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  2. Great RP from everyone that visited Green Mountain last night and my Nasinec brothers @Galland Was great to learn some history about the country as well as sharing our opinions @Xenokkah A strange sight to see a 94 year old, but was one of the best characters I've seen. Shame I had to log off, but hopefully I'll find you again @Grimnir Something tells me my new char will get along with you As for the rest that showed up, I can't remember your names but the dude who lived for 3 years in a bunker and the fellow that wished me luck on my endeavours to fix GM, was also great to talk to you.
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  4. A Troubled Doctor's Diary This is the IC diary kept by my character, Dr. Jakob Brož, a Chernarussian doctor struggling to cope with how his homeland has changed with the influx of foreigners. Everything in here is from an IC perspective, and unless you find this diary IG on him in person, this is mainly OOC info regarding himself and those that surround him. Entry 1. Well, seeing as I've lost the log book I thought it would be wise to start up something to keep my memories in, until I perish in this wasteland. From what I can tell I've just crossed over the border, or what's left of it. No guards, no people, just silence. In terms of supplies, I am down to one canteen of water and two tins of beans. If I head South just a little more I should reach home, where I'm, hoping my family are. That is of course if they are still alive, but I have faith in father. Entry 2. I guess I must be cursed. No other reason to explain it. I look around the entire city and there was no-one. Well, not anything human at least. I thought that perhaps Chernarus would have been able to contain something like this, but apparently not. I went to the house but no sign of anything. I guess they are gone forever now. I just hope that I won't see them wandering around otherwise, well I don't know what I would do. I plan to head inland, perhaps to a couple of the military zones. There might just be someone still in control, I just have to find it. Entry 5. I don't know why, but there are so many foreign people here now. Perhaps it was due to the aid efforts, but so far the only people I've met in my homeland are from places like America and England. They all come up with strange stories of holidays and helicopter crashes, but I fail to understand why they would want to remain here. From what I can understand, there is no government or military presence left in Chernarus. It looks like it's been invaded or taken over. I don't know what I'm meant to do now, but I'll keep wandering around. Entry 11. I finally found some people who are from this damn country. I think they were called Tereza and Matyas. Seemed rather strange at first, but after a while I felt at ease. They mentioned NAPA, so I can only assume that they fought in the civil war, but what worries me most is their attitude. They walk with this strange... power. I can't explain it, but despite what has happened to our country they seem content. Perhaps they have the excuse they wanted to take over the land? I can't say for certain, but they told me there are more Chernarussians up at a military facility in the North. I agreed to come along because, well, what else can I do? Entry 16. Perhaps it's the lack of sleep talking, but I start to feel happy. After meeting with the rest of my countrymen things haven't seemed as bad. I'm safe for the most part, and everyone here feels friendly enough. Tereza argues a lot with some of the people here, I don't think their beliefs are aligned. She seems so insistent on killing foreigners and retaking our land, but I look around and all I can think of is how little we are. There used to be millions of us, and now I'm down to what feels like sixteen. For now I'll stay here, but I can't promise I will remain. I don't think I could do what they do, they are too violent. Entry 24. So after moving to the large tower above Zelenogorsk, everything has been improving. More people have shown up, someone called Boris. Seems nice enough, I just think that he struggles around people. There's also a man called Josef that I patched up. Wanted to take his own life because he lost his wife but I think we convinced him to stay. I told him all this stuff about killing Russians and removing the foreigners, but I can't do that. I keep up this stupid facade, pretending that everything is fine and that nothing phases me, but I am scared. I feel if I showed my honest opinions they would kill me for cowardice. All they do is talk about killing foreigners and Russians constantly, like it is their work. I've never wanted to kill anyone in my life. I can't understand why they feel it is so important to kill. Whenever we walk around they are on the constant look out for people to murder, to torture. I worry for my own life constantly. Luckily, I don't think they paid to much attention to when I mentioned my work up in Russia, they wouldn't think twice about executing me. I don't know what I'll do, but I'll come to that later I suppose. Entry 32. I think it's time for me to write down my thoughts on people. There are so many things I need to get down onto paper about them, especially after what Kasamir and Tereza were talking about tonight. So much stupid fighting between one another... Sara - There is no way to avoid her. She is the boss, plain and simple. I think she was CDF at some point, but I don't know what rank. At some times I see the other side to her, the one trapped down inside this shell of nationalism. It doesn't appear often, and she seems sadistic as hell when she is normal. Sure, she commands everyone and everyone listens to her, but my god do I never want to end up on her evil side. I think the only time we've had a meaningful conversation is when she asked about her possible pregnancy. Never told me who it was with, but that was the only time I've seen her fear about something. In the end I think it was fine, but it might be a lie. I can't tell if she trusts me or not... Best to stay away from her unless needed. Matyas - Probably the one I fear the most. A former NAPA member and a nationalist. From my observations he is the most sadistic one among us. Whenever they take a foreigner, Matyas is the one that does all the torture. He seems to enjoy it to no end. I fear for my life whenever I am alone with him. Recently he doesn't trust me at all, I think he is so paranoid about me taking Tereza away from him. He is a loose cannon, and I worry that if something isn't done to control him soon he could kill me. I must try and avoid contact with him, otherwise I could say something that might set him off. Pepa - Seems to be the one I can rely on. Remains calm at most times and is much more likely to talk instead of resulting to