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  1. Pierre Saint-Juste

    EMA/ODM/20170707-Bordeaux Order of mission Capitaine Pierre Saint-Juste (13d régiment de dragons parachustistes) Seconded to NATO operational headquarter in South Zagoria Assisted by Lieutenant Vadim Kovalenko (2d régiment étranger de génie) Assisted by Sergeant Sylvain Diallo (13d régiment de dragons parachustistes) At the head of : Command section, Support Company, 2d Foreign Combat Engineer Regiment -and- 2d platoon, 6th squadron, 13 Airborn Dragoon Regiment. EMA/ODM/20170718-Kirovograd French units under NATO mandate deploying at Kirovograd. EMA/ODM/20170719-Kirovograd section of 2d Foreign Combat Engineer Regiment deploying a temporary basement to host refugees. platoon of 13 Airborn Dragoon Regiment deploying communication equipment and collecting intels. EMA/ODM/2017022-Kirivograd Communication lost with French units.
  2. *Aymeric stops his march and sweeps the horizon. After a moment, he takes his radio and clipps a battery he found the day before.* *He adjusts on open frenquency and press and release the button. Statics happen.* “Ok…” *Breathing and clearing his voice. Pressing the button. Statics.* « Oisillons 1 & 2 pour Faucon. Oisillons 1 & 2 pour *krrsskrrrssss* Officer going to *krrssskrs* Lack of battery. Any capacity *krssskrssss* evacuation and communication. Par Saint-Michel et Saint-Antoine. More Majorum. Officer going last known 2dREP pozition. What *krrss* status ? A vous." *Aymeric waits, adjusts his earphone and slip the radio in his backpack*
  3. Aymeric Beaupré, lieutenant, colonel’s aides-de-camp of the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment’. Just graduated from the Officer's School of St-Cyr, Aymeric Beaupré chose to join the famous Foreign Legion as young officer. To get skill and practice, he was assigned as aides-de-camp of the colonel, commander of the regiment. As part of the French involvement into the UN forces sent to South Zagoria, the 2nd FPR got an officer and his staff to the UN headquarters to the Grand Hotel of Chernogorsk. Aymeric Beaupré was his aides-de-camp and had to stay close to his superior at any moment of the day. Being close as he was of the colonel, he had all the clues that the situation was getting out of control. Seeing the UN headquarter getting overwhelmed didn’t help him to believe in the success of the mission and a brighter future for Chernarus and convinced him in the fact that it was not a typical post-cold war crisis. Sadly, the french officers’ stuff was still loaded on the LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock) Dixmude. He would enjoy to get his famas and not just this handgun in such a situation. The crash of a commercial airplane on the Grand Hotel rules out the commandment of the UN forces. As one of the only survivors of the accident, Aymeric ran to the harbor, expecting to join the Marine Nationale's staff. He just succeed to catch that the Dixmude was offshore but standstill and with no activities on board. A bright flash suddenly occurs and a large detonation splitted the heavens. Aymeric woke up later, his uniform covered with blood and a smell of burned fuel in the nose.
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  5. Hello everybody, I'm FROP. I'm a young french guy that just applied to the whitelist of DayzRP. I enjoy Dayz since the mod and i'm a great fan of the Standalone. I have been roleplaying on french servers during a time and decide now to join the DayzRP community. I hope share some good rp and moments with you. See ya