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    It’s Time to Say Goodbye

  2. Mr.Panda

    Invalid demands. S1 Vyshnoye 12 35 AM

    Well at this point i had been dealing with his character for like 3 months and we had fought each other in PVP numerous times and he threatened my child and me on the radio for months as well. He came back around recently and started right where he left off threatening my kid on the radio and not actually doing anything but talk all day long about how much he wanted to kill us. We found out IC that he was working with the pack and because we have a unsteady relationship with them when we asked they told us this was true. We told them that they are to bring him to us If they wanted to continue to be our friends and keep the people they care about safe. We know IC that they care a lot about Taryn's character so we also mentioned that if they wanted to keep her safe they have to bring him to us in 3 days. (It created RP and was meant to strengthen our trust in this group which is a little shaky RN) They inform us that he agreed to turn himself in and we waited while they brought him to us. He arrives in town and I'm sure by his request has his group members take his gear so he would not lose it if he died. We go about our RP and he steam messages me and tells me…. I have no IC reason to let this man live tbh. I have beat him to a inch of his life and cut him up and done every terrible thing under the sun so he understands to leave me and my family alone but every time I let him go within the hour he gets on the radio and threatened to kill me all over again. I have let him go over and over for like 5 months and he hasn't changed at all and every time I capture him it’s the same thing… So it’s like 1 in the morning IRL and i have to once again beat him up and let him go.. So I start and do some basic hostile “Teach a lesson” RP and then decide that I have had enough and punched him in the face once to knock him out so someone else could take over and he died… I then wait my timer and log out...
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    Reported for baiting. 


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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @LouieRP Was the guy giving the speech. Glad you enjoyed the RP and hope to RP more with you soon!
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      It’s missing a belt 🤔🤔🤔

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    S1: Powergaming in Gorka - 06/20/2018 Approx. 0430

    Well i come into town and Louie tells me that this guy is swinging his dick around acting big. The town leaders are asking him to leave because they don't want trouble in their town. I wait for a bit to see if he leaves and when he doesn't Louie gives me the Green Light IC and I tell him to put his hands up. Then one of his friend's runs up and pull's a gun on me and keeps it aimed at my head and i shoot him in the chest. I then continue with the RP but the hostage doesn't want to seem to be there. He tells me OOC that he was going to bed so i offer to knock him out in RP so he can log out and go to bed. We go on for a while i make him a fire then turn him back over to Louie. I walk up later to find him screaming at Louie telling him that he wants to die and for him to shoot him so i blasted his NVFL all over the bus stop. Then on the way out of town we run into the guy i killed by the bus right next to the situation. No video evidence Sorry if i have a lot of spelling mistakes and shit I posted tired AF XD
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    Man down


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