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  1. Your favourite weopon set?

    Scoped Longhorn + IZH shotty combo is too fierce. You get all the range you could ever hope for with the horn, and when its time to go in and collect or to hold down the building, the shotty gets it done.
  2. DayZRP Lore Abidence

    Hey All, Very aware of DayZRP for a long time now, brand new to the community. I haven't gone through the full trouble of white listing yet but I'm curious about the feel of the servers before I do. How much do people really stick to the innate lore? Is the participation level really high? I imagining its possible that there are a good amount of partakers but that there are others who kind of just do their own thing. What do you guys do personally?
  3. Did you receive a gun license?

    Ya this is the kind of noise I want to be a part of. Renegade groups of disheveled survivors claiming authority over plots, enforcing new law, bandits, the whole bit.