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  1. Not really. They were mainly talking to the other group. But the other group was talking to me. Asking for my name, etc. One of Ryan's group came in the fire station from outside and I asked who it was and one said "That's my buddy Ryan". I said oh okay and then I got robbed and they bolted. We did talk to him before hand, unfortunately I do not have this on video record I do not use any other software while I play games. I did not initiate the robbery this was purely my friend (Ryan Sherman's) idea, as I mentioned before he wanted food because he was close to starving. I don't know if FaytCelor was experiencing a microphone malfunction or the torrential down pour that was occurring contaminated the VOIP. The robbery was quick, lasting only a maximum of 90 seconds in length, we were all under the impression it wasn't against DayzRP rules to perform a robbery. If there is a set amount of time you must hold one captive I'm still learning the fine details in those situations. We didn't use any amount of deadly force against FaytCelor, he was bound with rope then quickly released once our group frisked him down and found barely any rations. I do extend an apology if we are in the wrong but I don't believe so. Thanks again!
  2. To clarify this situation even further. There were two groups of survivors in the firestation at NW Airfield, Harvey and Clyde. They were friendly and invited the victim of our hostage inside. We were waiting out the rain as we stood inside of the firestation, moments passed and a few conversations with Harvey and Clyde ensued, the "victim" in this case hardly said more than four words, just standing in a corner of the station. A few more moments passed and the original two man group consiting of Harvey and Clyde left the station. I tried talking to the guy we proceeded to rob, and he just stood there moving his head side to side. My partner told him to get on the ground, and I had placed some rope on the ground to restrain our new captive. Our intentions were to rob. We were very hungry and no provisions could be found in the nearest town so we resorted to taking that man hostage. To our upcoming knowledge we found that he had barely any food on him, no ammo worth taking, the only item robbed from him was a water canteen and something else taken by one of my partners. We had absolutely no thought of killing the man accusing us of "Bad RP." We untied him after the very brief seconds he was restrained and we left him alive and well, almost exactly in the same state we encountered him in, minus one or two items. This will conclude my full and precise report of the entire situation with it being as unbiased as possible. Thanks and take care!