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  1. Rebirth (Post LW)

    is lit
  2. Dragoslav finishes packing one of their bags, making sure to zip it closed before smiling toward Isabel. He pats her shoulder as he takes the radio, speaking into it with a calm, happy voice. "So yeah, the lovely lady here summed up the situation fairly well. Chernarus was fun, but it isn't exactly the best family environment." He clears his throat as he looks to the child, continuing to speak soon after. "Most of my friends are either dead or missing, but to those of you who are left, love you all. This is especially for David, my favorite surrogate father. Stay safe. Maybe we'll return some day, but for now, onto greener pastures." He allows the transmission to cut to static, his finger moving to gently stroke his son's hand.
  3. Summer Challenges 2017

    Story of the year?
  4. Question for the community about performance

    35-65 varies in towns in shit. This game's optimization is just trash tho.
  5. How to get VIP/MVP

    @equiinox just kidding my dude you're like my son
  6. How to get VIP/MVP

    i hate @equiinox also you get those ranks for being a valuable member of the community pls no points for unnecessary post
  7. ¬¬ all you brits complaining about the heat

    nibba you don't know hot

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    2. Voodoo


      38c here in Germany today.

      Would agree though, ive been through 45-50c in India so i know true heat.

    3. Harvey


      To be fair 38c is fairly warm 

    4. Rory


      @Harvey Nibba don't you dare assuming if brits know hot or not. (Pun intended)

  8. holy shit I'm so bad at talking to women

    sorry women

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    2. Randle


      Who Harvey or Me?

    3. Undead



    4. Randle


      He barely changes it.

  9. Lost and Alone: Tales of Elizabeth Smith

    Gotcha, thanks for the clarification
  10. Lost and Alone: Tales of Elizabeth Smith

    Cool, because I was about to say, my character might be a bandit scumbag ... but he ain't THAT much of a scumbag
  11. Lost and Alone: Tales of Elizabeth Smith

    ... JESUS, which Recker's Renegades have I been working for?!
  12.  #Zombielivesmatter

    1. Voodoo


      Lets get justice for them zombies

  13. Death of Sam Bauer

    Austin Maverick finally has his revenge.
  14. Austin & Sam - Final Confrontation

    From the album Death of Sam Bauer

  15. Sam's Final Moments

    From the album Death of Sam Bauer

  16. Congrats bud. About time we started getting competent people into staff :P

    1. Seiceps the Deceiver

      Seiceps the Deceiver

      Aww shucks

    • Harvey
    • Odap the Corruptor

    You're the hero this community deserves.

    1. Odap the Corruptor

      Odap the Corruptor

      But not the one it wants nor needs!

  17. Bad Attitude in Hostile Situations?

    As a hostage, you should have to bear the weight of deciding whether being a smart ass is worth heavy consequences. You are in absolutely no position to be mouthing off when you're life is in someone else's hands. And if you do, your captors should have the right to punish you accordingly. Someone in a hostage situation shouldn't believe they're safe to disobey their captors and be a mouthy prick because they can hide behind rules.
  18. 42.0hz (Private Frequency)

    *Josef pulls away from Jayce grinning, pressing the PTT on the side of his old radio.* Heyy my man, this is Josef. Don't sweat that business back at the radio tower, Jayce and I both look forward to continued dealings. Anyhow, we've looked into your request and I'm thinking we can definitely hook your boys up. Price is negotiable as always. Generally, we stick to supplying contraband and 'illegal' goods, considering the other shit you listed off is generally simple to find yourself. We'll give you a shout on this frequency once we've got some of the items on your list. Till then, stay golden. *A low chuckle can be heard before the transmission cuts short.* -------------------- *A few hours later, another transmission sounds over the frequency.* Ezekiel my dude, this is Josef. Just needed to let you know that we're in need of your services once again. Supply is running a bit thin, if you know what I mean. Give us a shout if you hear this. *Josef sighs as he lets go of the PTT, wrapping his arm around Jayce.* @knightcrasht @PCJames
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    1. Rory


      Savage :D 

    • Harvey
    • SweetJoe

    You're too good for this place

    1. SweetJoe


      Here cause a friend wanted company, hes back from the army a week. Cant have my r-con ban overturned for a week cause rolle personally did the r-Con bans. Lol.

      But thanks?

  19. Bounty Listing

    *Josef gives the nail a final wack with the hammer, allowing his head to fall backward and admire his handiwork. The tool falls from his hand and thuds against the earth, a pillow of smoke billowing out from his nostrils. His eyes, glazed over with fatigue, take a moment to read over the poster, stopping at the sight of Austin's name.* Lazy fucker.. should be doing this shit himself. *He straightens his posture and adjusts the rifle strapped across his shoulder. Another cloud of smoke evades his nostrils just as his hand raises to remove the cigarette itself, before tossing it into the brush. A contained and quiet chuckle escapes under his breath, boots crunching against the road as he turns to walk away.*
    • Harvey
    • Randle

    Moderator Randle?

    Keep up the good work man B|

    1. Randle


      Thanks HarveyMans, here to help.


      Keep the faith.

  20. What happened to Green Mountain?

    GM doesn't exist anymore This is merely a mirage