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  1. July 16th, 2017 9:45 PM I originally bought this new journal at the Chapters in the Byward Market in Ottawa before I started this trip, I didn't want this trip to go in my regular journal so I thought a "trip journal" would be cool. But this trip journal may soon turn into a self-written obituary... My name is Jake Gauthier, I'm a 16 year old boy from Ottawa, Canada, and I pray to god an English-speaking person finds this journal. I love reading, writing, and taking pictures; I'm not a very good swimmer, I have a heart condition and I have scars on my chest from past surgeries. I like to ski, I like eating, I like long naps and I'm bad at every sport involving a ball, I guess I can run alright though. I'm lactose intolerant, I eat peanut butter like it's my religion, I'm a nerd, I'm shy but well liked around my school I guess, I get alright grades. I'm deathly afraid of snakes, I was an extra in the 2005 Fantastic Four movie, my favourite colour is burgundy. My mum and dad are separated but still close, I love them both, my brother's an asshole but also the best at the same time? I'm sorry for the long spiel, I just don't know what to say, I mean, I need to fit my whole life into a journal entry, right? There's so much to say, and I don't know what to include and what not to include; this is just... overwhelming. I came to Chernarus a little over half a month ago, it was my first time travelling alone and I wanted to go somewhere uncommon, I guess I felt cool or something, going somewhere no-one's heard of and all that. I came to take pictures of a place that's been touched by war, and a place that has some heavy Soviet-Union era architecture. Get some nice wilderness shots too, I don't know, y'know I don't even know why I chose this fucking shit hole. It took so long for me to convince my parents that I was actually ready to travel, school was nearly over and I had talked to my Vice Principal about taking exams early so I could leave the country, I got everything set up and managed to convince my parents to let me finish early. I had saved up money working my part time job at the local convenience store, (Oh by the way, if this ever miraculously reaches you, Pete, it was me who stole those coffee crisps... sorry man) and casually brought up the idea of travelling alone to my parents. They were skeptical at first but I managed to win them over in the end; I honestly wish I hadn't... It seemed like I was on the plane just as quickly as I had booked it, sitting there alone, next to some middle-aged guy in a suit who didn't look up from his laptop for the whole ELEVEN HOUR flight. I was scared but I felt free, the same kind of feeling you get after you break curfew for the first time, or finally have the means to travel outside your neighborhood easily. After getting off the plane I headed to the city of Elektrodask? Elektrodavsk? Elektrodaske? I headed to the city of Elektro and stayed in a small bed and breakfast with this lovely native Chernarussian woman, she was in her 70's and her kid died in the civil war; she spoke in broken English but had amazing stories to tell. She told me to call her Larisa, it was the closest sounding English name I guess, and I pray to god she's alright. After staying in Elektro for a few days, I said goodbye to Larisa and move on up the coast to a city called Berezino, this time staying in a motel. That's when shit started to fall apart. News of trouble brewing in other parts of the country, people leaving, and people stocking supplies, I got spooked after the third day of this and headed into some Rural areas, naively looking for a nice farmer man to take me in and let me stay at his farm. It's safe to say I didn't find anybody like that. I ended up finding a small cottage that was either abandoned or never lived in, for a few days before moving on. And now here I am... things have gotten progressively worse, and I've just been watching from the sidelines. But I'm running out of food, I don't know how to fight any of the... zombies, I guess? And I certainly don't know how to get out of this place; so I've accepted that I'm going to die. If not from the zombies then from a lack of food. If you find this journal, please try and keep it safe, who knows, maybe you'll get to Canada one day.
  2. *Squints his eyes slightly as he carefully listens to the Morse Code being sent back and forth. With a careful hesitation he pushes down the PTT, his breathing is slow, heavy and shaky.* "Huh... guess I never took the time to learn Morse Code... you guys some secret organization?" *He begins to chuckle, before he gets interrupted by his own intense coughing fit.*
  3. Talsran

    Server 2 change

    Good call, I have higher ping on the EU server but that doesn't really affect RP at all. I'd much rather have one highly populated server.
