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  1. Parties with girls. What more do you want on Halloween?
  2. FaytCelor

    MLB Postseason: 2015

    I'm rooting for the Blue Jays, cause I hate all the other teams in it, and the Blue Jays have a player from Pensacola on it, which is where I'm from. Plus they have the coolest uniforms. However the team I root for is LAA. Go Angels!
  3. Not really. They were mainly talking to the other group. But the other group was talking to me. Asking for my name, etc. One of Ryan's group came in the fire station from outside and I asked who it was and one said "That's my buddy Ryan". I said oh okay and then I got robbed and they bolted.
  4. I'm not sure if there was a communication error or what, but I said way more than that. I recall asking if you guys were gonna carve a letter into my back or if you were gonna cause me any kind of harm. I also said my name, what I did, and I even said something about the rain. Maybe you guys just didn't hear me, but they other guys sure did. I remember them saying "What? Don't look at you?" When I said don't carve anything into me. Maybe you just didn't hear me. But the fact of the matter is it was a "ten second robbery". "Don't look at me, turn around, we are nice people we only need these things". That's pretty much all the RP you gave me before you robbed me and took off. That's a ten second robbery
  5. FaytCelor

    Rules favor bandits?

    It´s very simple! Hostility. It´s existence can be activated by both sides indeed, However.... 8 out of 10 times there is no stopping it UNLESS the most hostile part chooses that it´s enough. What bugs me is that it´s all fine to be a bad guy and shoot and maim and torture and rob and harass endlessly. But if you want to end a hostile person, there is NO way possible unless the hostile character agrees to it. In certain situations Yes. I want to see a rule that makes a victim able to stop a hostile force for good if it´s going too far. You should not be the only side that can continue and harass and torture and be all bad ass until you are bored of it and just drop me like an old toy and move on to the next one. You want to be that one, then let the victims posses the choice to stop YOU as well. I cannot respect and fully support any RP actions if they are a 20 - 80 ratio. 50 - 50 or leave it be. The "kill me and i forget" is a breeding ground for OOC hate. You shoot someone dead, chances are they will take it to OOC in the game and then you just end up with any number of fubar situations. That stuff does not work! [align=left]The aggressor agrees = Hostility ends. The aggressor disagrees = Hostility continues. For how long? Until the aggressor says so. RP is a two way street. Right now, hostility is a right for the aggressor and a result for the victim. The victim is unable to end this form of RP while the aggressor can without an end in sight just keep it up for any length of time. You want to end a hostile person YOU take THEM hostage and deal with them. What I get from your posts, correct me if I'm wrong, is you want hostages to be able to say "ok, I dont want to continue this rp, let me go and give me my gear" and the hostage takers to have to agree. How does that make any in character sense? In character if you said something like let me go I'm done here I'd shoot you for mouthing off to me like you can order me when I have you at gun point. And yes, you and several others are marginalizing bandits here. Speaking from experience is fair enough, but not all bandits are pvp happy "fuck rp I want to kill" despite people thinking so. We dont choose to rob or torture becuase we have the pub mentality, or want gear and to kill. Its the type of character we want to play. And if you have a problem with it dont get robbed by us. Fight back and kill us. Fight back? How do you fight back when it's 3 bandits for every one non-bandit? And to make things worse the bandits don't initiate or attack other bandits groups. You guys just all stay away from each other and go after everyone else. The bandits seem to run around in groups of 3 or more and have aks at the least. You can't fight back from that or you'll get the "No regard for life" rule. I don't understand how to expect people to fight back when the bandits don't ever go anywhere alone. And not only that BANDITS NEVER INITATE ON OTHER BANDITS FOR WHATEVER REASON.
  6. I was talking, cause the other group was talking to me, I saw the fire and said hello and one of them replied "Hello?" "Come on in we're friendly." so I walked in and started talking to someone, not really sure who it was. But anyways. Ryan and his group didn't say anything to me until AFTER the other group left which was when they robbed me. And the robbery was a ten second thing. They didn't take me hostage, or anything like that. So as far as I'm concerned they were just after loot since that's all I got out of them. No hostage, or threats or anything substantial, and they never once said anything about being afraid or anything, I don't think they said very much to me when the other group was around.
  7. [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpuqS-f2lZU [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19DCJ73y9T0 This is amazing. Drake the best artist!
  8. They RPed with me until the other group left, and there was so many people talking I couldn't even really understand. And then as soon as the other group left that's when they robbed me and bolted. And the only thing they told me when they had handcuffed me was "We aren't bad people, we just need this stuff. We aren't taking much" And then bolted right after they let me go. There wasn't anything substantial there. I didn't have any fun with it. Since it seemed they were only after gear. And they didn't leave me with any water or anything to drink when they left, and I believe you are supposed to leave them with a supply of food and water when you rob them? And not only that but the other two I don't even recall saying anything other than one of them saying "that's my buddy Ryan".
  9. Oh okay, I thought you guys had access to chat logs, cause the guy handcuffed me. My mistake. But anyways, I do know one of the characters names, it was Ryan. Ryan Shaw just cause that was the only Ryan I saw in the player list, they never told me IG. Not sure about the other two though. I'm sure he can give you the names Unless they were lying about the name, but I don't think they were.
  10. Server and location: S2 Northwest Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Few hours ago between 2-4 Daytime or Night-time: Night-time Your in game name: Tate Carter Names of allies involved: None Name/Skin of suspect/s: Unknown but logs will show Suspects weapon/s: AK Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): logs will show Detailed description of the events: Was at Northwest Airfield and saw a campfire light, walked inside and started the RP. There was six or seven different guys inside. Turns out it was two seperate groups who were just taking shelter from the rain. Few minutes after I go inside, one group leaves and as soon as they leave I was told to put my hands up and get on the ground, they took my stuff, and then just bolted. That's about all the RP I got out of them was them asking my name when the first group was still there and then when they were telling me to get on the ground
  11. FaytCelor

    Lack of Hero/Survivor Groups

    Please make more non-bandit groups
  12. FaytCelor

    Spartan's Signature's and Avatars [CLOSED]

    Hey Spartan! Was wondering if I could get both a sig and an avatar. For the sig I was just hoping to get my characters name, which is Tate Carter. Everything else I leave up to you. Please and thank you!