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  1. Hi. That's me. Was fun to barge in on you guys!
  2. Thanks for the answers from the community helpers confirming what the first posters said, and giving more information on the matter. As you might have guessed this was something that happened to me, but since no harm came to me or my truck by the bullets from the aggressors I will not be filing a report. The information in the answers I got from this post was very helpful. Thanks all!
  3. Good points guys. Thanks for the replies!
  4. First off I am not entirely sure if this thread belongs here or in the Questions section. I will be asking two questions that I would like to hear a discussion around. When you drive through a town with a car on your way to pick up a friend in need and hear voices saying hello and perhaps see people waving is it allowed to keep driving past them to get to your friend or must one stop and talk to them? Is it allowed for people to shoot after and at a car that are passing through a town without stopping after shouting hello to it? I can see that driving through a town and not stopping to talk to people is somewhat avoiding to RP with them so this is an issue that I am a bit conflicted about, but on the other hand while you are on a mission to save a friend from starvation, stopping to talk to others on the way seems a bit wierd, even wierder if your car only have 1 seat free and the persons you see seem scetchy and might be tempted to rob you off your car. Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to views and thoughts about these matters.
  5. Joel's PoV: Me and Michael were looting the NWAF. While checking the last hangars on the southern part on the strip I see a heli. I go closer to check it out. When I look at it there are 2 persons behind the chopper. I only saw their feet.Then one person runs from the chopper and one seems to stay behind. Me and Michael approach the chopper and meets a man. We greet him in a friendly manner and I ask him in RP if I can have a look around the chopper. He tells me its fine. After a short RP interaction, he writes in "OOC" asking for permission to log. We both write sure. Not finding much at the heli site, we go back to the hangars and then RP our way back to Green Mountain.
  6. Okay. 1) I have included a quote stating that you CAN NOT shoot a hostage in that situation. 2) I have talked to a community helper just after this happened and he stated that it would also be Abuse of the game mechanics. I am more focused on the KOS part of this report. I myself am not annoyed I am simply disappointed and still wondering why you would kill me if I was no threat. I understand that you are new to this community and I normally do not report these faults but I have been told by staff to report them so they may keep track of the players. You were not restrained. You had a rifle on your back and probably a sidearm. If I had turned and shot at the guy who suddenly shot me in the back from the woods, you could have pulled a gun out and wasted me in a second. Hence, you kinda were a threat in my eyes.
  7. Joel Bogfield's point of view: While being just west of Balota my character receives a radio message that my friend Jimmy Bulmer is in need of water in a city with high-rises north of Cherno. As I run across Balota airfield I see a man in the dark. He asks me if I'm Irish. I say that I am not and that I am on my way to help a friend in need of water. We chat for a bit, he refuses to tell me his name and tells me to call him "gas mask". He comes with me to help my friend, and on the way I attempt to do some RP around character backstories. I tell him about my character being a junkie, and that I used to do morphine. It seems like he somewhat mishears things, as this was said running through the forest. Then he starts making a thing out of me lying to him, that I first said that I was bringing morphine to my friend, then water etc. During this I write the "//you are sliding on the ground crouched pointing", witch later sorts itself out. As I and Mr. Gas Mask gets closer to my friend we meed another guy in the field, which seems to be a friend of Mr. Gas Mask. They both follow me looking for Jimmy, but the 3rd dude disappears shortly after, without a word. Me and Mr. Gas Mask find Jimmy, and the RP continues. Mr. Gas Mask continues saying that I lied to him etc, and I try to explain to him that he misheard or misunderstood. Mr. Gas Mask asks for things like food in a threatening way and I give him give Mr. Gas Mask what he asks for. Suddenly While he is eating rice his AK drops to the ground as he has a Blaze on his back. Jimmy picks it up and tells him to get on the floor. As this happens shots ring out from the forest behind us and hit me in the back, ruining my backpack, items in it as well as my hunting jacket and gun holster. As my character is hit I panic and shoots a bullet in Mr. Gas Mask's head as that is where my gun were pointed. I then started running. I saw a guy in the woods, but I wasn't sure if it was Jimmy or the attacker, so I didn't fire at him. After hiding and seeing the person run away I run the opposite direction. I later learned that Jimmy had fallen unconscious when were shot at and that the man in the woods was probably the attacker. From an RP standpoint, when you are pointing a gun at a persons head, and then out of the blue you get shot in the back, the gun in your hand going off seems like something that could happen. I feel like the person in the woods should have contacted us via voice to tell us to drop our guns in attempt to intervene and save his friend from being robbed. Mr. Gas Mask was not yet tied up or anything, and the shooter in the woods didn't give it time to become a hostage situation. As you see in the video I shot after being shot at. It was never my intention to begin with to kill anyone.