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  1. i do not agree with this statement you were the one who gave me the ultimatum
  2. this was my first adventure into dayz rp and i was told by friends that play that if you do not resist you will not be killed they would take your stuff and send you on your way these are the type of things that happen in dayz that made me want to join the rp community as to what happened i let them cuff me and the one guy said i had to make a tough choice either kill myself or kill my son so i said me then Roland tried to wiggle out of the cuffs he was told to stop he did then he was shot in the head i yelled i don't care what you do to me you have done the worst thing killing my son so they chain sawed me it relay made for a bad first experience:( also they probably should not be using religion as a reason to kill in the game that can be a touchy subject like race creed and sexual orientation just my opinion but i relay do love the rp experience .