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  1. Svoboda Brigada

    I mean the fact you have the Chernarussian anthem alone is amazing, and the goals and lore look very nice. Slava Chernarus my bratr, and good luck!
  2. Doc Holiday

    Sad to wake up today to find out the legend himself, R. Lee Ermey passed away. Semper Fi Do-Or-Die   o7


    • Doc Holiday
    • Oisin

    What ever happened to you never getting past support, huh?

    Calling in @Spartan for his POV


    1. Oisin



      Ikr, should have been kept at support tbh 


    2. Spartan


      no, that was you @Medic Holiday. And I was right >.> 

  3. Doc Holiday

    Came out yesterday, fucking amazing


  4. Goodbye Staff

    o7 dude, always liked our chats in the staff slack about Uni and the like Hope you do well with your Masters and good luck in the future.
  5. Doc Holiday

    o7  My boy, stay safe


    1. Harvey


      o7 Indeed...

  6. Doc Holiday


    1. Grimnir


      Not this again

    • Brayces
    • Doc Holiday

    Happ Birf! 



    • Grimnir
    • Doc Holiday

    Happy Birthday, Medic Holiday! :)

    • Oisin
    • Doc Holiday

    Happy Birthday famalam

    • Elmo
    • Doc Holiday

    Happy Birthday scrub

  7. Adieu for now, Staff.

    Awww. The staff slack will be less lit now, but you did good. Hopefully I'll see you around!
  8. Well, it's been a good time.

    o7 Pal, even though I only got the chance to talk to you a few times you were always a good laugh and put a lot of effort into staff. I wish you all the best in the future and with your company!
    • Doc Holiday
    • Grimnir



    1. Grimnir


      Reminds me of the time I had to learn latin... still giving me nightmares

    • Doc Holiday
    • Major