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  1. "Shekh ma shieraki anni,"



  2. Rebirth (Post LW)

    is lit
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  3. Bisket and Pepin share a bone. @Harvey


  4. giphy.gif
     kitteh hugz @Harvey

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    the second op is better than the first



  5. Dragoslav finishes packing one of their bags, making sure to zip it closed before smiling toward Isabel. He pats her shoulder as he takes the radio, speaking into it with a calm, happy voice. "So yeah, the lovely lady here summed up the situation fairly well. Chernarus was fun, but it isn't exactly the best family environment." He clears his throat as he looks to the child, continuing to speak soon after. "Most of my friends are either dead or missing, but to those of you who are left, love you all. This is especially for David, my favorite surrogate father. Stay safe. Maybe we'll return some day, but for now, onto greener pastures." He allows the transmission to cut to static, his finger moving to gently stroke his son's hand.
  6. Summer Challenges 2017

    Story of the year?
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    Making this a thing now with @Naz lmfao

  7. Question for the community about performance

    35-65 varies in towns in shit. This game's optimization is just trash tho.
  8. How to get VIP/MVP

    @equiinox just kidding my dude you're like my son
  9. How to get VIP/MVP

    i hate @equiinox also you get those ranks for being a valuable member of the community pls no points for unnecessary post
  10. ¬¬ all you brits complaining about the heat

    nibba you don't know hot

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    2. Voodoo


      38c here in Germany today.

      Would agree though, ive been through 45-50c in India so i know true heat.

    3. Harvey


      To be fair 38c is fairly warm 

    4. Rory


      @Harvey Nibba don't you dare assuming if brits know hot or not. (Pun intended)