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  1. My name is Leo Brooks and iam 19 years old. I grew up on a farm north-west of Vybor with my parents, older brother and little sister. When the first signs of infections came up on the radio and tv we diden't really know what was going on just that for each day it became worse and worse.. On October 16. CDF rolled up and was checking houses and people around Vybor. When we asked what was going on they diden't reply a clear answear of what was really going on just that we should stay inside and lock the doors. So we did untill one night we heard someone bashing on the door screaming we had to open up. My father got his winchester aiming at the door while he slowely moved towards the door and as soon as he opened a young girl rushed in and closed the door behind her and was crying while she was pushing the door making sure no one else would come in. She was full in blood and i noticed a bite mark on her arm. My father tried to get something out of her but we couldent hear other than: Help me. My father told my mother to wash her up and see if she could get something out of her so my mother took her into the bathroom and closed the door. My father told me and my brother to watch our little sister Annie while he went outside to see if he could see something. We was so confused and diden't really have time to think at that point but we knew something was wrong. Then we heard a scream from the bathroom. My father ran into the house agein and yelled out if we were okey and we said it came from the bathroom. As we walked down the stairs i saw my father rushing to the bathroom door at the same time he opened the door the girl jumpes ontop of him starting to eat his face. I quickely grabbed my sisters hand and all three of us ran out. My sister was taken by millitary for beeing checked of virus. I only have my brother left..What await us outside? Will we see Annie agein? We are out of food and its time to leave the shed and find Annie, she is to young to be on her own. Wish us luck. -Leo