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  1. New to RP cant wait to play.

    Hey man. Enjoy.
  2. [GAME] First word in your mind.

  3. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    nice name
    • Odap the Corruptor
    • King Harvey

    Not a King yet 


    1. King Harvey

      King Harvey


    2. SweetJoe


      Is that American Harvey or British Harvey? 

    3. Odap the Corruptor

      Odap the Corruptor

      who knows tbh

    4. SweetJoe


      Must be the British Harvey, The real Harvey has an awesome Avatar.

    5. Odap the Corruptor

      Odap the Corruptor


    6. SweetJoe


      yup yup

    7. Harvey


      Nice name tbh

    8. Odap the Corruptor

      Odap the Corruptor

      ^thats the fake one tbh

    9. King Harvey

      King Harvey


    10. SweetJoe


      yeah, the Real Harvey wouldn't be Bowie.



      I guess...he would be a female fantasy knight?



      what the fuck is wrong with this earth.

    11. Harvey


      Or you could check to see where each Harvey is from?

    12. Odap the Corruptor

      Odap the Corruptor

      ^thats the fake one tbh

    13. SweetJoe


      nah too much work tbh

      I think he is taking offense to being a fraudulent Harvey.

    14. Harvey


      To clarify, I am the British Harvey, or as some state, the fake one xD 

    15. King Harvey

      King Harvey

      Stop cluttering my profile guys. Or I'll be forced to call in the value-menu staff.

    16. Harvey


      Sure thing American Harvey

    17. SweetJoe




      Is that why he is called ARK?



      I'm finished.

    • King Harvey
    • Duster

    These uppity fuckers trying to witch hunt my boy, keep fighting the good fight Dustin

    1. Hebee


      Cucks, the lot of them tbh

    2. Duster


      It’s alright man, Phil Collins has my back

  4. Kind Of A Rant But Not A Rant

    Your roleplay was sub par at best, I don't get the point of this thread.
    • King Harvey
    • Aiko

    weeb scum

    1. SweetJoe



    • King Harvey
    • Odap the Corruptor

    I too, like Japanese animation 

    *German animation

  5. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    I remember a time when we had four fucking servers, them was the days
  6. Bravo boys and girls, this looks pretty neat. Class graphics, and an interesting concept to boot. Best of luck.
  7. Solntsevskaya Bratva

    No uniqueness. This group will run into a brick wall and fall into the mediocrity like every other group that has come before it.
  8. Solntsevskaya Bratva

    Honestly I was browsing the forums, thought this group looked interesting at a first glance, decided to come back and give it a look. Seeing this attitude though, I realize nothing has changed
  9. Solntsevskaya Bratva

    Honestly if you can't take constructive criticism, you might not be the best choice for leadership