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  1. I do not have a video but it is always safe to assume that everyone has a friend, and he mentioned we didn't take his radio it only made us more paranoid so we left.
  2. I was Edgar in the robbery, my PoV is.. I was running with my friend trying to get more food to survive when we saw him running across the field,once my friend initiated we told him to get on the ground and drop all his gear.we took most of his stuff but left him with some food water and an axe. once he called "//crap RP" i ran back and threw my blaze at him( with two bullets). With there being no zombies to fend off an axe would've provided the protection he needed and we gave him food and water so he could've lasted until he found a town(which he was near),and he had a backpack to hold the food and water until his friend showed up. And for the need to rob someone it was for the gear,for us to tell him what it was about would've been self explanatory so we felt it wasn't needed to say,and for us to wait for his friend would've been suicide so we bolted.
  3. I was Edgar at GM, once the initiation started i was told over radio to wait in a hidden location inside the compound and just wait until things went south.Once the shooting from the woods started i moved closer to the video to avoid fire and was immediately knocked out so i know know thing else of the situation all i heard was the "RP" faintly in my ear.Once i woke up ,however, all i was able to do is try to fight the man at the base of the tower, i was backed up into a corner so i couldn't see anyone else but the one i was fighting, after he peaked his head around the corner he shot me and i died. I'm not able to give much of my PoV for this situation because i was knocked out and or dead for most of it.
  4. Mine would have to be a burger joint on the side of the interstate,everything there is farm fresh and home made,and it almost make me cry with every bite.