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  1. I was born in Berezino and my family was poor so I had to grow up quickly to help out. By the time I was 16 I stopped school and was doing petty crimes, my parents kicked me out when they found out I stopped going and I had no where to live so I stayed in the streets. In 2015 I decided to rob a gas station right outside of Berezino thinking it'd be quick with no problems, I had no gun so I used a pocket knife. I walked in and told him to empty the cash register or I would kill him, he opened the cash register and started filling the bag so I let my guard down thinking it was over when all of a sudden he reached for my knife. We fought over the knife for a minute but I eventually got it back and stabbed him 3 times in the stomach then grabbed the money and ran. It was all over the news next day so when I went to buy some new clothes at a store someone recognized me and called the police. The man had died from his wounds and so I was convicted of murder and sent to the prison for life on the island south of Komarovo and Kamenka and that's where I've been for 2 years. When we got word of the apocalypse we were told that order would be restored soon but when food started being rationed it was getting obvious that things were only getting worse. One day we were in the courtyard and another prisoner came up to a group of us working out and said "Alright motherfuckers, shits bad... Let's not die, its fucking simple. Everyone on the second floor needs to come to the corner, and if you pussy out and snitch, I'll fucking kill you.." We walked over and listened to what he had to say, he explained how he needed someone to get some keys off a guard and asked if anyone had a way to get them. No one said anything and I reluctantly said I had a utility job and could probably pickpocket the guard. Near the end of my shift when we were getting ready for lock down there was a guard and a bunch of prisoners heading back to the cell blocks so in the commotion I snatched the keys and headed back to the cell block and told the others I had gotten them. We waited until lock down and until the guards had left our floor and then I unlocked my cell and proceeded to unlock a few others including Yuri (the prisoner who had the idea) I say only a few because half way through opening the cells a voice came over the intercom and said "GET IN YOUR CELLS, SOMEONE STOLE THE KEYS OFF A GUARD, WE AREN'T LETTING UP UNTIL WE GET THEM!" I immediately ran back into my cell and shoved the keys into the toilet hoping they wouldn't float back up they came to my cell and searched it I knew I was fucked but they just walked out and yelled at us to get our room back in order I almost burst into tears of joy I was so thankful. We got our room back in order and lay on my bed for about 30 minutes later the lights shut off and it all goes quiet. To make sure we were in the clear I waited for what seemed like forever I made my mind up that after the next patrol I would break us out, i unlocked our cell then proceeded to unlock everyone's cell knowing I had 10 minutes until the guards came back through. Yuri told us all to grab our sheets once we were all out I unlocked the door to the catwalk and the guard was just coming back when three prisoners strangled him then we all put our sheets over the barbed wire so we could climb over safely. When we got over we booked it toward the dock and found one of the boats had the keys in it, Yuri and I took the boat and left the others to swim we kept looking back all the way across watching out for spotlights. We got to shore and ran inland and while running we heard gunshots across the water, we didn't turn back who knows if the rest made it or they died...we made it.
  2. You're saying a completely different story bruh I was never told to move I stayed put, when I was told to stop giving information I did. Plus you're lying and saying you knocked me out for giving information? Naaah m8 you knocked me out shortly after initiating because I was asking how you knew that was human meat and everything. Plus the one persons position I gave away didn't really seem to matter beings he opened the door and laid the guy out anyway. Just pointing out some inconsistencies.
  3. Let me make it clear I was not simply caught in the crossfire and shot. One of you put a barrel to the back of my head and shot me after I'd been silent for 5 minutes. By the way my friend getting killed isn't even a problem so yeah the problem is you metagamed the whole time and then randomly executed me after I'd been silent for five minutes.
  4. Server and location: S1 Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 14:00 03-06-2017 Your in game name: Maxim Maksimov Names of allies involved: Yuri Kozlov Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Nope Detailed description of the events: So my buddy went AFK upstairs in the green two story house in Kab and so I went to get something to eat as well, I come back and there are footsteps and people breaking down the door to the house. I go down stairs and ask them if they can open the door because my buddy has the lockpick I knew they were going to rob us, why else would they be so intent on breaking in? So I tell them my friend is not feeling well and that he isn't responsive they initiate and everything and I beg them not to kill Yuri but he went AFK with his ax out so they felt threatened and they got really hyped about his SVD saying "OOOOH HE HAS A SVD" and also saying IG that he is AFK. They then point out in game with no evidence that my buddy has a bag full of human meat, I ask them how they would know that and the man with his AK pointed at me says "BECAUSE IT SAYS IT" so I proceed to call them fucking idiots. Then a man named Victor shows up with his buddies claiming he just got robbed by the guys that our robbing us and so shit is getting intense at this point so I let them know to not shoot me because I am handcuffed in front of the door. I then let the men outside know there is a man standing in front of the door with my buddies SVD pointed at it, then the people robbing me try to accuse me of metagaming because they swear up and down that those are my friends they say " HOW CAN YOU TELL THEM THAT WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE A RADIO?!?!?!?" and so I insult them and am told that it is my last warning and to not say another single word so I stay dead silent as the fire fight starts. Then out of nowhere the man with the AK comes up, yells something and then kills me. I understand I was talking a bit of trash but I had been given my final warning and didn't say a single word after that.
