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  1. I'll go ahead and save you some time and make this story short and sweet for you, let's be real. You've heard this story a thousand times over, and over again. I was a good child, just grew up around bad things... During my teenage years you can say I was more of a, "delinquent" so to speak, stealing cars in the middle of the night and selling them to this mob like gang in Volgograd, got good money in it and at a young age of 16, it fed my cocaine addiction but I didn't even use it. I just let snow bunny whores snort it so they'd get on my dick. Oh, and did I mention my dad wasn't around? Yeah I know what you're thinking about... basic ass story. But! eventually the Russian mob / gang I would sell stolen cars to let me get on the ground floor of their human trafficking and drug trade. Like literally, I was on the ground floor armed with a pistol protecting and acting as if I was a security guard for them. Life was going good, I was making "mad stacks" and slowly but surely they let me get more involved, letting me fly down with them and be present the major drug trade with the Nigerians. They were pretty fucking cool, selling us dirt cheap Heroin of high quality. And almost every night I would fuck one of our whores and drink heavily into the night. All was going good until they needed us to make a new business decision in 2013, I was 20 years old. They sent me and some other high ranking people to Chernarus, apparently there was tons, upon tons, of cocaine, heroin, weed, and pills. The deal seemed to good to be true.. It was, when we landed at the Krasnostav airport we went to the deal south of Novoooo..... something, I don't fucking know. We pull up in the field and they were already there, I was sitting there armed with an AK-47 with some new guys and higher up guys. I was on edge the whole fucking time but it only lasted for a minute, come god damn cop cars pulled up. All hell broke loose... It was around 20 of us against 20 cars which let out 40 police and on top of that the 10 men we undercover and drew on us. I was fucking shaking pissing my pant's hoping my bulletproof vest works, and I was the first one to fire. I fired one burst of fire at a cop then I the first shot was a headshot. Everyone started shooting, I continue to spray after wasting that cop then I felt a sharp pain in the shoulder. I fall to the ground unconscious. Hours later I wake up in the hospital cuffed to a bed. It made me wonder why the hell they didn't kill me... Oh damn.. I forgot I said I was going to make this story short and sweet. Um, I was serving my fourth year of life sentence in prison in Chernarus. I hated every day of it... When the end of the world came we needed to break out of prison, we got 1 meal a day. Outside world going to shit. Tensions were high. Guard we're more asshole then usual, beating people to death over nothing. I decided that shit was enough, in the courtyard I talked to everyone that was housed on the second floor, time to escape. "Alright motherfuckers, shits bad... Let's not die, its fucking simple. Everyone on the second floor needs to come to the corner, and if you pussy out and snitch, i'll fucking kill you.." Like I suspected everyone came over, I asked everyone if they had any chance to steal some get keys from the guards. luckily Alexander stepped up and said he had job in utility I told him to snatch the fuckers keys when his shift was over. He pick pocketed the keys off the cop. 5 minutes before lock down for the night hyped as a motherfucker discussing when at night we unlock the doors and escape, and out of nowhere the intercom comes on and someone yelling, "GET IN YOUR CELLS, SOMEONE STOLE THE KEYS OFF A GUARD, WE AREN'T LETTING UP UNTIL WE GET THEM!" Everyone stares wide eyed as hell at Alex. He rushed back to his cell with everyone panicking. Around the corner several guards came by shake downing the cells, we were worried shit-less if Alex would get caught. We couldn't see if they found anything or not, just when they came to the rooms. But they throw out shit on the ground and they get to the next cell, Alex is two cells down. 30 minutes pass and they don't say a word. They lock the cell doors and shut the lights turn off. Depressingly as fuck I laid down in the bunk and wondered.. "What now?" I assumed we were going to die in there. 2 o'clock comes around. And all the sudden, I hear a key turn in the cell, me and my bunk mate sit up so fast with adrenaline pumping through my veins. Its Alex, with a shit eating grin on my face, I busted out laughing. He ssh's at me to be quiet, we continue to unlock cells and while we pile up in the halls of the second floor we tell everyone to grab their sheets, Alex leading the pack. He unlocked the door to the catwalk, a guard was doing patrol. We smothered that fucker with our sheets, I was right behind Alex and everyone piled their sheets on the barb wired and we climb over with ease. I started hauling ass for a zodiac boat. Dumbass guards left the keys on it, can you believe that shit? Anyways... Only me and Alex left on that boat while the other's swam. For the next 2 minutes we drove across the water watching police lights light up at the prison. But by then we made it to shore. 20 minutes running inland hearing gunshot sounds carrying across the water, I ask Alex "How did they not find the keys?" He smiled and turned around and said "I found another set of keys and left them outside, I think they found those before they found mine" that was probably the smartest thing I ever heard. But me and Alex didn't turn back. Who knows if they died from gunshots or hypothermia.. We made it.
