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  1. After years of trying to make money as an amateur pyrotechnical and demolition specialist, Charlie ended up following her incarcerated father's path of breaking open safes. She contacted one of her father's questionable friends and got a job offer in Switzerland. After succeeding, the group divided up into pairs to lay low and launder the ill-gotten gains. Charlie was paired off with Frank and the two went to Cherno. She has a knack for finding equipment and often hordes anything of slight value.
  2. Awesome thank you!
  3. Ok, so I've had my IC name for about a year and a half. It's too long for Dayz, so when I looked up what to do when I started, it was to initialize the first letter of my first name but keep the last name intact. I've searched the forums recently to look for where it says it exactly and the links do not seem to exist anymore. Anyway, now to the question, I've been getting kicked for an improper name, so has the naming rule regarding IC names that are too long been changed?
  4. Sorry for posting in a solved thread but it turns out it was a mouse setting issue. The double click rate was too high. I don't know how that caused it but lowering it fixed it. Thank you!
  5. Weird. Maybe the PSO-1-1 doesn't like me. Okay. Well thanks for helping! Small update: I thought it stopped doing that with the pso-1-1 scope. Walked around and it didn't do it but then I looked around with it and it started it again. Update 2: So! instead of relogging, I removed the scope, zoomed in without it. Then I ads'd with my pistol and it stopped.
  6. The pso-1 or the pso-1-1? I had a vss at one point that's what drew my attention to it.
  7. Okay, no launch parameters, verified, everything was fine. I've tested all my optics. I can't reproduce it on the acog again. The hunting scope won't do it. However the pso-1-1 still does it and does it every time. I'm guessing its just bugged. If there are any people who can also do it with the pso-1-1 lemme know, because the only variable I can't eliminate is myself. Also head bob is off, not sure what the aiming deadzone would be. And I haven't touched the key bindings this patch. The pso-1-1 scope worked fine for me in .59.
  8. So, I've tried an acog and a pso-1-1. Tried with and without a rifle and on different rifles. Any time I ads with those optics, if I take a step in any direction I'm locked in the ads and cannot exit, except by removing the weapon from my hands. If I put the weapon back in my hands, scope or no scope, rifle or handgun, I go back to the locked ads. Only relogging fixes it. Am I bugged or are the scopes bugged? It doesn't happen if I don't move while ads. Red dots work fine.
  9. Wasn't me, I was on the other side of the map. Near Sinistok.
  10. Gamine

    Possible persistence wipe soon

    I mean s1, s2, and the hive. Start completely fresh.
  11. Gamine

    Possible persistence wipe soon

    I know it's not ideal... but would a complete wipe fix it?
  12. Gamine

    I hope this is a joke

    Don't be silly Gary, it was from like 2 years into his second term.
  13. Yeah, check military. It's pretty much everywhere there. I also believe the game has it out for everyone, so when you really want something the game makes it super hard to find. At least that's what the voices tell me.
  14. Gamine

    Favorite Super Smash Bros character!

    Fox or Ike. Don't make me choose.
  15. Gamine

    Strange Winter Weather

    I don't like the cold so I've been pretty happy about this December so far. Also just to be that person, first day of winter is today December 22nd.