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  1. [Game] Show your desktop

  2. Responding to @Para question: I was not initiated on by the opposing party nor was I given any instructions once the shots started. After the second volley, I decide to move away from the signpost, and after someone circles me and states what I am wearing, I challenge the person. I then continue walking for two more steps before being shot in the head.
  3. Josh Barrett POV: So I run all the way up from Altar to Severo to meet up with the group. Upon arriving, Me, Grimnir, Steck and Estrogirl walk towards the pub, with Steck and Estrogirl in front and Grimnir and myself behind. When we arrive, Steck is ID'd as a white supremacist and people surround him. Myself, Estrogirl and Grimnir move away from him, and after some back and forth we are accused of knowing him. I state that it was a mere coincidence and they continue talking to Steck. Darion then at some point begins shouting at Steck for his beliefs, and after a short period of time, Steck is knocked out by Darion with a single punch. After a while, Steck is revived up and moves away from the area. He then re-positions on the apartments and open fires on Darion only, using his rights from when he was knocked out. Darion goes unconscious and hits the deck, with all of his people running around. I continue to stand there watching, with no gun out. Darion is revived and as soon as he is up Steck open fires again. The people with Darion then open fire on Steck, so Grimnir and PatZ open fire on the shooters. Myself and Estrogirl decide to move away from the town, and while I move away from the situation, with no gun out and with my back turned to the Gremlins, I am then headshot out of nowhere, and Estrogirl is killed shortly afterwards.
  4. Enjoyed hanging around with my boys and grills today @Grimnir @Beni @PatZ @Solo @Jonas Gj @Gowbe @Estrogirl Z @LadyInBlue Also enjoyed being a general nuisance to those in the UN camp @Razareth @Majoo and some others
  5. Doc Holiday

    When you realise they gonna initiate and take your service rifle...

  6. As above, so below

    A good read as always, hope there will be more in the future!
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    "Number of firefights you were involved in: 0"

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      Nice stats, +1

  7. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    9/10, I think everyone has heard of the ol' whitename Beni...
  8. Josh Barrett

    Relations Allies - Vincent Owen - Domek Matousek - Caden Wallner -Vlad Koch Friends - Joe Tully -Alexa somethingorather Enemies -Rory Taylor Likes - Anything metal related - Alcohol - Drugs - Acid Holocaust, the band - Minivans - Anyone that appreciates good music Dislikes - Rap music - People who dislike minivans - Overly religious people or anyone that forces their own belief on people - Cyclists - Japan and weeaboos Born into a lower class family, Josh had a mediocre upbringing. The school he went to was good enough, and he finished sixth form with relatively good results. Ever since a young age, Josh had been a fan of music, and particularly liked everything associated with metal. When he finished school, he did what he thought would be best and became a roadie for one of his local bands, Acid Holocaust. The band itself was relatively known in the underground, but not so well known to the rest of the world. Since he passed his driving test, he was responsible for transporting the guitars and amps to the next venues as well as having a generally great fucking time hanging out with the band as well. He toured all over the underground in the UK, and eventually the band travelled to countries like Germany and Poland. One day, the band received a request to play at a small underground concert all the way in Russia, a city called Krasnodar. As per usual, Josh and his fellow roadies transported the equipment and gear to the venue, but they arrived a few days before the rest of the band. Seeing as they had nothing better to do, Josh and his fellow roadies decided to go on a small road trip down south, into a country called Chernarus. They were only there for a couple of days, getting drunk and having a good time. When they decided to finally go back to Russia, some small conflict between the Russians and Chernarussians was happening, and the Russian border was closed. Seeing as they had no choice but to stay, the roadies continued to drink. After a few more days, reports were coming in of infected individuals wandering across the country. Josh, being the fan of every zombie film ever made, decided the best solution to this would be to go into a pub and "Wait for this to all blow over". Sadly, that time never came, and now Josh tries to survive by whatever means necessary. #backbypopulardemand
  9. Matthew Barrett

    Matthew was born after his parents moved from their hometown of Comstock in Texas to Dorset in England. Matthew was raised in Dorset and went through nursery all the way until university. Matthew's parents were extremely religious, and Matthew was raised Christian. He and his family attended Church every Sunday, and Matthew always had an interest in God and other religions. As such, he studied Religion and Philosophy at the University of Coventry. It was during his final weeks at University that Matthew's father, Abraham, became unexpectedly ill. After visiting the doctors, his father was diagnosed with bowel cancer and it was estimated he only had three months to live. After Matthew graduated from University, his father insisted that he died in his home country, and the family moved back to their family home back in Comstock. Matthew had visited multiple times over the course of his life, but never had planned to settle down permanently. After seven months of his father fighting, when Matthew was twenty-two, his father passed away into the arms of the Lord. On his deathbed Abraham told his son to continue to worship the Lord and to try and spread his will across the world. Matthew took these words to heart, and was able to get a job for a small religious magazine and he found himself travelling all over the world writing articles about the impact of Christianity and how it saved many countries. Eventually, after nearly eight years of travelling around the world Matthew headed into a country called Chernarus for a small article about the differences of the Baptist church against Eastern Orthodox. Matthew flew into Chernarus on the eighth of July and arrived at Novigrad airport. He met a few younger people in the airport, including one young girl who was some sort of adrenaline junkie. After trying to convince her about the ways of the Lord, Matthew left the airport and headed towards the local church to speak to the local reverend. After speaking for a long period of time, he moved to the hotel he would be staying in for the night. It was when Matthew woke up the next morning that things had began to change. Notices about evacuation were littered around the streets as well as multiple government forces. Matthew wanted to stay instead to see what would happen, and after watching for a couple of days Matthew decided that the outbreak must have been an act of God to punish the unfaithful. Matthew took it upon himself to continue spreading the word of the Lord to those in need of help and to convince the rest of the populace that the only way to survive is to believe in the Lord. After much travelling around the place, Matthew has found himself in South Zagoria
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    Rule Britannia.

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  10. Doc Holiday

    I made it to university, now I can fucking relax for the rest of the day...

  11. Doc Holiday

    When you find Josef Stalin alive and well hiding as a Cossack 

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  12. DayZRP Community Memes

  13. Random Vigilante Moments

    Random Vigilante Moments A random collection of screenshots from the true vigilantes of justice in this world Featuring the wonderful: @Grimnir @PatZ @Solo Wielding the mighty hammer of justice: The execution of an Italian Mobster: Keeping an eye out while we "borrow" supplies from the UN