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"I got banned from Club Penguin"

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  1. MrPanda


    When you underestimate the loyalty  XD 

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    We miss you bb. 

  3. MrPanda

    S1 - RDM - NWAF - Server time: 2018-12-21, 00:54

    Louie found people at south barrack's and radioed me and exotic over to him. We arrive and speak to a couple savior's on over watch and ask what's going on. They tell us there is a whole bunch of people in a group having a meeting so we decide to attend. We arrive and someone yells "FUCK YOU LUKE KREY" and run's off. I wasn't paying attention and Louie ran off after him to talk to him. I lost Louie and start walking around looking for him. Suddenly a ton of gunshots go off and Louie died. A firefight break's out. I kill the guy that killed exotic and just walked away from the airfield to find some food.
  4. Bob never understood why people lived their live's the way they did. They went to work everyday and just wasted their entire lives trying to earn money to experience new things or save up for retirement. Bob wasn't going to waste his life on something as stupid as that. So he set out across the world to find his purpose in life. Bob went from town to town helping people with anything they needed. He did everything Free protection , Investigated crimes against the homeless and even built homes for his fellow homeless people. But he still couldn't stay in one place for too long or he was scared he would just end up like everyone else. So he decided to go to country's that people didn't really travel to...Like the one were the out break started and the government closed down. It's an adventure, What could go wrong....
  5. LukeRP

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  6. MrPanda

    Why do people steal stuff they don't need?

    If you can sell it then it has “value”...so people steal it ?
  7. MrPanda

    Feed me shirt, jacket, trouser design ideas people !!!!

  8. MrPanda

    Distress call from Novaya Petrovka [Open Comms]

    *Hondo presses the Ptt* Hello this is Hondo , Kaya’s husband. I would just like to inform everyone on this frequency of the gravity of the situation your in... *Theres a short pause* Im currently unable to go to my wife but if when i get to her I find that you have done anything but fixed her leg and she’s been harmed in anyway... *Racks a round* If my reputation proceeds me then you know what happens... If not you will understand when I arrive *He releases the button*
  9. BorisRP

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    Wanna do some "hostile" rp? ?


    1. MrPanda


      That's the edgiest cat photo I have ever seen... 

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  12. MrPanda

    Bang Bang

  13. MrPanda

    Suggestions for the Campfire Collection

    Name: Bike Picture: Below Reason: For when hostile RPers show up and you gotta scadaddle
  14. MrPanda

    Day or Night?

    No we like being able to see a foot in front of our face
  15. MrPanda


    ? Seems legit
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