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  1. BIO: Born and raised in Chernarus. Joined the military at a young age. Trained as a combat engineer and worked during the 2009 Civil War despite his age. Worked under his mentor to disable numerous IEDs the Chedaki left around the country. Once the war was over he continued his career, working to disable various minefields from the times of previous conflicts. Scouted by the Corporation during this time and was offered a wide variety of different roles if he joined them as a contractor. Very effective at close quarters combat as well as useful skillset due to career. Steady headed and calm but previously diagnosed with PTSD after losing mentor to IED. Wife being monitored by Corporation, family whereabouts unknown. Deployed to South Zagoria to assist with mission. Current Situation: After working in Ukraine with fellow operators to secure Corporations assets, he was sent to South Zagoria via aircraft to support other operators in the area.
  2. *Jurik listens to the constant bickering over the frequency and finally decides to speak his own mind in Chernarussian* You members of Cerna Liska seem to be rather venomous with your words towards your fellow countrymen. We understand the pain that you must be feeling if your bratri is in as critical of state that you say he is in, but you think this is a good enough reason to burn all of your bridges and turn on your own people? *Jurik sighs before thinking of what to say, trying not to cause anymore anger* We understand your frustration at the thought that your member may have been shot at by someone who is a part of us, but perhaps you can try and understand why we are demanding proof that it was without a doubt one of our bratr. As Pyotr said, if we accused your men of doing the same and wanted to punish them, would you not demand proof as well? Or would you throw your own bratri away without any thought? You seem to forget the blood we have spilled helping you and your people out. Chernarussian blood. *He sighs again* We all bare the scars, myself included, of helping you and your men out while on your campaigns to eradicate the foreigners of the land, yet you forget that we have never called on you to help us. As much as you state that you don't want to fight with us, the message coming across is that we throw our man to the wolves or you'll come and take him from us by force, am I wrong? Slava Chernarus *Jurik releases the PTT button and puts the radio back on his belt*
  3. Jurik was born to a friendly and well known family in Gorka on the second of April, 1996. His family was one of the local farming families that provided produce all over Chernarus. A respectable family that's roots go back to the time of Cossacks roaming Russia. They had settled in Chernarus long ago and with each generation the family moved more into agriculture rather than conquering. Jurik lived with his parents and grandparents on their farm near to the town, and from an early age Jurik learned their ways. A true outdoorsman, Jurik loved the forests that surrounded their farm and would often go hunting with his Grandad. He was taught falconry, as had been the tradition in the family for generations, and developed a love for it, always training his hawk's to hunt the pests in the fields. It was peaceful for the most part, until the civil war of 2009. Despite the fact that they were farmers, the Chedaki fought and caused misery for everyone. Jurik's homestead was raided by Chedaki under the pretence that his father had been assisting Chernarussian loyalists. The Chedaki gathered the family into the barn and interrogated Jurik's father in front of him, despite his young age. Jurik's father refused to talk, and so the Chedaki used Jurik's mother as persuasion. Despite still pleading their innocence, the Chedaki's bloodlust knew no bounds and they killed Jurik's mother and father in front of his and his grandparent's eyes. They left Jurik and the remainder of his family alive out of pity, and moved on to the next home to raid. Since the death of his parents, Jurik has felt a strong anger to any and all communists, Chedaki sympathisers and degenerates. As soon as he was old enough he made contact with loyalist groups and began training when he wasn't busy looking after the farm of completing his studies. Jurik wanted to learn more in terms of medicine and healthcare so he could provide for those in need. He worked with the Chernarussian Ambulance Service for three years on the frontline until he was a qualified paramedic, all while completing his training for Chedaki loyalists. He continued to run the farm as his grandparents were no longer able to help as much as they used to. Despite his tragic past, Jurik felt that he was becoming the man he wanted to be, and the man his parent's would have been proud of. Life was peaceful until the outbreak, where Jurik found himself dragged into quarantine zones trying to help the infected. He tried to make it back to his farm to ensure his grandparents were safe, but by the time he made it they had taken their own lives, rather than turn. His grandfather left him a note telling him to live on for the family, and to find others that would understand his beliefs. The final gift was the Shashka that had been passed down for generations, and Jurik made sure to wear it with pride. Jurik now attempts to make contact with loyalist groups who he will be able to help.
  4. Character Name: Nikolai Kral Character Age: 25 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? Tinnitus Does your character have a mental disability? PTSD Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No Does your character have any phobia? No  Does your character have a love interest? No Does your character have any addictions? Nicotine Does your character do any drugs? No Is your character overweight? No Are you willing to experience (manageable) small Hordes of infected or wolves during RP? Yes Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? I don't mind Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? Nikolai feels like he has been betrayed by his family, often having thoughts of anger or hatred towards them
  5. The expression, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall", no one really understands what it means until it happens to them. Everyone gets to a point in life where they think nothing can knock them down and that they are king of all that they survey. Or something along those lines. Nikolai was a king once, the heir to a notorious throne built on blood, money and drugs. The Chernarussian mob had always been a part of the government, always bribing officials to look the other way so that they could do what they want. As the mob grew, so did their influence over Chernarus. Enter Nikolai, the son of one of Chernarus' most notorious mobsters. Despite being an heir to the huge empire the mob controlled, Nikolai was no snob or spoilt rich kid. He worked from the age of twelve for the mob, starting with drug running and moving up to the bigger roles within the empire. He established a name for himself and made his father and family proud. As he got older, more and more responsibility was placed upon his shoulders. Little by little his own empire grew, spreading through poor towns like a plague. His family couldn't be more proud. Nikolai was well on his way to taking over from his father as soon as the old man felt like hanging up his boots. Everyday Nikolai was closer to that throne. However, as with all kings throughout history, there was always someone else trying to claim the throne for themselves. Arguments broke out between the other families about who should inherit the empire and soon the backstabbing began. Gangs clashed on the streets all in the struggle for power. It soon became clear that some bloodshed on the streets would not be enough to stop the fighting, and other means were introduced. Information was key, and being able to prove what another family had done in the past was the solution to bringing down other families. Crimes were being revealed to the public in an attempt for the corrupt government to take action. Outcry from the public soon came to the point where money from mobsters wasn't going to fix it. The government needed scapegoats to take the fall and suffer for the crimes the Chernarussian mob had committed. And the most obvious choice of scapegoat was Nikolai. At first Nikolai was adamant that he wouldn't go down for anything. His family had paid off the government for years to look the other way, why should this time be any different? But even Nikolai's father could see that this would not be solved easily. The fighting between the separate families had grown to much and was compromising the whole empire. Nikolai's father could not let this happen, and decided to throw his own son to the wolves. He claimed Nikolai was responsible for everything and that he deserved to be punished by the government and people for his crimes. Of course, Nikolai was enraged, but even his own men turned on him and he has no choice but to face the music. He was sentenced to numerous crimes including murder, assault, burglary and even arson and was left to serve four life sentences in Chernarus' harshest prison. He had no parole and was to die in the prison. Abandoned by everyone and left to die, the only thing Nikolai could think about was that stupid expression, and how close he was to claiming his throne.
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