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  1. *Aristarkh sits on the top of a hill after an exhausting day of traveling and grabs a radio. Before he makes any sound, he takes a sip of a recently found vodka bottle and starts the transition. The static is less frequent this time.* I do not seek absolution for my count... But have in mind you all, that ... was not our choi... to shoot at the unarmed. Many of us have seen Russian soldiers shooting at peo... with a strange satisfaction, not kill... them, leaving them for a long agony with a smile on their faces. I have seen that... And I seek no forgiveness. Some of us, sold... was shooting to kill beca... we knew... We knew how painful and disgracef... they can die. I did that and I am still not proud of that. This is how politics can make You do things which you would never imagi... I am sorry for tha... and I know that none of you will forgive me, us for that. If you do not beli... my words I hope that you will find Chernarus a better plac... looking at my dead body. I do not speak for my country and I won't. But I have a messa... for my fellow comrades: I am looking for Yo... my fellow team mat... Sarin, Grotsky. I also would like to meet other soldiers who have any whereabouts of these men. I am waiting for respon... on this freq... *The transmition ends with a loud sniff.*
  2. *A calm middle-aged russian voice can be heared interrupted constantly with a static sound.* "One, ...wo, one, one. Frien..., soldiers of the Rus... Army Is any... ... ..... I repea... Is anybody out the... What the hell happened in th... dam'n coun.... Russian comra.... please resp...." *The voice became overpowered with static hum*
  3. Hmm I was hoping that there are some trading posts or towns considered as "official sanctuaries". Nevermind then, my character will be more lonely than ever. Thank you!
  4. Are there any places in which I could expect more people to trade / sit at a campfire? Any partialy-civilised "towns"?
  5. Thank you for such a fast response, I was refering to perma-death indeed. So it seems that my character would be immortal till a well played execution.
  6. An extremely urgent (for me) question about "death procedure": Are there specific roleplay situations in which I SHOULD kill my character or it is completely up to me when I would like to kill my character?