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  1. Living is Connecticut his entire life never traveling outside of the State, Waylen has always dreamt of one day exploring new and fascinating places. So at 19 years old he set out to do just that and by the time he was 26 he had already visited over 60 countries. His next trip would take him to Chernarus. On arrival Waylen was amazed at how beautiful everything was, he loved it so much that he decided he would spend an extra two months exploring. He had met many friends who were native to Chernarus and he had also picked up a few new words from them. Just one week before he was set to leave thing began to get chaotic, the Chernarus military came rolling into the city Severograd which he had been staying in a hotel at. They started to gather people up together and hauling them off into the sunset. Waylen was picked up by a group of soldiers and thrown into the back of one of thee trucks, he screamed at them asking what was going on, they just ignored him and continued grabbing other civilians and throwing them into the truck. The truck filled and it set off. Waylen tried communicating with the people in the truck but his Russian was terrible so he gave up, sat down to think and calm himself. About and hour has passed and the sound of faint gun shots could be heard and the closer they got the louder it became, the truck began driving slowly as thick smoke clouded the area, the truck stopped and four soldiers stepped out of the truck, there were two people standing in the road. The soldiers began yelling at the people but the continued to ignore them, one soldier went to grab the person and BAM! the person turned around and started going at the soldiers neck and the other soldiers began to fire at both of the creatures. Then out of no where ten to fifteen more of the creature come sprinting out of the tree line jumping on the soldiers and start eating them alive, their screams stained Waylen's mind. One soldier managed to get away and got in the passanger seat of the truck and told the driver to move it. Waylen could not believe what he had just witnessed, he knew they were zombies, he believed he would be dead within the next couple of days if he didn't try to escape. He had thought for about ten minuted before deciding he would jump out of the truck, he prepared to brace for the jump, the bitten soldier had turned and attacked the driver causing him to swerve offroad and overturn into a ditch. Most of the people who were in the back died from the crash and a couple were to badly injured to help so Waylen decided he would leave them because he knew they would slow him down if he helped. He climbed out the back and found a sharp piece of glass, tore off a piece of his shirt to handle the glass and he went to the passanger door. He slowly crept to the door, opened it and the zombie soldier's torso fell out onto him causing his weapon to fall, Waylen push the zombie off him and frantically grabbed his weapon. He stood over the zombie as it hissed and tried to bite him. He stood there in disbelief for a good minute, and then killed it. He then went back to the truck to see the driver had also turned but he was trapped by the seatbelt. Waylen quickly grabbed the soldiers weapon, some ammo, a map, a flare and he set off to find somewhere to stay for the night. A couple years pass, he is now 31 years old, he has survived with a couple of groups but after the last one he was part of got killed by bandits he decided he wanted ti be alone and trusts no one.
  2. [video=youtube] As you can see in the video Dimitri and I were in the tents looting when the two reporters were killed.
  3. ok thanks, how do I delete this or move it
  4. ok, so I was running on the coast and some guy comes up to me and tells me that he's robbing me, but he has an axe in his hands and i have a gun. Could I have shot him? I didn't give him anything because I was lagging and he told me to re log but it wouldn't let me back in the server, it stayed on wait for host for like 15 minutes.