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  1. Update: Verifying Game cache helped the problem. But now there's something else... My Videocard driver kernel crashes when i'm 15 minutes in the game. I need a new GPU Thanks for the help and the suggestions. - Papa lolz
  2. Thing is, it only happens in Dayz. I play red orchestra 2 online with no problem, no lag whatsoever. It must be my Dayz client. it would be weird otherwise
  3. It says Client not responding, Nothing more
  4. i keeep getting kicked (Client not responding) every 10-15 minutes, and it's getting a little annoying now. Does somebody know how to fix this? - Papa Lolz
  5. Okay i have enough info, thank you all for your time!
  6. But why would i buy new components while i have good ones, 32 gig Ram, good enough powersupply. When its about performance it all comes down to the CPu and gpu doesnt it? Yes, but to buy a few new shiny parts to make DayZ run for the time is not better then a whole new computer, which can cost just as cheap as a few parts, and be a lot better. Hmm okay, so what do you recommend me, a brand new build?
  7. Upgrading your current PC would be a waste to some extent, you could upgrade the CPU and the GPU and salvage the parts from it when it's time to get a new PC down the road. But from the specs you listed it would be a waste to upgrade your current PC with newer parts. But why would i buy new components while i have good ones, 32 gig Ram, good enough powersupply. When its about performance it all comes down to the CPu and gpu doesnt it? What would your price range be? 300-500 dollars
  8. What would be a good motherboard, cpu and gpu? My knowledge about this is equal to my motivation to play dayz with these fps, ZEERO
  9. What about a upgradeset? I don't have near 800 dollaa ;_;
  10. I run dayz at 20/22 fps, in big cities about 13/16, so i would like an upgrade, the qeustion is: Will it help get the frames up? Current specs -Nvidia GTX 260 -intel core 2 Duo CPU E7500 (lga775 socket) ;_; -Windows 7 64bit Now i'm thinking about buying a MSI GeForce GTC 950 2GB Gaming 2G , But will it get my fps higher? Do i NEED a new cpu? Help papa Lolz out here Thanks for your time - Lolz
  11. Lolz4444

    [Bus Service] Chernarus Autobus

    People make problems about military groups not fitting in Rp and are okay with this : Anyways, looking forward to seeing this in-game!
  12. Hi guys! I 'm lolz4444 and i am not new to this server. I have played here before but my account got removed because i didn't activate it correctly. I hope that i will meet a lot of new friends and that i will have lots of fun on this server! See ya'll ingame -Lolz4444
  13. I don't think i did. That clears up everything, Do i need to re-apply?
  14. On 17 august 2015 i activated my account under the name Janky Gorilla. I got whitelisted and played alot on S1 eu. But then suddenly the whitelist got screwed up somehow, so i had to log in with steam. Wich i did. So everything went like normal and i kept on playing. untill i suddenly find myself not whitelisted anymore?? I could play yesterday, and the day before yesterday, But when i just tried to join it said i was not whitelisted (This is for all servers. S1, S2 and S3) [attachment=2712] Please help i do not want to make a app again Janky Gorilla Also i had to make a new account on the forums, because it got deleted or something. My email was not valid when i tried to get a new password.