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  1. Harvard

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    He didn't deserve to go out like that, so young with so much still left to do. Rest in Peace brother.
  2. Harvard

    Uhm Hi?

    Holy shit, long time no see, welcome back dude
  3. Harvard

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    9/10 Fresh as fuck
  4. Harvard

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    6/10 dead franchise
  5. Harvard


    Kinda long, but definitely worth the watch for anyone interested in documentary style videos.

    Went from laughing about some religious lunatic who had made a shitty OS, to feeling sympathy for a guy who just needed help. 

  6. Harvard

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    7/10 Things have changed around here...
  7. Harvard

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    wow is VERY nice, 10/10
  8. Harvard

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    some pretty good Eilish, 9/10
  9. Harvard


  10. Harvard


    Welcome back
  11. Harvard


    Love you buddy @HowToDressWell

  12. Harvard

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    8/10, great song choice
  13. Harvard

    Vox Populi

    /reserved it's gaming time gamers
  14. Harvard

    A-Z of Music