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  1. fresh spawn roleplay?

    Yeah it's me going around surviving, telling war stories, and having ptsd I murder my family and a psychiatrist takes me in and promises that he'll try to do what he can to help. I then escape and then BOOM! Rp.
  2. fresh spawn roleplay?

    Well last night I was thinking that I could be a war vet with ptsd and woke up in a psychiatrist's house after an experiment and fought him as a zombie and I heard banging and when I opened up it was zombies so I vanished to the attic where his I uncover the truth of the house, his patients with no hope ended up in the attic, chained, somehow exposed to the virus I then ditch my shit, grab a 2x4 and run down bashing heads in and busting my way to towards the door and on the way bigger sized zombie shows up, I hit him 3 times and break the 2x4 and then I just dodged his hand and hopped out the window
  3. Help on how to rp as a freshspawn?
  4. Hey! I'm DeKAP, me and my friends would love to play here! Any directions on how I should get started? Do I apply for a server? Thanks for reading!