody murder, people around the screamer were trying to get away from that spot, shots were fired, people running, falling, being trampled. We made our way to some steps leading to the church and had a vantage to see what was happening. I still don’t believe it but I am going to write it here so I never forget... never doubt what I saw with my own eyes... An elderly lady was biting the neck of a man, his blood spurting out like a fountain. They were in the center of the clearing, people pushing away from them in a circle. The soldiers opened fire from their vantage, killing townsfolk until they had a clear view of the crime… then they opened fire on her. I swear to god, they blew chunks out of her body with their automatic weapons… and she flitted like a rag doll and fell down. The bleeding guy was hit several times too, and he stopped moving, holes in his body leaking blood everywhere. But then, as fucked up as it sounds, the woman got up. Slowly at first, but she fucking got up… one arm, clearly broken and dangling by muscle and tendons, a hole right through her abdomen… she got up and fucking charged the soldiers… that’s when they really let her have it… military grade weapons firing full automatic, hand guns, military shotguns… they opened up on her as she charged them. Eventually she went down in a puddle of gore and we lost sight of her as the crowd scattered and ran and we moved up past the church, and into a field, heading back to the safety of the woods. We made it back to the cabin, jogging and running half the distance our own fear driving us. Jimmy puked in the woods a bunch of times, and was all fucked up, sitting on the ground, moaning, and rocking back and forth. Luke, god bless him, had grabbed a giant backpack in the crowd that was full of canned goods and powdered milk. Mikey was talking fast, organizing his thoughts, making a plan, doing what he does, and I was watching the woods in the direction we just came to see if anyone followed us. I didn’t even realize it, but I had that AK drawn, the safety off and set to full automatic. What the fuck is happening?
  15. Oct 19, 2014 - No Car. We are hoofing it. We loaded up the back packs with bottled water, raincoats, ammo and spare clothes. I took a compass and a map. Our only goal now is to get to town and then the airport to make our flight. Hopefully they just forgot about us, or maybe the police responded to one of the endangered towns like a militia-force or something. Who knows at this point. I hope the airport is still operating! Mikey is shitting himself with fear of missing work... saying shit like "I should've known this was a bad idea", and "What the fuck have I gotten myself into..." I don't think missing work is the worst thing we have to fear at this point, but I am trying to stay calm.