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  1. I have a VAC on my acc. From COD, it is now 1731 days old. and i got it from my brother who was hacking in COD, i have never used or had any interest in using hacks in any games, imo it's ruins the game for everybody and what fun does the hacker even have? He/Her has no challenge in the game, if he uses aimbot or wallhack. so i dont even see why you would want to use money on a game and then use more money on hacks for the game... when must of the time the acc is gonna be banned and it all is gonna be a waste of money? but the reason im saying this is because im trying to be whitelisted, and im not sure if i even can wiht the VAC on my acc. i have seen some ohter posts about it, were they say its ok, aslong as it's not from dayz. would like to know if that correct . and im happy that DayZRP "honor all VAC and BattlEye bans", cause then i still have a little chance ^^