  4. *Carson purses his lips as he presses sharply presses down the PTT he raises his voice to a yell, and speaks with tears in his eyes* Just because it's life doesn't mean people have to suffer through it! Don't you see, nobody else is coming to save us, no doctor is going to be able to find a cure, everyone else is dead! *He pauses, collecting himself* I-I'm sorry I didn't mean to lose my composure like that... But you see, if I don't do this then I have no purpose in life, it's what I've been sent here to do. I appreciate your concern and warning but I have to do this. *He lets out a long sigh and releases the PTT*
  5. *Carson picks up the radio and speaks with a sharpness that replaces his regularly calm voice* Have fun doing your... "shit". But I'd advise you to keep an eye over your shoulder... not for me, but for death itself. *Releases the PTT with a sigh, his face a tomato red* *Carson picks up his radio with a smile, slowly pressing the PTT as he considers what to say* I thank you for realizing what I am doing is a good deed. *He pauses, taking a moment to take a sip of water* Saving the people of Chernarus may be a larger task than I initially thought, but it's one that I intend to continue until I can no longer. *He raises his voice so that everyone can hear clearly* Y'know just last night I watched a man blow his brains out in front of his own brother... it took 3 people to try and calm his brother down enough so that he didn't off himself as well. Are you people telling me that people don't suffer? That people don't deserve to be saved from this hellhole? His brother was the only person he had left in life, and now he's gone. I weep for that man, and hope that he accepts my gift when I propose it to him. *Clearing his throat, he releases the PTT* *Carson presses down his PTT, he has a sharp venom in his voice* That is Precisely. Why. I'm Here. I'm here to help you because nobody else can. Even the big mighty UN couldn't protect us, so we have to resort to independent people who want to make a difference. *He pauses, taking in a breath* Like me! *He releases the PTT* *Upon hearing this man's rambling, Carson presses down the PTT, confused* I'm not sure I know what you're talking about, sir... who's this... Lord Venatar? *Releases the PTT without another word*
  6. *Smiles warmly as he picks up his radio and softly pushes the PTT* I'm sure you're familiar with the story of Daedalus and Icarus, am I correct, sir? *Pauses as if waiting for a response, however he knows none will come until he finishes* In that story, Daedalus, the master inventor, invents wings for him and his son so that they may fly and escape the Labyrinth. However his son got cocky and flew too close to the sun, melting the wax and causing him to plummet to his death. I trust you're familiar. That story warns of the dangers of becoming comfortable and letting your guard down, wouldn't you agree? Icarus got cocky, let his guard down, and flew too close to the sun, just as you are letting your guard down by enjoying yourself. *He pauses once more, taking in a breath* Sooner or later someone close to you will suffer for your ignorance, and when that time comes you will be begging for a way out. The world's a dangerous place, especially now, no one can stay un-touched by this apocalypse forever, son, not even you. *Carson lets out a sigh as he releases the PTT*
  7. *Presses down the PTT slowly* You're a funny man. *The radio cuts out without a further word* *Carson presses down the PTT, a soft wind can be heard as he speaks* Nice to meet you Vaclav, are you a native? I'm very sorry that you have to see your country go to shit like this, it must be heartbreaking. *He pauses, and can be heard taking in a breath* I can see that it's a crazy cesspool around here, which is exactly why I'm here. *Chuckles as he releases the PTT*
  8. *Picks up his radio once more, pressing hard on the PTT* I don't understand why you are all so reluctant... *He sighs before continuing* Very well, but keep in mind what I said to the other guy. Just give a call the next time your something goes wrong in your life, I don't expect to be waiting long. *He releases his thumb from the PTT*
  9. *Smiles as he picks up his radio and pushes down the PTT* Very well, if you wish to suffer then you may, I'm not to stop you from the pain you desire. However, when you change your mind, and trust me, next time one of your close ones dies this will cross your mind, just give a call. *He chuckles* See you around, sir. *The static cuts off as the PTT is released* *Smiles ear to ear when he hears the man's question* Well you see, once you are free from your mortal restrictions my mistress Mehdia will welcome you into her domain. You will "live" out your afterlife in a paradise. *Giggles softly at his own joke* She's a very kind lady, I can't wait until you get to meet her. But until then, stay safe my friend. *He releases the PTT*
  10. *Carson takes in a breath before pressing down his PTT* A way out, my friend. A sweet release, no one deserves to suffer through this... this apocalypse right? *Lets out a breath as he releases the PTT* *Carson pushes down the PTT softly, you hear wind blowing and footsteps, it sounds like he's walking* Look... sir, I'm only here to help, I don't believe you understood me. I am on a divine mission, and I will carry out my mistress' will. I am giving people a chance to be free of this nightmare before they have to endure more pain and suffering. In time I believe you will see it from my point of view too, don't you? *By the time he has released the PTT he has stopped walking*
