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  1. When you NVFL ...

  2. Tortugan Farming Company. [Open Recruitment]

    Farmer Number 6 ready to farm this field hard AF
  3. Do you kno de way broda?

    1. Mr.Panda


      You smell like Ebola..  *Sniffs* That's good Ebola

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      You must have Ebola to kno de way.

    3. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      shit meme

    4. Mr.Panda


      *Spits at him* 

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      Spit on him Brodas! *Spits on Shane*


  5. When I see all this drama and realize this is A GAME AND IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN...


  6. Well I saw a group of people running away from town and i chase them for awhile and get close and call out to them @Galaxy said to me “We don't want to talk to you Hodo you cause trouble” i Tell him to get his [ass back here and they continued to run for awhile until @Galaxy acts as a sacrificial lamb and stops at some houses while his friends keep running. We make conversation and I tell him that they are disappointing me with their actions and i tell him i know what he's doing. He stalls for a little and i decided that he was just wasting my time while his friends got away so we start to pursue them instead. We chase them to the jail and they all get inside. I walk up to the jail and start to talk to them about how ridiculous it was that they ran all this way to corner themselves in a prison. They leave the prison and state again that they want to leave but are at this point surrounded by fangs on every side. We RP with them asking to speak to their boss about how their man was being a rude cunt. We talk to them about how how we don't appreciate them talking shit to us and running away from us. They said that they are talking to their boss so we wait on him for a little bit. After about like 10 mins I get on the radio and try to talk to their boss and ask him to come here so we can speak to him about the situation and he tells me he’s not coming and becomes very rude and tells me to fuck off or something. I tell him to fuck off and to get down here before I do something violent. He refuses again being even more of a cunt and i tell him this is his fault and drop a loud AF initiation. You saw your friends comply and you decided to go alone against a squad of five where you kill G19 and then get shot by the other 3 people. NVFL? We bring them into the prison and RP with them. We try to make radio contact again and call for a ceasefire which is met but then i'm told to fuck off by @Para. I leave his comms and then RP with the hostages for awhile before i rejoin to talk about terms for their release. I poke him in TS and wait for a little bit before @Para joins my comms and tells me “I'm not doing IC RN” and leaves the comms. I leave and tell the fangs that they told us they aren't negotiating. We RP a while more before I join their comms again and poke @Para because hes the leader of their group and the one I was talking to before... I wait thinking he might send someone else if he was busy but he just ignores me and i tell they fangs they refuse to speak to us. I take @Chewy upstairs at one point and i RP with her. I shoot around her to scare her (Which she thought i was Rp shooting her but i wasn't XD) and speak to her for awhile. Later with our negotiations and demands ignored by @Para and his group members because they didn't want to RP with us i guess I go down stairs. I tell a hostage that his boss doesn't care about him enough to talk to me and thinks of him like a pawn to be thrown away. I tell him to face me and say something like “Well then if you aren't doing him any good you can serve a purpose and be a message from the fangs” I then blow his brains out. I then leave the area because i have to wait my 30 and go to work.
  7. Computer giveaway

    I wish I could read so I could enter :C
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  8. Everyone that was in this situation was there when I arrived
  9. You where around the campfire with them...
  10. I was walking to VMC when I saw a group of people at a fire on top of the hill. A man ran up to me and we talked for A little bit before he stated that he was running security for the people on the hill and they would be cool with me joining them if I told them Allen sent me. I went up there and we Rped for a while before this guy pulls out his special meat and cooks it in front of me. I ask him what kind of meat it was and the lady in white says its the kind that walks on two legs. (Humans if you cant figure that out) . I was hot micing the whole time and said something like "Your sick for eating your own kind" or something like that and start to walk away. Two of them follow me while all of them look on and are within VOP hear him tell me to put my hands up . I am then shot in the chest with no time to comply and scream something out like "WHY DID YOU SHOOT ME YOU BASTARD" and fall uncon. I wake up and help with the hostages and Rp and execute the guy that shot me in the chest. It was just me and Infamous on the hill and I was shot in the chest with a FAL and went Uncon so he was by himself
  11. S1: NVFL in NWAF - 11/24/2017 01:15-01:20

    I did not see the NVFL but I was right around the corner of the hangers when it happened so like 40 yards away
  12. Hondo Hunt

    He was born in a rough part of town to a poor family. His father left him and his mother was left with that burden of single parenthood. She held him up on her own as much as she could until he was 11 and got in trouble for vandalism and she started to realize she couldn't control him anymore. She put him up for adoption and he went to a family that took in kids for all the wrong reasons. They treated him like dirt and beat him regularly which resulted in him becoming distant and cold towards other people. He started to sell drugs and soon became a big name on the streets. Soon he got too big and got the cops attention which resulted in a raid on his trap house. He fled the country and wound up in a remote country in a cabin in the woods.
  13. The fact that you thought my initiation was a joke is not a basis for a report. Just because you thought it was a joke doesn't make it any less of a initiation.
  14. We found a lady in a house and she kept telling us she was “Afk” even though we kept seeing her head move around with the “ALT” key. She keeps telling us over and over “I'm afk” so I respond with “We will wait”. After a while I go back in to talk to her and I get ignored so I say something in VOIP and wait for a response. She then logged out while we were looking at her randomly in a clear attempt to avoid RP. She then didn't log back in.