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  1. Welcome to the epic of Bender "Bending" Rodriguez This is the full background story to my character I will be adding more to this main part of this thread. Enjoy the journey as you find out what lies beneath the man named Bender For this thread I will only be adding more to the story on my part if you want to discuss the story you may do so but note I will not reply here. Keep in mind your comments may change the course of how this story pans out. Christian Name: Bender "Bending" Rodriguez Born: September 13, 1983 Location: Unknown Bender was born in the large city of Houston Texas. Raised on the streets after his parents were murdered in front of him. Bender was in and out of trouble while in an at risk child class Bender was confronted by a Navy Seal. After this meeting Bender knew what he had to do. On his 18th birthday he left his life behind and joined the Navy, the Navy Seals. During his second tour Bender was involved in an botched murder attempt to silence a high priority terrorist target. What his team found would scar them for life. His squad was hunted down by the CIA. His whole squad was obliterated. After that Bender decided to go rouge scorn by the country he loved. He started work as a contractor, a gun for hire. He never used his real name only going buy the nickname bending. Then one day he found him self in Russia one of his biggest contract kills which was never completed... The former government official that destroyed his brothers. That brings us to the month before hell on earth. after hunting and trekking through the country side of Russia Bender came upon a hill in the frosted forest. He crouched and pulled a pair of binoculars out of his pack. A large luxurious building. Giant windows with a large open view. Inside of which was his target passed out in a chair by the fireplace. Bender made his way silently to the house. He scaled the side of the house and entered the house through an open window. Bender approached his target the man who had destroyed his brothers, his family, his dreams, and his life. Bender walked slowly and silently to the man from behind suddenly the man let out a terrible death rattle. Bender ran the rest of the way to man. Bender stared at the now lifeless man. Bender's one chance at retribution stolen by a cruel twist of fate. The long road all to end very abruptly. Bender stood next to a broad spectrum of liquor bottles. He scanned the inventory very diligently his eyes passed several good choices, high-end alcohols. His eyes stopped at a bottle of Jack Daniels. A bombardment of memories came to Bender. He remembered his first commanding officer shortly after passing the SEAL Qualification Training. He was in a bar in Virginia, Bender and his best friend Wylie where discussing their collective experience of joining the elite Navy SEALS. Suddenly a women let out a short shriek from across the bar, "Get off you jerk! I told you I'm not interested." Bender made his way to the large man who was harassing the poor girl. "Howdy fellow. I believe the young lady said she wasn't interested," Said Bender. Slightly intoxicated he slumped and caught himself on a nearby chair. "Mind you're own business if you know whats good for you boy," The large man grumbled. The man then grabbed at the girl but before he could touch the girls arm Bender swung striking the man in the jaw. The man stumbled back and regained himself and lept on to Bender. The two men struggled violently slamming in to tables and walls. Suddenly a strong booming voice came from the corner of the bar, "Rodriguez what the hell are you doing son?" Both men stopped in their tracks. Before Bender could explain the large man blindsided Bender. Suddenly a loud moaning echoes from behind Bender. Bender quickly spins around and see the once lifeless man standing but this is no ordinary person there is a wild look in the mans eyes. A very primitive inhumane look in the figure's eyes. Bender stands silently extremely confused at what he is viewing. The man looks down towards his feet almost as if he is also in disbelief of what is occurring. Bender grips the bottle of liquor in one hand as he reaches for the pistol in his holster. The man looks up rapidly at Bender and lets out a bloodcurdling screech. Bender pulls his pistol out but the man grabs his arm pushing Bender backwards into the bar, and forcing the pistol out of Bender's hand leaving only the bottle of liquor for Bender's defense. The man starts pulling Bender towards his and opens his mouth wide as if he is going to eat Bender. Bender struggles to get his arm free from the man and he smashes the bottle across the mans head leaving the dead man startled. Without hesitation Bender dives towards his pistol, but the man has just enough time to regain his momentum. Bender quickly raises his gun and surgically puts two shots in the mans chest and one in his head. The dead man falls to the ground beside a now genuinely freaked out Bender. Bender crawls off of the ground and walks to the bar luckily while he was day dreaming he poured a shot of Jack. He grabs the shot glass and with a grin he says to himself,"I bet he's dead now."
  2. Thank you guys for the white-list. I've been waiting to get on your server and start my role playing experience. Servers are so packs which isn't necessarily a bad thing just hope to get lucky and not crash and burn once I do get in. Good luck and if anyone has any good tips to heighten my experience they are very welcomed.