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  2. Well we took a guy hostage in his store and explained to him the error of his way's ( I hit him with my rifle multiple times but it must not show up in logs). While me and @G19RP are RPing with him through his mic i hear other people talking OOC in discord and then the sound of the discord mute (At this point his hands are up). I'm like "What the fuck man" he explains the button on his radio is stuck and i just kinda shake my head and keep the RP going until we finish and leave.
  3. Well my boy @FalkRP was traveling with us and he said he was dying of dehydration so i ran back to give him water. Found some guy robbing @RavenousRP in the bath room of a barrack and killed him. After i killed the guy that was robbing @RavenousRP someone ran in and killed me.
  4. -User has been cautioned for this post-
  5. Server and location: S1 - Novaya Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME) 2:32 - 7/8/2019 Your in game name: Alexander Briky Names of allies involved: @G19RP @RebelRP Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: Well we go into old savior's compound and immediately after entering we hear "If they do anything drop em" we go to confront the people and a man draws a weapon on us and points it at us telling us to not come up the stairs and to leave keeping his gun pointed at us. @G19RP opens fire on the man, as do I, as we kill him the two men next to him that NEVER initiated open fire on all of us. RDM’ing @RebelRP down the staircase. I get knocked unconscious and as I wake up I see a man in the corner who as never initiated on or shot at raise his rifle and shoot me along with the other man. A simpler timeline is as follows: -People in building threaten us -We move to confront them -ONE of them initiates on us -The man is shot -All of his friends who never initiated begin opening fire on the crowd and RDM Rebel -I get knocked unconscious -I wake up to an uninvolved man in the corner spraying me along with another guy in the building To be clear, I am reporting the two men on top of the staircase who never initiated, and the man in the corner who shot me with no rights.
  6. *Alexander presses down the Radio* "Alexander Briky Ready to assist" *Releases the button*
  7. Alright so hypothetically you get robbed and they take your physical radio... then you walk around for 4 hours without one till you rob someone/ kill your self for a new one so you can get coms. You better up the loot table for radios or it’s gonna turn into a murder for radios business
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  9. The whole situation was the meaningful RP a enemy figure head is captured and gives valuable information that confirms suspicion that Mac Tire was working with the Terrorist group (Kameníci). We want the UN on our side so we take him to the UN and tell him to repeat the information he gave us (Because we needed proof for the UN to believe us and what better than a fresh ex-member of the group) which he gives and then when asked if he was giving this information up on his own free will denies that he is (making all the received information to the UN Null and void). We ask to speak to him away from the UN guy because we don’t want to look bad in front of the UN (Even though this guy basically just said we have him hostage giving the exact opposite impression we were trying to give) and execute him . Then when the UN comes running to the shot’s we say a guy just ran up and shot him in the streets and play it off like it wasn’t us to save face.
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