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  1. My name is Tamás Farkas. I was born on the 22 of february in 1990 in Hungary. My father from Russia, and of course my mother from Hungary. When I was a kid, we moved to the Russian motherland, near to the Chernarus border. I learnt Hungarian language from my mother, She teached me a lot. Every months we visited my grandfather, he has a farm in South Zagoria with a crop duster plane. I said to my father, I would like to be a pilot and work in the agriculture, He said no problem, but you should learn a lot. After I finished the school, I started working at my grandfather. Where I made a lot of friendship with the workers and the neighbours. One day my grandmother rushed into my room, then pulled out me from my bed, and said: „Tom, check out Mikhail(grandfather), I can't wake him up!”, then she stars crying. I called an ambulance, and they took him in the nearest hospital. It was on the day December 11 in 2016. After half hour, I went to the hospital to ask about his condition. The doctor told me: „Not much time left for him, I'm sorry." The upcoming time, I spent a lot of time with him. After five months, I was on my own. Then everything went wrong in the country, that Russian - Chernarussian marriege, lot of protests, political things... I just stopped following the news. It was full of crap... July was an eventful month, I saw a lot of jets and heard many explosions from the far. So I decided to barricade my self in the main building in the farm, and did not make any connection, with the others. In the middle of July, I saw a mass of people walking through the fields, but I did not care about them. Now, It is 16 of August, I'm out of food, I have to go out now and look for stuff.
  2. I know him, his name is "Dániel". He want almost the same story(Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V change something, after that he can be my co-pilot IG..) , so we could play together, without any problem. Like don't know eachother or something like that...
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Your forum account is currently banned. Ban Reason: Copy & pasted backstory Why the verdict is not fair: I accidentally forget to post anything in forum, so the system deleted my account. After that I made a reapply(with the same backstory, and stuff about me), then I got the ban. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: If you can check my first registration(Szeptember.5). You will find the same forum name, same steam Id and Guid. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Be able to play again in the server. What could you have done better?: If you wish, I can write a new story, and of course, I will post something in forum to prevent any account problem.