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    EMA/ODM/20170707-Bordeaux Order of mission Capitaine Pierre Saint-Juste (13d régiment de dragons parachustistes) Seconded to NATO operational headquarter in South Zagoria Assisted by Lieutenant Vadim Kovalenko (2d régiment étranger de génie) Assisted by Sergeant Sylvain Diallo (13d régiment de dragons parachustistes) At the head of : Command section, Support Company, 2d Foreign Combat Engineer Regiment -and- 2d platoon, 6th squadron, 13 Airborn Dragoon Regiment. EMA/ODM/20170718-Kirovograd French units under NATO mandate deploying at Kirovograd. EMA/ODM/20170719-Kirovograd section of 2d Foreign Combat Engineer Regiment deploying a temporary basement to host refugees. platoon of 13 Airborn Dragoon Regiment deploying communication equipment and collecting intels. EMA/ODM/2017022-Kirivograd Communication lost with French units.