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  1. [There's a moment of silence on the radio, Béatrice was waiting patiently to make sure no one is currently using the frequency she had chosen for their own personal gains. She drums slender, pale fingertips along the rough wood of the desk before her. Finally, she depresses the button after a soft clearing of her throat. Her voice rings through: Soft, smooth and hinted heavily with her accent.] "Good evening, Chernerus. I am a new voice to you upon ze radio. I am Béatrice Fontaine. I 'ave found myself musing over ze current situation zat we find ourselves wizin." [There's a soft hum and a pause as the woman thinks of the best way to word it. Finally, she speaks once more-- her words measured and careful.] "About zis time, should zings have been normal, a few countries would be entering zere 'Influenza Season.' --Zo ze bloody beasts still comb ze land and cause issues for everyone zat zey cross, zis does not exclude us from ze every day struggles of life. Unfortunately, zis still includes ze common cold and various ozzer diseases. I am sure zat all of you are capable of taking care of yourselves, but I still wish to remind all of you zat you are not exempt from becoming sick. One must remember ze importance of personel 'ygiene, of eating as well as zey possibly can, and getting ze required rest. I feel as zo I would be doing you a disservice if I did not remind you to not take strange pills, despite what ze packaging may lead you to believe zey fix. C'est-à-dire-- Unless you have some sort of medical background or know ze medicines zat you may need well, you never know how zey might interact wiz one anozzer and cause your common cold to turn into a deadly game." [There's another soft hummed silence-- before the French woman's voice breaks through once more.] "Take your vitamins, eat 'ealzy, and get your sleep, Chernarus. Il faut." [Radio silence resumes, this time uninterrupted by the woman.]
  2. MedicalNails

    What does your RP character look like?

    Username: Medicalnails Character Name: Béatrice Isabelle Fontaine What does she look like? Béa stands at five foot three inches in height. She's of a slender build with demure shoulders. Her hair is long, normally pulled back into a messy bun that leaves a few strands of the strawberry blonde poking out from beneath her cap. Her eyes are a soft mint green, lighting up when thin lips curl back to reveal a warm, genuine smile. A smattering of freckles cross her pale face, mostly over her cheeks and nose. She's twenty-seven and slowly beginning to show her age with soft laugh lines and the beginnings of crow's feet and a crease of her brows from nights of long concentration in her work. Picture: Here's a general idea of what she looks like, though her face is thinner, her brows have a more natural arch to them, she's got some lines showing her face, and she never /ever/ wear her hair in double braids.
  3. I will do just that! And thanks, Amok!
  4. Hi there! My name is Claudia. I like dinosaurs, pokemon and zombies. I'm quite new to DayZ roleplay, but I'm quite excited for the chance to give it a go. I'm excited to make memories, friends and to have fun with everyone! See you in Chernarus! (Hopefully!)