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    hello DayzRP, any ideas when will be another event like yesterday?
  2. Hi DayZRP not sure if this is the right place to ask this questions, so sorry if i am doing it wrong. 1 Question There is a 64-bits Dayz Standalone version? 2 Question Where i can see my health status (hunger, energyze, thirsty...) with the new UI? because it doesnt appear on my game
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Whitelist Why the verdict is not fair: My english is not the best, i think i understand the rules and the lore but sometimes the question or the answer let me a bit confuse Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Since my english is not my native question, sometimes there are some words that i may not understand so good and let me to a wrong conclusion What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get another chance to pass the whitelist aplicattion What could you have done better?: I think if i read the rules again wont change anything. Maybe the best for me is to spend a litle more time reading and understand the question and the answers
  4. First think guys, thank you all for the reply. second, my game is much better. set everythink to high and then change to my setting. change the game resolution to a lower one (1366x768), left everything on low but the object quality on high and now the game looks much more beautifull and can have almost every time 30fps in cities. i didnt played very much with the new setting but for now looks great! just one more think, i have my monitor resolution on 1920x1080(recommended), should i lower to get a better performance on dayz? Btw, the link that Kanen posted before, i am not sure if it helped because i didnt had some huge bugs but the game looks much nicer. maybe can be helpful to other people and solve so problems
  5. the guide was very usefull but since my pc experience is not very good, i still have problems. no idea how to solve the square cars and with the windows are all grey. plus dont know if i can do anything else to boost my pc. I read somethings on the internet, but i dont want to change anything that can harm my pc
  6. Hello everybody i am new to the community and to the game, and i dont know very much about computers. so if someone that understand about pc and optimize the game would be very aprreciated. First my pc specs to help understand the problem. Intel® Core i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHZ 2.59GHZ 8Gb Ram Nvidia Geforce 950M GTX I had read the forums about optimize the game but i dont know the best way to make it run. I used the GeForce Experience to optimize the game and i can play almost every time with 60-70Fps(in towns a lit bit less 30-50 Fps). But the game looks a bit rubish, most of the windows appear grey and can only see good and i am very closer to the building, and most of the cars and buildings look like square until i get very close. i have changed most of the settings but when i change something sometimes i dont know how to compesate to stabilize If anyone knows the best way to run the game and still have the true experience of Dayz i would like to have a answer btw I read on Moxys FPS guide for standalone and he say this: Balancing between CPU and GPU Any setting lower than high will use your CPU instead of GPU (graphics-card) and this can be very useful if you don't have a powerful GPU. Sometimes, setting values to high can actually improve fps since a GPU is a lot faster on some types of calculations compared to a CPU. i think my cpu speed is not very good, so should i use more GPU and less CPU? how do i do that? (like i said, i dont know very much about computers lol) Sry for killing the grammar, my english is not very good
  7. i hope i can learn a lot here, started playing a week ago, and cant get any almost any ammo or good guns