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  1. "I see the world being slowly transformed into a wilderness; I hear the approaching thunder that, one day, will destroy us too..." Being the youngest of three sisters and her mothers favorite child she had an easy childhood. She thrived in the forest outside her house, smelling flowers and listningen to the rain tripple from the branches. Nature is such a huge part of her that when she came of age, she moved North in Norway to study Botany at Nord University. It was suppose to be an Bachelor degree, but after her first year complete she took a pause in her Study to travel. Her travels took her all round the world, and eventually Chernarus. She never got home again.. She is quiet by nature, naive and a little too trusty.
  2. Nora was born in mid Norway and is the youngest out of three girl siblings. She is 23 years old and wanted to travel the world as a backpacker. As a part of her voyage she was planning to stay in Chernarus for a couple of days before heading east and eventually end up in Asia. She never got this far. After the outbreak she got stuck in Chernarus. She tried everything she could to get out of the country, but eventually she found out that this wasnt some local plague, but rather a world-wide issue..
  3. @Couch112 yeah it was really fun! too bad El got that sick-glitch :'(
  4. Ellinor Dahl was born in Norway in a family of five, consisting of parents and two older sisters. She was traveling with her sisters who were passengers on the cruise ship Costa Risacca that tragically sunk. She managed to swim to shore, but got separted from her sisters. She fled with other survivors, but eventually ended up alone. She stays mostly in the woods, avoiding other people if she can. Ellinor is a skilled hunter and will easly fend for herself. She is shy and naive, and will easly trust other people that show her kindness. Eleanor has never killed anyone, and hope that she never will. ______________________________ Ellinor died after she most likely caught a disease from a survivor she was helping.
  5. *Eleanor is sitting in Pusta as she tunes in the radio and hears a familiar voice that makes her smile. The smile quickly turns into an anxious and confused expression as she listens to Normans broadcast, what is he doing?* *Eleanor sits up, her eyes are beginning to tear as she realises what this broadcast is about* *She presses down the radio button* “Norman, ikke gjør.. Don’t.. *her voice breaks*.. Don’t do this, I beg you!!..” *She releases the radio button, sulking and crying.* *As she hears Normans pain, she grabs the radio and presses down the button* “I will never forget you.. ..Jeg elsker deg..” *Eleanor puts down the radio, covers her mouth with her hands to silence her crying while watching the campfire slowly fade into darkness.*
  6. I have said all I have to say in my pov. This was not a good rp experience for me either, you might have talked more, but the fact that you stalled the time only to spite me was not rp in my eyes. I apologise if you think it is bad sportsmanship to log of but I had too, it was not my intention to avoid rp.
  7. I don't have any video evidence.
  8. My PoV: Me and Brandon McEvoy were in that tower for 3-4 hours before I had to go. I asked for permission to log of, but this was denied. I then climb down the ladder so they can execute me. After I went down the ladder there were two-three guys standing in the bottom of the ladder and told me to raise my hands, I complied (IC didnt know I would be executed since you had stated earlier we could come down from tower we wouldnt be killed). You then proceed to handcuff me and asked me to face a wall and kneel. I roleplayed along and then you then says something like that you want me to hold a presentation for 20 mintues, before you kill me. I then realize you arent doing this for RP but rather because you know I have to go OOC. I then emphasize that I have to go, but again denied, you obviously want to "play" with me. This to me is not RP, but rather some form of you taking advantage of the situation. Also, I knew I would be killed since you told me, so why would I give up information about my allies and comrades, I had nothing to say and awaited my death. You put a lot of pressure of that I remained online the forum when I had logged of DayZ. I never said I had to go because of an emergency, but because I had postponed a lot of stuff in my apartment that needed to be done, then prepare for work and try to get some hours sleep, which was unsuccessful. After I logged of Dayz I set up the report (which is now closed) and continued doing the stuff I had to do, while checking in on the open internett tab I had open now and then. The reason why I waited so long is of course that I hoped they would leave.
  9. My pov: Me and my allie Brandon Mcevoy sat in the tower for about 3-4 hours. I try to hold out the situation for as long as I can before go I do down. I ask for permission to log off but this was understandably denied. I then proceed to climb down so they could kill me (since I can't combat log). I rpd with the group while they were handcuffing me and putting a burlap sack over my head. They then proceeds to ask me to hold a presention for 20 minutes about why my group wanted to initiate.
  10. I see your point. I want to close this report.
  11. I do not have a recording.
  12. It doesn't take long to set up a report or time consuming to have the tab open whilst doing what I have to do irl. I did not say it was an emergency either, but it made me unable to play. I felt that you weren't role playing with me, it felt more like you were stalling the time and giving demands that you knew ooc I did not have time for. And I don't view it as nvfl since you said you were going to kill me regardles.
  13. The reason I had to log off was and is because it's late and I'm going to work in 4 hours, so had to prepare the apartment and suitcase and then sleep. And since the Irish is very persistent I no longer could hold out.
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