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    Server and location: DayzRP US server, north west air field tents/bunker Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:50ish server time I think. Near or before there. Daytime or Night-time: Night time. Your in game name: Sergei Sokolov Names of allies involved: greigori popovic Name/Skin of suspect/s: They never gave us their name. Suspects weapon/s: One had an automatic weapon, i think it was a m4 double clip. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Vehicle in the area but not sure if it was theirs. The vehicle stopped and then we saw them so it could have been them. there was 3 in the vehicle and 2 people that went after my friend and I. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No video or screen shot. Detailed description of the events: My friend and I were in the bunker, we saw a vehicle and thought they would be hostile so we crouched until it passed, soon after a person came up and had his weapon raised, pretended to be friendly, and then his friend came up. He only asked our names over and over when we tried initiating contact to be friendly but he never said anything else until we tried to leave. my friend and I said we were headed out, he stuttered saying "umm, no, you shouldn't do that." his friend shot my buddy in the back because he said he raised his weapon but less than a second after i started to move he turned on me and shot me as well. He gave no reasonable amount of time to comply or even respond to his request nor did he say any consequences were involved. His friend initiated hostile contact quickly.
  2. Hey everyone. I finally found the time to sign up. It took me a while to think up a back story for my character but I kept it short and simple. I hope to see everyone in-game to have some unique interactions. it'll be nice to finally have a break from the KoS on the regular servers. lol. Anyways, cheers everyone and happy Role-playing!