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  1. S1: Powergaming, maybe metagaming. Novy sobor - 15/04/2018

    I returned to Novy after a firefight and by this time the situation had ended and i took no part in it. I didn't see any bodies or nothing... I honestly just went back to town to find my kid... I arrived after stinky at some point
  2. Hearts Of Iron IV MP Game This Saturday

    What even is this?
  3. S1 : Invalid Kill in Stary - 4/15/2018 - 19:00

    on the way over to Novy with the hostage my radio goes off and i hear their is a group of white armbands in Stary. I tell him to run towards stary because i was going to put him in a house with a guard and deal with this new threat which at the time i assumed was back up coming to rescue this guy. Then randomly this guy just stops in the middle of the fucking field leaving us with no cover and is gone for like 2 minutes. I don't remember what exactly he typed but i was like “//Hurry” because I couldn't help but start to think that he was trying to give one of his friends a shot or something going AFK in the middle of a field. So i leave him with David and run to back up the rest of our boys who were asking for assistance. I Have No video
  4. Dog names

    • BorisRP
    • Mr.Panda


    1. Mr.Panda



    2. BorisRP



  5. Wolves attack - unable to defend. (Open frequency)

    Hondo sighs and then speaks You are truly amazing you know that? To be so dense you did not take a single thing away from our talk yesterday... Hondo sounds disapointed Alright Be seeing you soon... Drops his radio and picks up his map looking for a secluded location were nobody ever goes
  6. Wolves attack - unable to defend. (Open frequency)

    Hondo picks up the radio laughing and does a fake cry Oh poor baby... I Once knew a child that killed 12 wolves with a sword so stop being a pussy He releases the PTT
  7. Mr.Panda

    What is a "Major warning?"


    Do I has a major warning?!?!?!




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      A warning given by @Major

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      Psshhh I don't do that shit.

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      Sounds like a cheese.

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    your avatar is the only thing that makes me get through the day

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  8. Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Lore Event No. 1 - Operace Orel

    Does that have a double meaning?.... Do i have to kill Aleksei?
  9. Travelling Traders (Open Frequency)

    Hondo presses the Ptt Hello Mr.Lee sorry i missed you yesterday i was .... Indisposed with a very important matter ...Could you come by today ? i still wish to make a offer to you He releases it
  10. Polly... hondo

    Hondo listens very carefully to Joeys broadcast and frowns You have truly lost it old friend... He let's out a sigh I feed you....bandage you and let you keep your life even though you wish to take mine Hondo sounds saddened ...And to repay me you threatening me, a innocent lady and my kid with violence?... You are paranoid Joey and I'm sorry you think i wish you harm... There is a pause That lady has done nothing to you brother I hope you can see that Hondo releases the PTT
  11. Travelling Traders (Open Frequency)

    Hondo seems a little annoyed by this and his voice seems threatening and cold Listen to Aleksei "Bud" ...Nobody asked for your opinions on survival since you seem to make shit choices yourself... I mean this man no harm so pipe down Hondo's voice seems still a little agitated but a little more freindly Come Mr.Lee I'm waiting... Drops the radio
  12. Travelling Traders (Open Frequency)

    Hondo smiles and gives off a voice that can only be interrupted as calm and mischievous This is not a item you will find on the road to Novy... There is a uncomfortable pause See you soon Mr.Lee... Lets go of the button and tosses his radio aside
  13. Travelling Traders (Open Frequency)

    Hondo hears Aleksei and laughs Not that type of talk brother don't worry... He is still laughing Mr.Lee are you there? I have a item i wish you to acquire and i think your just the man to get it for me... He lets go and waits for a response