  11. *Carson smirks as he holds down the PTT* And who might you be? I am doing the noblest of actions and you dare deny me? If you are to try and oppose Mehdia's will, then you must at least give me your name so I may remember you. *Pauses for a moment, his slow breathing can be heard* Or, are you going to hide behind your radio and deny my gift? *The crackling from the low-quality radio stops as the PTT is released*
  12. *A crackle is heard as the man firmly presses down the PTT* Hello Chernarus. *The man pauses, you can hear him take in a breath, the soft crackle and pop of a fire is heard in the background* My name is Carson Bushell, and I have come to Chernarus with a divine mission. A mission issued to me by my lady. I have come to save you, and release you from this hell known as Chernarus. You will be free of your mortal coils, and you will bask in the glory of Mehdia and her domain. *The man pauses once more as if wondering what to say next* Consider it a... rescue operation of sorts. Wouldn't everyone like to leave this dastardly place? *Chuckles to himself, seemingly uncaring that anyone can hear* I am here to save you, and if anyone tries to stop me from carrying out my sacred duty they will be judged harshly by Mehdia in the afterlife. She does not take kindly to strangers defying her will and trying to hurt her paladin. Consider this message both a tremendous opportunity and a harsh warning. I will see you soon, ready yourselves for me. *The man releases the PTT without another word*
  13. As a child, Carson was always brought up with the idea that anything is possible, anything could happen and anything could exist, and it was completely out of our control. His parents raised him on the firm belief that higher powers could exist however nobody knows their true intentions, and anybody who claims that they do is a deluded maniac who isn't worth your time. As Carson grew older he became an academic and excelled in school, he took a particular interest in history, particularly religion and its effect on the masses, he gradually became obsessed with his research, and gradually became more open to the idea of gods contacting certain mortals to carry out tasks. Stories of demigods like that of Orion and Achillies, and stories of mortals being contacted by the gods like that of Daedalus, who was assigned a task by a god opened Carson's mind to the possibility of messengers of a god's will. As his parents found out about these new ideas of his, they began to distance themselves from him, seeing that he was becoming more and more deluded. Carson got married early to a woman he met in University. He and Linda were a very happy couple, they both ended up being successful working people and both had very stable incomes. When the time was right, they decided to have children. One boy and One girl, Cole and Ella. Carson loved his family to no end. Carson was a history teacher for his local high-school, he would often go off-book to teach some lessons of his own, again mainly focused on the religions and mythologies of ancient civilizations. He began to become obsessed with the idea that one day, he would be contacted by some form of higher power, and that deity would assign him a divine task to carry out until he could no longer continue. A task of such importance that only he would be entrusted with it. He didn't care what this task was, he wanted to be ready for when it finally came. He began preparing, forging fake documents, learning how to wield weapons, learning how to become more persuasive and bluff his way through situations. He began to try and learn how to farm and effectively distribute food. He was ready to help people, or destroy them, whichever was needed. Carson was prepared as he would ever be however, twenty-three years passed with no vision, Carson was getting old, he was fifty-five and he was getting discouraged. The date was July 14th, Carson had been carefully watching the news, following along with the events that had been happening in Chernarus carefully, certain that this was his time. That night, he had a vision. A beautiful mistress with sun-touched skin and golden curls extending down to the small of her back reached out her hand to him, and as he looked up from his bed at her nude body, squinting his eyes to protect them from the bright light emanating from behind her, he heard a voice, soft and quiet, yet it felt so loud, "My child, your time has come, you are to save the people of Chernarus, take them out of that devilish place, and send them to me so I may protect them. Do this without compromise; you will become my paladin, and I your mistress. Do this, and you will earn a place beside me in the afterlife. You will join Mehdia's court, my court." With a smile, the beautiful lady withdrew and faded into nothingness; with a grim face of determination, Carson got out of his bed, wrote a note for his wife and children, saying that this is what he was meant to do, and he will sleep every night with them in his thoughts. He opened his safe, grabbed a few personal mementos, some cash, and a few of his fake documents that he thought he made need. He got dressed and called an old friend, a man he had met while training to operate firearms, a man who could smuggle Carson into any country he desired. He was in Chernarus in less than 24 hours.
  14. Born in England, live in Canada
  15. Hey man, welcome to the community! Keep looking for the two passphrases, you'll find them! I found that reading slowly, and out loud will really help.
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