  2. 1995, Kenneth Dubois was born in Le Havre, France. But at 2 months old his parents picked up and moved to the United States of America. specifically into some suburbs in Houston, Texas. Living with his parents at 6 months of age in their nice house (https://earth.google.com/web/@29.78499032,-95.39270553,17.76706563a,96.79719344d,35y,88.96343679h,5.63382585t,0r) they decided to adopt another child. A boy. 2 year old named Shane. Shane and Kenneth grew up very closely and were the best of friends they could possibly be. (WiP)
  3. @Leon Short I am going to state my full case upon you once more. Bickering at me and others' on the report isn't going to make your non existent image better. You don't know me, you don't know my friend. I didn't give a single flying fuck about gear, or the fact you killed me. This is DayZRP and i'm here for a dank RP experience. You can do the same but you need to expect all these things you did was wrong. Killing me AFK was acceptable for not being in a completely remote location in time of an initiation. But meta-gaming and other rule breaks are not. I was pulled in from the GM Jade to state my POV, my POV of course was me being AFK and coming back dead, that makes me apart of this report. I stated what I needed to and so on. And please don't make the mistake of lying or trying to bend the truth to wiggle your way out of a report. And PLEASE don't try to make it to try and seem like my friend is lying, we have been here for almost a year and a half you've been here for two days and haven't been banned of anything thus far, we plan to stay here for as long as the community survives. You broke many rules my friend. This is why you're being reported, not because you think we are all mad at your dank fucking RP, it's the lack there of through rule breaking. I suggest we all stop the back and fourth this is pointless, we're calling you out for the lying now. Of course I can't ban you myself, I'm and let the admins do their job. Let's just respond only when you or the Admins have questions to bring to the table.
  4. Yuri Kozlov POV: Fortunately I was not exactly there to experience the show but I went AFK with my axe out upstairs. My friend told me they saw my SVD and they freaked out. I liked to know they handcuffed me regardless if they're being truthful. They were made known I was AFK but they executed me regardless when I was a minute late, I was AFK with and axe out "non complaint" so I guess that's my fault so I wont point that out, but I would like to say that its very easy to just leave me on the side and watch me for a minute to see if I come back because my friend said I was sick and unresponsive so its like on their part they shot down a mentally ill man sitting there lol. Anyways, I was told they meta-gamed the shit out of me and invalid executed my friend. I wasn't even there to experience it but we were both upset by the accused RP with their group. In my eyes the group with blackskulls are new and they tried to bandit RP with out experienced help and they failed. Breaking several rules. They had metagamed on Viktor and his group and us two. Possible fail robbery if they got robbed just down the road and they caught up with a whole group of friends. And invalid execution upon Maxim. There may be more but I just woke up and maybe left out the other things the accused did wrong. And if they all need to get banned from and have their whitelist revoked because of the amount of rule breaks to learn what they did wrong and that it shouldn't be taken lightly in the community, so be it.
  5. *Tunes frequency after sending message to 101* "Well I think we can all agree "Ely" *says sarcastically* was mine and the stunt you pulled was fucking bullshit." "*sighs then smirks* For Lyca.. Me and Daniel had him fair and square, I wish you'd remember me and him from all the time ago. I remember when you first started to come around South Zagoria, King Pumpkin or some other guys had your back when we were wanting to question you. We heard word you were a cannibal. We had a rag tag group try to hunt you down but got gunned down by people in a off-roader, one girl and a man. ONE MAN gunned down 5 guys... *pfts then sighs* I still cant believe that shit.. *chuckles* Whelp, anyways." "I guess it doesn't help that I been low key as hell throughout my time here. You blew up quick and I admire that. I tried to join groups that would accept my wicked ways. I liked how the Clowns let me in. But not Daniel, I was upset but I let Daniel go for a couple of months. Biggest regret I ever had, I stood in the background the whole time with you guys. But you probably were my favorite, other then that couple the turned that guy into the Patchy the pirate. ALSO Todd until the day he dropped my ass when I needed backup. I blew up for a while and that's where I see where I tend to go wrong. Because... I said I was going to kill him. SOO yep wouldn't be good to show my face in Jamestown after that. Maybe we can fuck up those white arm band guys later? I know one." "Oh well. Nobody ever remembers me, can't tell if it's blessing or a curse." *puts on an empty face* "People have been noticing up lately, telling people me and Daniel and 10 men that don't exist own the airfield. People buy it surprisingly... people come back with groups looking for us but the shit Russian accent throws them off. *chuckles*" *glances back at the Space Needle* "I'm looking at that space needle of Green Mountain. Maybe you're standing guard up there with your spear and SVD listening to this right now..." "Well don't worry I don't plan to go on some Vendetta or some shit, I know that would be suicide." *pauses for a second and goes into a positive tone* "Now Dalton. Howdy. I can't say I remember you 100% as for the month or two over that summer, it was short for me." "But I do remember you the other day with that drinking game with.. Maxwell? I believe? It was fun I guess trying to act like some clueless bitch in front of your boss. I remember your voice from some chilling sessions of torturing and mutilations. It echoed to me