  5. You know what, on my third thought I think I just want this closed. Sorry for the waste of time.
  6. Can Redjive001 please be dropped from the report if you can do that? We talked it out but can the report stay open for the other guy (and Chris if we can find out who he is).
  7. You walked up on us as we were alt tabbed, we heard you talking in game because you can hear voices when alt tabbed, you were not there for a minute waiting on us you were there for under 10 seconds. You then asked us where we are from and then after we answered we fought off some zombies and then the initiation dropped, if that's what you consider a fair amount of RP then I have been playing completely wrong for about a year. Nonetheless yeah I'd be fine with talking on Teamspeak.
  8. It doesn't matter how far you went you still logged out 20 minutes early and honestly I think you having work is a pretty lousy excuse to combat log. Some how that twenty minutes of sleep gave you that extra strength for work? Plus why would you rob people if you have to go to sleep in 30 minutes? If you would've actually RP'd with us I would be more forgiving but no you robbed us for 3-5 minutes then logged 11 minutes later, that's a GG m8.
  9. Server and location: S1 at NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 04:15 4/25/2017 Your in game name: Daniel Stokes Names of allies involved: Sean Frazier Name of suspect/s: No names logs will show. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: So my buddy and I were AFK whenever these guys showed up but as I was alt tabbed I hear someone trying to get our attention. I then greeted them and we fought off a bunch of zombies together and then had a short chat about where we were from. By this time there were about three of them there, out of nowhere a zombie attacked me and someone shot it then we fought off another bunch of zombies. After we killed the last one my buddy was bandaging and one guy stood behind him and told him to not turn around and to keep his M4 on his back we complied and they then told us to drop everything that we had. I asked if I could keep my shirt and pants on as it is not logical to take that off when they could just pat me down for a weapon, they eventually make me take my hoodie off but allow me to keep my pants on. They demand us to get on both of our knees or as they put it "Alright double tap and get on your knees." we comply and then to try and scare them and tell them we have a group nearby (we didn't) and we suggest for them to get us off the airfield. They then take our radios and ask us where our friends are so we tell them they're around the Stary area, keep in mind the most RP we've gotten is them asking us about where our friends are and them yelling orders of what to drop our stuff. They they then take off towards Vybor and I yell asking for them to leave me some food because I am starving. One of them came back and left us half a bag of rice as his buddies run away behind him. After we break out we pick up our stuff and they took my shotgun and ammo, all of my buddies food and his M4 if this is not gear RP I don't know what is.
  10. No worries bro, glad you see where you messed up, I'd like this report to be closed being as he understands what he did wrong.
  11. Server and location: S2 Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 08:45 16-10-2016 Your in game name: Daniel Stokes Names of allies involved: Isaac Bentley & Sean Frazier Name of suspect/s: Jason Ward (I think, logs will confirm.) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): We had a V3S Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Nope Detailed description of the events: So we found a V3S at VMC and we were gonna drive it through Kab and give it away, so Sean goes ahead and runs to Kab while Isaac and I drive the truck there. We roll into town and I accidentally slam the truck into the wall while trying to park it, I couldn't get out as the wall blocked my door and so I waited for Isaac to get out. A man says "are you two okay?" to which Isaac responds "Yeah, we're okay" and I said "I'm perfect baby" then before the animation of me getting out of the truck is finished Isaac and I are sprayed down by a man named Jason, then Sean kills Jason. Now we did rob this man back at Green Mountain but isn't that so far that he would have to reinitiate?
  12. I'd like for this group to be archived, I've been told it'll probably be shutdown anyway so yeah, thanks for all the support and everything but there's not much you can do when it'll just be shutdown anyway.
  13. I said criticism is allowed I just said please don't be an asshole, I see some chose to ignore anyway so what does it really matter?
  14. Yeah, what happened exactly? And if you can why were they shut down? Curious to see why. :0 He put a link there so you could see.