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  1. Easchriver

    [S2 GM]: AoGM

    I did spawn in standing up. But when i came into the game they were already shooting each other, so i don't think its fair that i have to watch them shoot my buddy while i sit there and cant defend myself. I was going to defend myself regardless if the server crashed or not. I think both sides were in the wrong. They never at any point told me to get on the ground before the crash or after the crash. And they did not strip me of my weapon while i was on the ground. My full Pov: I was on the ground on my knees as the rber came into gm. The rber found my friend across from me and asked him to get on the ground and stripped him of his weapons. His friend pretended to be a hostage as well, But really he was tricking us to rob us also. About 15 seconds before the server crash i broke free of my handcuffs. I loaded into the server about 5 seconds after my friend. Someone was already dead on the ground and my friend was being chased with a shotgun. I then pulled out the magnum that was never stripped from me and fired shots at the guy with the shotgun. I was then killed moments later.
  2. Easchriver

    [S2 GM]: AoGM

    I didn't re collect the gear and i never surrendered i was just sitting on me knees pre cuffed. And they never took my weapon away from me, I still had my magnum. I only Shot when i saw one of them shoot at my buddy.
  3. Easchriver

    [S2 GM]: AoGM

    Well you also cant rb me and my friend as soon as we spawn in.... wouldent that be abuse of in game mechanics
  4. Easchriver

    [S2 GM]: AoGM

    I was handcuffed inside the fortress and these two guys walked up on us. They began to rob me and my friend. The server restarted, they then told us to get on the ground and proceeded to rob us after we logged back into the server. So we defended ourselves.
  5. Me and my friend just met up with a really nice group people that helped us get gas for our car that ended up having no wheels. Thank you whoever you are!
  6. Welcome to the server and good luck on your application.
  7. After several tries, I have now made it into the whitelist. Thank you to everyone who wished me luck on getting in, and i hope to see you on the server!
  8. Hi my name is Ethan. I am 18 years old and i am from the united states. I play league of legends and Dayz. I like to rp and am really looking forward to seeing you all in the great land of Chernarus!