violence. Perhaps he was CDF as well, but I have never asked him about it. I think he is Sara's right hand man, and seems to lead if she is not around. I think I trust him the most, but then again he might be trying to trick me. I cannot tell with these people. I think for now it's best to try and maintain appearances with him, that is until I find out if he is trying to trick me. Aleksei - From what I can tell, there is no will ill between us. He gets agitated easily if people aren't polite, but he seems to be responsible for collecting all the information on the people we collect. Like Pepa, I think he prefers to talk instead of using violence. I don't think he was in the CDF, doesn't seem like the type of person to join the military. I think I heard Sara say something about him being responsible for all of our relations with other factions, so I guess he is a sort of diplomat. I don't think I have to worry about him. Viktor - A strange man to say the least. He doesn't speak often, or perhaps he speaks quietly. I have only heard him talk if people talk to him first or if it is about a hostage. He seems wrapped up in mystery, and I have no idea where he is from or what he did before this. Might have been CDF, from what he wears but I can't say. As for his personality, I have no idea. Seems more like the cold killer for now, but who knows, he might be repressing his feelings for some reason. Tereza - I'm not sure whether she scares me more than Matyas. Another former NAPA member and a hardcore nationalist. I can't even begin to describe how strange she is. Much like Matyas, in that she is overly aggressive and sadistic. At times I thought I saw a normal human inside her, like Sara, but then she shuts me out. She doesn't seem to trust me anymore, probably because of Matyas. I am worried that soon she will try and get me to prove my loyalty to them, but if that happens I don't know what I'll do. She thinks that the jews caused this outbreak, and I can't even begin to think how a thought like that could even occur. The problem is that I can't avoid her like Matyas, as she often talks to me and asks for my opinions. I just wish she would leave me alone, so I never have to do something I'll regret. Kasimir - He might rival me for the most troubled one here. I think he was ex-CDF as well, but he doesn't like to mention his past at all. At times he is normal and jovial, and other times he sits alone and thinks. I can't say what has happened to him, but my medical training is saying some form of PTSD. I don't want to interrogate him however, as he seems violent at times as well. He happily broke some man's hand as well as kicking him, so he might be like all the others. I guess I'll have to keep an eye on him and perhaps find out what happened in the past. There are some others as well. Boris still seems agitated with something, and often jokes around. He tries to talk to me a lot, but most of the time I struggle to understand if he wants my help or if he suffers from ADHD. There's also a man called Josef, the one who lost his wife. He seems aggressive as well. and I think there have been some arguments regarding his strange obsession with entering Tereza's room. There is someone called Rami as well, but I haven't had the time or chance to speak to him in depth. Lastly, I think there was a younger man called Niko who I talked to yesterday. I can't say what he's like as I haven't had the chance, but I don't think he's aggressive. My only thought now is how can I avoid turning into these people? And how on earth can I hope to survive if they want me to prove myself? I don't know...
  5. The whitelist itself could do with a change, but as Buddy has stated I don't think it will be modified soon or at any point. As for making other roles more appealing for recently whitelisted players, it requires a lot of effort. Unless people have done serious RP before I don't think it would be wise to encourage them to try out complex roles or ones that require a lot of hard work. Being a cannibal isn't as simple as saying "I want to eat you" as it becomes TrollRP/BadRP. To do it well requires reading a large number of guides and learning about the subject. Same with being a doctor, where you need the appropriate knowledge regarding training and skills. Most other roles are hard to do, which is why most people either go for straight up survivor or a super soldier, as it gives them the feeling of being a badass survivor. I personally have no idea in how we encourage people to go for these roles, especially for those that have just joined. Perhaps the mentor program should be more enforced for those trying to play complex characters.
  6. Radek Dvořák

  7. Perhaps the main reason people are afraid is because of the 'unfair' and 'unjust' system that supposedly targets certain members. I don't think it is particularly hard to voice your opinion on this community, it is just the format in which you do it. There is a difference between a discussion about the use of Hitler or Stalin and straight up posting Hitler or Stalin memes to 'get your point across'. For me personally, I wouldn't say I'm afraid of anything. Recently I posted a status update about Jeremy Corbyn doing a specific action, and at the time I posted it I didn't think anything about it. When I received a PM from Nihoolious regarding it and saying it was removed I thought "Well OK then" and left it at that. If anything perhaps people are afraid because there isn't a clean cut line of what you can and can't post.
  8. Enjoyed the RP from all of my Nasinec brothers and sisters. Would tag you all but I'm too lazy Glad you liked it as well, and happy we could stop you from killing yourself
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  13. *James turns on the radio once more and holds down the PTT, interrupting the looped music* "Hello again my white brothers and sisters." "The Aryan Front continues to fight the race war and to eradicate the subhumans from this land." "Only today did we cleanse the towns of Vybor, Kabanino, Stary Sobor and Novy Sobor from both infected and the colours." "We also saved the lives of two free white men that were enslaved by a colour, and I can assure you that they are now proud and free." "So, to my white brothers and sisters, continue to fight this war!" "Remember to show your support for the Aryan Front, the only noble cause in this land." "And if you have any information regarding colours in any town or area, do not hesitate to ask for our help." "Stay proud and free!" "White Power!" *You may hear "White Power" repeated multiple times in the background* *A song is played on loop*
  14. I mean, it's a bit annoying. Especially seeing it appears pretty much everywhere. Say I'm looking at some other group or CP and then... First thing I see is the banner of a different group on top of someone else's group? Hmmmmm...