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  1. Early Life Much of Damianos' 'Damian' Sandmans life is shrouded in somewhat mystery, He grew up never knowing his mother, And his fathers work as a 'Government official' (As Azrael claimed he was) kept him from having much interaction with his son over the years. The fact Damian did not ever spend too long in any particular country or area did not help, Every time he did make progress on getting friends, Or in to some semblance of normality, He was off to another country and a new school due to his fathers work. It was not all bad though, He did gain a first class education in the schools he did attend, And maintained good grades along the way earning praise from various tutors and teachers for his hard work and studying, His father did support him in this aspect always making sure he had what he needed to succeed in terms of studying, And ensuring he had every book and piece of equipment he needed. Azrael also on one of his rare episodes of wanting some 'father son bonding' spent a whole afternoon teaching Damian how to shoot handguns, and perform basic first aid, Which has been ingrained in Damians mind ever since. Discovery, Outbreak and Livonia. One day, Which in hindsight has turned out to be quite fateful, Damian had been hit with extreme boredom, His father was always so secretive and did not talk much about his job, Or his life before Damian was born, Damian knew he had a somewhat 'Unique' Grandfather, Knew his name and that he was somewhat of a mysterious person in his own regard, The stories about his grandfather were always minimal but always intriguing and had Damian wanting to learn more... So he had decided to go through his fathers things, After using a combination of switchblade, And chisel he had managed to pry open one of the briefcases stored away, There he found all sorts of notes, Pictures and documentation about 'potential safe zones' and 'classified 'Outbreak' Documents, There were all sort of pictures and horrifying imagery which had caused Damian to panic and slam shut the briefcase in a rush, Putting it back into it's original location. Later that night, Azrael had come home, He was clearly distressed and the mood was awkward from the start. He had decided that it was time for Damian to go out and discover the world for himself, And that he should go and find his Grandfather and learn from him what he could, Although extremely uncomfortable about what he had found earlier, He had always wanted to find his Grandfather and the news of potential virus' and what his father actually was.. Had made this decision much easier. He was given money, Maps, Equipment and most importantly, Information, He was on his way to where his Grandfather was, And the real journey began there.
  2. Haha pleasure to meet you both today! Teddys attitude has aged beyond his years... He's quite a complex character Look forward to meeting you again!
  3. Good rpers and good lads! Priest is a little weird... But sound none the less, keep it up lads.
  4. .. Well played, To Alain / Bjorn, We will meet again. Fair play lads.
  5. Thanks for the RP! It's been fun, Keep flying free!
  6. Met you guys yesterday but we were in a bit of a rush, good guys except getting my boy wasted off one sip! Hope your Doc finds a way to run away from his issues
  7. No it shouldn't be bannable, punches do genuinely add to the Rp. What I would say though I think it should actually be a initiation, if you punch someone and get killed by that person for it, it's all on you, But I worry this would be abused, it should be initiation but it relies on the person acting properly, I. E if you punch them and they're on their own and surrounded by you and your boys he would be committing nvfl for it. That's just my view anyway, TLDR, punching shouldn't get you banned, but should be also open for you getting killed for it (if it isn't already) Maybe one punch as initiation is a bit harsh, but two or three should definitely count as non verbal initiation.
  8. Just bail on them, you have to rp with them but that doesn't mean you can't leave the situation if that's what your character would do, either by sneaking off or just telling the person you're leaving, If you just flat out ignore them and they're rping with you you'll be breaking rules and nothing good will come of it. You're always going to find people or people's characters you don't like so you'll just have to adapt to getting yourself out of situations you don't like
  9. Really good fun with the KOG and the other group heading towards polana, Really spooky stuff but made it way more enjoyable, Nice one guys
  10. I vote no. To be short and sweet about it whilst lore wipes are always done with the right intention, it ultimately changes so so little about the in game rp that it becomes pointless, People will still be doing the same type of thing with similar type characters with a slightly different or even same name, people have invested time in creating their characters and broadening their story only for a lore wipe which really doesn't affect the rp overall setting them back to square one (maybe some people like that) All the Lore should be there for is slightly setting the scene and explaining the outbreak, that's it. To change it again would be change for the sake of change and pointless for me.
  11. I mean it would just be simpler for you to not use it unless you have to, I barely use the forum for anything other than keeping up to date with what people are doing, and what reports have went up, it's easy to go on with you rp experience without going on the forum u less you are in a report or actively choose to use it. A lot of people use the forum for various different things, but it isn't detracting from people rping on the game.
  12. Believe I met two of you in topolin a few days ago, I can't remember the IC name but the girl whose characters dad/grandad was a fellow scouser and a evertonian gets a thumbs up from me. Just remember it's scouser not liverpudlian we aren't all kopites.
  13. I think this should only apply to hostile situations, not getting killed by zombies or glitches. I think the punishments are too harsh, If it was for hostile situations / pvp situations i'm all for it, But not for what it is. But that's just me, It is what it is.
  14. Bridgewater boys are weird, in your face but hilarious and brilliant, whoever youse are you're decent lads. Although we're not hotel staff. Hope you meet youse again after tonight.
  15. This is genuinely so so boss, You're extremely talented!
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