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  1. i sent my full application this morning canyou review it please i really want to play


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      Nope, the admins do that and asking doesn't get it done any quicker :)

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      Goodluck mate.

      it generally takes 1-3 days.

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      Support Johnny on the scene. 

  2. Janek Skala

    Janek was born into a military family. Every single male had served in the family, and every single one had made officer as well. As such, Janek started training as soon as he could walk, and at sixteen he began Junior Officer Training. Once he turned eighteen he was already a second lieutenant. He was transferred to the Gorka Battalion to work under a senior officer and to learn how to command troops in the field. After five years with the Gorka Battalion Janek had been promoted to Captain. Upon achieving the rank, Janek was transferred back to Novigrad under direct orders from the General himself. Janek was assigned to a new intelligence division, one specifically tasked with working with the Russians to try and provide intel on surrounding countries that may be a threat. Janek worked with the FSB on numerous occasions, and spent a large amount of time in both Russia and Takistan. After three more years, Janek made the rank of Major, and was given his own small team to work on hunting down some Chedaki Remnants that had left their scars on the country during the civil war. Janek and his team were known for being ruthlessly efficient, and would use whatever means necessary to complete their mission. Many times Janek and the team found themselves working undercover, all trying to find the head of a small Chedaki cell. The mission was ongoing for a few years when orders from command were to scrap it. Janek wondered why, before being informed that ties between the Russians and Chernarussians were splintering. Disputes over chemical weapons and WMDs raised tensions to an all time high. When the initial attack on the facility happened, Janek was one of the first to find out. Reports of soldiers wandering out of the base alive were coming in from both military patrols and civilians, which should have been impossible. Janek wanted to know what was going on, however the evacuation orders were already in place before he had a chance. Janek was transferred to Miroslavl. The country was soon overrun, and foreign aid was flooding in. Janek was tasked with working with the UN and Russians to try and work out what was actually happening, but both were reluctant to help the CDF after they supposedly abandoned the civilians to die. By now, tensions between countries had calmed down, but what had actually caused the outbreak was still unknown. After the VDV seized and quarantined most of the country, skirmishes between them, the CDF and locals had caused large losses of CDF personnel and equipment, and they were no closer to finding the cause. The UN had evacuated after evacuating a handful of civilians, but they were unwilling to share any knowledge. Pockets of CDF still in the country had been cut off, and lacked organisation or had deserted. Command needed to know exactly what was going on the country and they wanted to know whether or not anyone was closer to find the cause or possibly a cure. However, as their previous attempts had shown, a large force only angered the locals and lead to many soldiers losing their lives. Janek was taken into a private room with the General himself and was personally told his mission; enter the country, find out what the situation is with supplies and remaining military, find what caused the outbreak, and see if a cure is possible or if a group can manufacture it. Janek was alone on this mission, and was to go in undercover as a local. He was given a series of codes to use when contacting command with information, a few weapons and supplies and was then put on a cargo plane. In the dead of night he parachuted into South Zagoria into the NWAF with one order; complete the mission.
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  3. Passphrase

    Unfortunately you are not allowed to show or get any assistance when it comes to finding the passphrase. It is a unique word that should stand out from the others. I will link the guide made by Beni here as it should help you out. Trust us when we say it is there, I would suggest reading it out loud so it becomes obvious.
  4. James Hull

  5. Greetings everyone!

    Welcome to DayZRP. Good luck with the whitelist application! For any questions about DayZRP as a whole or anything technical, feel free to PM a member of staff or to join the helpdesk in Teamspeak.
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    Smh you've been support for ages now and haven't been in the helpdesk once... Great, another inactive member of the staff team kmt. 

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    Thank me later, Medic.


  6. Staff Feedback: Doc Holiday

    Hey all, feel free to drop me feedback, be it good or bad here, so I can look at it and discuss it. Please make sure to follow the template below:
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    Be an active support please

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