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  1. Looking at the video starting from 0.8s you lower your hands that for me looked like you trying to pull a gun out or something. So you didnt have your hands up all the time. You never went prone and didnt keep your hands up all the time, so you didnt follow the commands that allowed me to shoot you when it looked like you were trying to to pull a gun out(threat).
  2. So what you are saying is, you were bugged out, because of steam chat, and weren't paying attention fully to what was going on, and decided to shoot him anyways? In a way yes. But it was my first time trying to rob someone and it didn´t go as planned. I could have had more patience but i didn´t know if he was gonna pull out his gun or not. There is more to the story. I saw him enter the house when i was at the gas station and went under the window to ask him if he was friendly or not. Most likely he didnt hear me or i didnt hear him. Either way cant fully blame it on me for the game and audio not working correctly.
  3. OK. So from my PoV i never saw him raise his hands or go to prone. ALSO after awhile i noticed my audio was disabled/bugged mostly because of steam chat. So i dont know if he said something to me or not. But i apologize on my behalf for possible KoS for not having audio and the prone/surrender action not working for him. Still it was roleplayed from my PoV.