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  1. Hey there Quick question, do you guys listen to music while interacting with other players? Or do you turn it off while talking, and listen to while running to your destinations?
  2. Thanks to you two as well. Man, this community is amazing and I am really looking forward to be a part of it I will read the lore as soon as I can! And thanks for all the help
  3. Hey, thank you guys for the quick response and I will definitely go and check it all out. Thanks again and have a nice day you two
  4. Hello everyone My name is Jesse and I hope to become a part of this community. I have a question, this doesn't count as activating my account, does it? But where can I activate my account without annoying anyone? I mean I have no ingame stories to tell yet and except this one I also don't have any other questions at the moment. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and see you around, Jesse