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  1. I've lost track of time... Time... Ya know I once took time for granted. I believed that I had all the time in the world. But now, since the outbreak, Time is something that I might soon run out of. But, before I die, I figured it might do me well to write my story, who knows, maybe someone will read this and learn a lesson from me. Back in the states my job was getting kinda stale. the same thing, day in, day out. From my job where I used to drive tractors and had virtually complete freedom, to working in I.T.... Meetings, Deadlines, Stress, it was sure getting to me. my normal vacation just wasn't cutting it anymore. I had decided to make a trip to Chernarus, the problem was getting time to go. I thought it'd be great to visit another country, hell, maybe I'd stay there if I liked it enough. It seemed nice there, small, quiet, heck most places didn't have running water, 'back to the roots' I thought, jeez what a dumb idea that was! I arrived early morning October 6th, in the town of Zelenogorsk, just what I was looking for, a little peace and quiet! About 2KM south of Myshkino. After getting settled in I planned to go on a little hunting trip, there were hunting posts all over the place and I've heard the wild boar was pretty tasty! Wasn't so lucky on my first trip... oh well, there's always tomorrow... Once again, taking time for granted. October 8th, well, that was the day my life changed, probably many others too, some just didn't know it then. But I knew, something wasn't right. That crazy old man on the news reports, He knew something wasn't right too! If I knew then just how bad it was, I probably would've been on the first plane back to the states. Fast forward to October 11th, I had decided that things seemed to cool down some, I'd stay overnight in the forest of Green Mountain, this way I can get a much earlier start on tomorrows hunt. This is also when things get a lil fuzzy to me. All I remember is running my ass off between Green Mountain, Myshkino, and Zelenogorsk, scooting by the CDF (rather easily I might add) to look for supplies in the cities late at night. The last broadcast I heard is that it was rebels, and locals saying it was something much worse, a sickness. I probably wouldn't have believed that until I seen it myself. After scavenging for supplies, I wonder who else is out there, who could I trust, who should I stay away from. I guess only time will tell. I'll try to update this as I see fit. Until I write again... Skeeter Bowden
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