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  1. Tama comes from a rather unique background, his father a Doctor from England, and his mother the daughter of a long line family of fishermen and Women. He was a star athlete through out all his age levels up until the outbreak, competing in various different sporting competitions from football, to running even through to junior levels of boxing. His father was also a keen camping and survival enthusiast , passing on the basic skills to his son through out the years. Tama found himself on the island in a rather peculiar way, his school had arranged a trip for all of the 'gifted and talented students' in his year group, the trip was meant to be a special occasion, a bonding trip for all involved and something that would pay off all the hard work completed in the year just passed. But it was anything but that, sure at first it was idyllic the scenery was beautiful the activities exciting and rewarding, but then came the outbreak. The loss of friends and teachers alike, and so Tama found himself alone trying to survive a world that will give him little chance of survival. (To be greatly expanded and more in depth stories from this to be added over the next few days)
  2. Goodbye sid may the Amazonian bird gods take you into a glorious afterlife. I will miss u
  3. ThumbZ

    RealizePC Media Thread

    For me what you said came across much more of a accusation and a snide dig than anything else mate, but fair enough if that was not your intention.
  4. ThumbZ

    RealizePC Media Thread

    You realise it was my character talking to the guy in the clown mask, and saw the guy flanking us up the hill. Seems like you're making a bit of a uncalled snide dig there lad when there is no need to. We were already in the process of leaving the area so no ooc views came into It la.
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I feel the points / amount of points is ridiculous, Not only did i not see the post warning, it wasn't pinned in the thread so it wasn't exactly easy to see, the whole thread is about a MEME, and my point wasn't even a joke. It was a statement. If you can put a beer outside and get cold in ENGLAND, then surely you can get cold in a place based off of russia / ukraine when it's freezing. That is my point. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: If i had been warned / messaged about the comment, i would have edited it or removed it. It wasn't even intended as a troll comment, the whole thread was a bit of a joke anyway, if mods / admins weren't happy about some of the content inside it, they should have closed the thread. I feel like any points given out for that, is not only extreme but a little bit mad, we're meant to be a community, not robots. I don't feel like anyone should have been given points, even for slightly joking, surely a warning would suffice? points like these could get people banned, and for such a silly reason. Maybe the rules need reworking, just my opinion. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: points removed for me, and maybe for anyone else who was needlessly pointed there is no need to be so harsh. What could you have done better?: I've been quite critical of the ruleset, and the admins / mods in this but i know i should have also worded my statement differently, i can see WHY they thought it was a trolly comment, and i should have expanded on it more, as i should have went on to fully explain my point maybe, by saying if you can get a cold beer in north of england by sticking a can in your back garden, then you can certainly get one in russia. I feel like that would have made more sense, and is relevant to the thread.
  6. ThumbZ

    Timeline now null and void?

    -User has been warned for this post-
  7. ThumbZ

    Timeline now null and void?

    I don't get the issue personally. Maybe because I don't even know where the "a cold one with the boys" meme came from, but people actually say that in real life either way when they're talking about drinking. There's beer in the game and its safe to assume that little groups would drink it to relax, when the opportunity arises. So I dunno why there's a issue over people saying that, its not something I'd personally say but no point getting angry or upset over it. If anything its just a mini phase that'll probably be over in a few weeks.
  8. ThumbZ

    Interview with a Community Member.... Zilly1337!

  9. ThumbZ

    Interview with a community member: Chewy

  10. ThumbZ

    S1: Ruleplay 28/5/2017 - 23:50:30

    Sorry for late reply also, been working 12 hour shifts lately.
  11. ThumbZ

    S1: Ruleplay 28/5/2017 - 23:50:30

    Without coming across as a bell, I think its pretty clear I'm trying to explain to him what we meant ooc.. Literally just responding to his ooc question. Not sure what else you want me to say?
  12. ThumbZ

    Should We Have Settlement Rules?

    still pretty new so my opinion isn't as valid. I do believe they should be there, but extremely altered, and it needs to be addressed / cleared up as the settlement rules and normal rules contradict each other, and make it hard for everyone really. They still should be there IMO, as it can create a good rp area for people, and get stuff going that can't just happen anywhere randomly on the map.
  13. ThumbZ

    S1: Ruleplay 28/5/2017 - 23:50:30

    Sam Choi POV We met these guys, wanted some information on recent events that have happened to us, so we initiated on them, made them drop their weapons, and took them off into the forest to investigate them. Anon does this, asks them questions which they do speak over each other quite a bit, along with talking back / giving cheek quite a bit. Hamish threatens to kill them a few times if they don't start doing what we are telling them to, and stop talking back. We get some very basic info, hear some shots and believe at that time they could well be apart of the group who's shots we have heard, so we take them further into the woods. From there, Hamish asks them to tell us their story, one at a time, which after arguing back a fair bit, they started to begin, but switched to text rp (just joo at first ) without warning, which was a little bit confusing. It was pretty hard to get any information / rp out of them near the end, which resulted in one of the members of their duo being shot, to get the other to give more information, which eventually did cause a ic reaction and he started speaking a bit more. We then let him run off after we couldn't get anything more from him. On another note i do feel like we were trying to create rp that wasn't really getting much of a response to, very little fear until the guy was shot, and no real replies to me giving them cuts, or threats with the machete, the only reply i got to that was *puts my hand to my face* and that was it.
  14. *Choi presses down on the ptt* Arr ey' another one. Listen lad, you and your 'boys' *he adds in a extremely sarcastic manner* can do whatever you want mate, carry on with your daily sessions of tommy tankin' eachother off for all i care. Your threat's are meaningless to me lad, and always will be. If you are what you say you are, see you soon' I'm out. *he ends his final transmission*
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