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      Doc Holiday

      Unless you name everything I wont accept your litness

  1. Doc Holiday

    I made it to university, now I can fucking relax for the rest of the day...

  2. Drahomir Novak

    Strengths -Remains calm under pressure -Qualified medic with six years of service -Doesn't get drunk easily Weaknesses -More emotional than the rest of his battalion -Years of service have left their mark on him -Prone to anger when his music is taken away from him Likes -Nationalistic Chernarussians -Respectful foreigners -People who work in the medical profession -A wide variety of music genres -Drinking Dislikes -Communists and any form of communism -People who lack respect -Corrupt officials and people exploiting their position -Drug users Drahomír was born to a relatively lower class family in Karmanovka. He went through primary school and high school, and when he graduated from school at the age of eighteen he wanted to help his family. He joined the CDF with the aim of providing money for his family and to protect his country and went through basic training. Drahomír trained as a combat medical technician and was a part of the Gorka Battalion. He was assigned as a part of the "Lebka" platoon, a part of the Mountain Company. His platoon spent a large amount of time training across the country and regions as well as specialist training up in the North of South Zagoria. By the time the conflict between Russia and Chernarus broke out, Drahomír has six years of combat experience. At the start of the outbreak, the platoon initially held down the town and surrounding area of Gorka, but the majority of the battalion was called back to Utes along with remaining family members. After spending a short period of time in Utes, he and a few others were transported from Utes back to Miroslavl by helicopter, with new orders to head to Chernogorsk to help with any problems there. SoonTM
  3. Doc Holiday

    When you find Josef Stalin alive and well hiding as a Cossack 

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  4. DayZRP Community Memes

  5. Random Vigilante Moments

    Random Vigilante Moments A random collection of screenshots from the true vigilantes of justice in this world Featuring the wonderful: @Grimnir @PatZ @Solo Wielding the mighty hammer of justice: The execution of an Italian Mobster: Keeping an eye out while we "borrow" supplies from the UN
  6. Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    Thank you for your application @Infamous, I will forward it to the rest of the mentors and we should get in touch shortly.
  7. John Walker

  8. Doc Holiday

    Welp, just went to see Dunkirk at the IMAX and I must say it is one of the best films ever made. If you haven't seen it, see it!

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      I'm a total movie whore and have depressingly been neglecting to see this one. I'm glad to hear you think so highly of it!!! 

  9. Doc Holiday

  10. Thank you to my boys @Grimnir @PatZ @Mikey @BlackySnacky for the good RP and putting up with me Enjoyed the multiple run-ins with both @Keira and @Lyca on the road and such. Everyone else who put up with me in the UN camp while I was a grumpy git, thank you And lastly, @Dr Willsky
  11. Doc Holiday


  12. Had a great day of RP today talking to a tonne of people. Just to name a few of my boys, @Grimnir and @PatZ Enjoyed the CDF intervention on our drug deal with @HappyPenguin @SmartyyZ and the other CDF personnel Also had an interesting talk with the soon-to-be mayor of Vybor regarding possible business opportunities Enjoyed the RP from the Children of Eden and the other CDF, shame it had to be cut short but I hope it will happen later Lastly, enjoyed the RP from @Infernal as it was a lot of fun, hope that we run into you again!
  13. Tibor Kozak

    =Likes= -Gambling -Alcohol -Cigars -Baseball -Loud Music =Dislikes= -Street filth -Junkies -Liars -Snitches -Homosexuals =Background= Tibor was born onto the streets of Novigrad to poor parents. They were addicts and spent all of their money on heroin and crack, leaving Tibor with almost nothing to live on. He was unable to go to school and had to spend most of his time begging on the streets. His parents owned a small apartment that was used as a den for addicts and it was constantly full of scum. When Tibor was 14 both of his parents died of an overdose, one after the other. This left Tibor more alone than usual, and one day he found himself having to steal food from a grocery store to survive. -More to come later-
  14. Bilek Family

    Drunk me approves