when you came in the door, I WAS SOOO TEMPTED to bring back something from the clowns *says very excited* but that might as well been suicide as well.. I don't like to take chances seeing where my relations stand with people. Well cheers, maybe we can play a drinking game again with the 4 of again some day." "Now I guess this one is for the both of you.. And whoever you may tell about this. I cannot recall an Ely of Asian decent from GM, he was lucky because I was literally right about to cut off his left hand so he can follow out a message to 101. But.. Like I said he was lucky you guys ran up." "Hearing your voices outside gave me the echo I got from Green Mountain. I loved it because I adrenaline came rushing, knowing we ran into each other once more." "Well Ely sorry, not sorry." "like I said I don't like to risk to see where my relations stand with people, so I am going to try and find another group that will accept mine and Daniels sadistic ways. Peace." *turns off radio and walks down the hill of Pulkovo and walks back up north*
  6. *Picks up UV-82 radio and turns it on* "Now I don't know if you slimy shits at 101 can hear this but know one thing.." "I been looking for people who you also fucked over" *Lets finger off for a moment, mouth open blank face, quickly going back to a smirk* "You took my hand almost a month ago.. I think? Ah, who the hell cares. I was sneaking around looking at your car.. Didn't take a FUCKING thing" "I was pissed for the first few hours, making me run around like an animal trying to find antibiotics, trying to cauterize my wound. I even tried to catch your medic slipping in the city's looking for a supplies for a few days so I could fuck him up real bad.. But sadly nothing. I have to admit.. You guys knew what you were doing but you may want to heighten security. But you took my left hand *laughs for a second before inhaling* so me and my friend came back up while you were sleeping and stole that car after all..." *Lets finger off once more walks a couple of feet then stops. Puts finger back on* "I almost forgot.. You stole my left hand and so I stole three other peoples left hand. Commanded them to deliver to YOU as a message. I don't know if you ever got it but here you go. I even thought about coming to that boxing match to cause trouble with a group of people but I assume someone else may have did it for me. I assume you get the message. Goodbye. *looks over from the hill of Pulkovo and looks at the Green Mountain space needle* I got more important, and recent things to attend to..." *lets go of button*
  7. I'd like to state that one basically said you logged in between Stary Sobor, and Novy Sobor. Right after you left I broke out within eyesight, picked up the AKS you left, found a box of ammo and a full mag that I saw earlier. As well as an SKS with 20 rounds. And tailed after you. I went to Vybor first. Then KAB then STARY then went up north from there so im surprised I didn't hear or see any of you, you had the head start with a car. I then make the journey to Tisy to see if any of you would be searching for M4 parts or ammo. Nothing. But the matter of fact is that one says you went halfway across the map of Chernarus. When in reality you probably only went 5 minutes down the road into some tree's. And if you think 30 minutes isn't enough time to run over there id like to say you are sadly mistaken.
  8. Sean Fraziers' POV: After the whole afk part we talk to them. For about a minute they run around leaving me to deal with the zombo's, out of no where more zombies come and wack me upside the head making me bleed. M4, bunch of booty I know its a bad situation for me with 3 guys all wearing helmets. I attempt to walk away to bandage when they all decide to follow and one decides to come right behind me. Immediately after that they initiate on me and my friend. Commanding me to drop my bag, M4, and vest. Immediately they swap out my bag and take my vest and M4. They then tell me to word for word, "Alright double tap and get on your knee's!" My friend ask if he can go to the road but they were busy looting our booty and got no reply. We were both on our knee's next to each other (this about 1 to get us to that point) they ask if we are with a group. We replied, "Yeah, we got 10 men, they were around Stary, leaving us to patrol the airfield while they were gone." We suggest they take us off the airfield. They pause for about 10 seconds. Look around. Then run. Without saying a WORD. Until my friend ask for food as he was orange hungry, one comes back and eats rice then drops us the rest. Then he turns around and follows his friends. The rice was the only food left, as they took everything we had. In under 3 minutes we had almost nothing but a bag of rice. I unfortunately don't have any video evidence.
  9. Yeah ive came to that conclusion, I reckon we can close this thread then.
  10. yeah im probably going to leave it be then :\ lol thanks anyway
  11. @Brady Ping... Would be around 150-200 I live in the states but I experienced it on ping from 30, and RP (150-200). So no telling whats going on. It happens on all vehicles too btw.
  12. SOOoo the other day I have obtained a car. I get, it down to pick up my buddy and then park it on a hill and remove the car battery and what not and I get on today and they car is jittery only through clients end. It moves real slow and rubber bands hard. I experienced this on a public server before but on RP it didn't until now. Any idea whats going on? And if it can be fixed?
  13. I've just now tried running as administrator and still nothing.
  14. I am not able to download the picture to make it 10x better but heres what it says in the typical error message. "The program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."
  15. So I have done a reset on my PC, back to factory settings.... And I am attempting to download Teamspeak 3 again and I get this message that pops up every single time. I've already tried downloading the client 64 bit and 32 bit. Still got the same message. I can try to upload a picture of the message soon.