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  1. Mr.Burke

    Character being KOSable

    I think that this could be a much needed infusion into the world of DayZRP, and has a lot of potential. I see what you guys are saying about the risk of confusion and it spiraling out of control, but I think a few adjustments could be made and Gary seems willing to listen to and make whatever adjustments are deemed necessary. Something that may help is to keep this group idea to an event style of status: when it's time for them to go into their 'active kos' status, let there be an in game announcement such as 'helicopters bearing the -whatever group name- emblem are visible landing near -whatever designated area-' and when the time period is finished, give them a 'helicopters are visible as they depart'. End period of KOS, and this group ceases all activity. I don't know much about the lore involved, so that's just improvised on my part. To me, it sounds like Gary is offering his service as almost an environmental bad guy. A kind of PvE piece of action to a world where we've already conquered the most dangerous aspects (zombies/wolves/starvation/etc.) It's important to emphasize that this wouldn't be a group driven by individual personalities, with individual motives, but rather a piece of the world regularly coming out and making itself felt to players that want to be involved. If Rolle did take an interest in this, I see a big opportunity to take advantage of volunteers like this to give a highly active plot some serious legs and build the lore of dayzrp.
  2. After an honorable discharge from the military, Frank quickly found himself locked up for armed robbery. After release, his only choice was to leave the country and take his skills abroad with a new team he'd been introduced to through associations made on the inside. Their first job was a bank in Switzerland, and it was a tremendous success. The team had agreed ahead of time to split into pairs afterward and find small countries to hide out in while laundering their money and letting the heat die off. Frank and Charlotte settled on Cherno.
  3. Earl Anders was a simple man, with a simple life in rural Georgia. Much of his family had either passed away or moved on into the big city, so he often found himself returning to an empty home after a long days work at the lumberyard. One of those days, rather than returning home, he stopped by the local drinkin' hole to have a couple with his drinking buddy Billy. Billy shared with him the story of how he'd met his beautiful bride, Svetlana, through an online matchmaking service that connects lonely American working men with the single women of Cherno. So inspired by this success story, Earl decided he'd give'er a go and pay up to meet the love of his life. Little did he know, it was to be the first and last time he ever left home.
  4. If you're looking for an incredible ride, I highly suggest Joe Haldeman's 'The Forever War'. It's a sci-fi setting, but written in 1975 as a direct response to the conflict in Vietnam. It's a multiple award winning book, and has left me thinking about it years after I first picked it up.
  5. *The same voice breaks across the radio waves with a brief respinse.* "It's good to hear another sane voice in all this mess. To Logan and his family, we look forward to hearing from you guys. We know that there's no free rides, and wouldn't accept one were it offered. We both look forward to meeting you, and proving that we are worth calling friend." *The transmission ends*
  6. A calm voice parts the hissing static of the radio waves. "This is a message for no one in particular, and anyone that may be listening. My girlfriend and I have been wandering across this place for a long time, and encountered no one but bandits or fellow survivors that bring news of cannibals and madmen terrorizing any they encounter. Now, I understand the world we live in now, but I refuse to give up hope that there is something better out there. We've all had to make difficult choices, and I'm looking for those that have made those choices for their friends, because it's you that we'd like to lend our strength to. Are you out there?" The transmission ends with a click.
  7. IGN: Burke Hasler Age:26 Country: United States English skills: First Language DayZ Mod Experience: None. DayZ Standalone Experience: One week. Roleplaying Experience: Several years. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Leadership, strategist, and rational thinker. Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Burke and Dani Dynamic Duo. Additional notes: I served four years active duty in the U.S. Army, and still have my discipline and training. Best way to contact you: Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046160921/ (Feel free to add me!), or contact me through the DayZRP site. IGN: Dani Beddingfield Age:26 Country: USA! English skills: Yes. DayZ Mod Experience: A little, several hours DayZ Standalone Experience: A week Roleplaying Experience: Some What kind of In Game role best describes you: Burke's sidekick Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nope Additional notes: Are pink hats encouraged? Best way to contact you: Probably through Burke. Backstory: After running out of supplies at their isolated cabin, Burke and Dani have ventured out into the unknown. The couple is clueless in regard to the politics between warring factions of bandits or cannibals roaming across Chernarus, and they're simply looking for fellow survivors to call friends. However, neither of them are defenseless. They're both equally outraged at rumors of bandits taking from the weak, and cannibals maiming and torturing the survivors they come across. Now the pair are looking for a new home, and a community to contribute to in any way possible.