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  1. I Haven't heard your music as of yet, but I am looking forward to hear it. Also a good read and great artworks!
  2. I found this guide pretty usefull. Also great artworks!
  3. benzofou

    Show off your new wheels!

    All those cars look amazing, wish I'd have one
  4. Thats a big mess of a bug! Hope we wont encounter those gods again
  5. #hype We have worked on this for a while and its finally done!
  6. *robert picks up radio* We had a good time in the camp. I hope the new location will become just as good as the old camp was. From now on, things can only become better. *robert puts his radio away and starts walking again*
  7. *Robert picks up his radio* We'll get this working Jan! We have made alot of progress since our arrival. There are still some things that need to be done, but for now its the best place to be. *Robert stops talking*
  8. *Robert picks up his radio* It's great here. I have my own shet and it really feels like home. Hope to see more people comming. *Puts radio away*
  9. I came across Zelenogorsk and 2 bushes started to move....... It scared the hell out of me! They were actually quite friendly and I hook up with them. Now we are good friends. They still scare me sometimes, but then it's just a small joke