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  1. I listen to a lot of movie soundtracks, things like "The Divide" and "28 weeks later". I just liked the atmosphere from those films as it gives a hopeless yet tranquil feeling to everything.
  2. My name is Callum and I've been on steam for a total of 6 years now. The games I mostly play have a self-involved roleplay sort of feel to them, mainly Garry's Mod Serious Roleplay servers. I have a sense of humor and I have recently started College, I specialize in Acting and Performing Arts and i believe it is great practice to be able to create and portray strong characters in any environment, being physical, audial or virtual. I enjoy professional relationships with other users and friendly relationships with characters or OCs, I may from time to time have a friendly relationship with the users behind a character but that's all just chemistry. Hope to see you guys in server soon! Can't wait to start RPing